Thursday, 4 February 2016

Melbourne Holiday: Christian Cole Furniture & Flying Home

If weather could represent emotions, it was pretty accurate.  I woke up to a thunder storm and as much as I'm not a fan of storms it was a nice change to the hot weather.  I was also upset that it was flying home today but on the other hand I was ready to be back home and with my fam!

My suitcase had been packed the night before and all that I really needed to do was get up and get dressed!  Even though I was going home today *sad face*, I was also going to be visiting the workshop and showroom of my all time favourite furniture firm *extremely happy face*!  I first heard about Christian Cole Furniture in my second year of uni after seeing their furniture on a design show and I ended up using a lot of their furniture in my studio projects.  Essentially every time I have a studio assessment, you are going to see something from Christian Cole Furniture.

I love their furniture and really their ethos; started by nature, finished by hand.  The timber they use in their pieces are sourced from sustainable plantations and they just look stunning!  I've spent hours on their website just wishing I could purchase it all!  Their furniture has been used quite a few times on a show I love called The Block, and after seeing the contestants go into the workshop and do a challenge, I tweeted something along the lines of that I'd do anything to visit the place, and then later tweeted that I'd do anything within reason, much to the annoyance of The Block's twitter account hahaha but a couple of minutes after I tweeted that I got a tweet from Christian Cole Furniture asking me to ring them.  I kind of freaked out, in a sensible way.  Not screaming or anything like that, it was just the whole "oh my goodness, what if I actually get to visit their workshop?" kind of freak out.

So I ended up ringing them up and explained the weird situation as to why I was ringing up and was told that I could pop in any time!  I was literally the happiest person after that phone call!  The lady I spoke to also said to ring up closer to when I was actually in Melbourne, as it was going to be nearing Christmas, which I completely understood.  So after breakfast at The Pancake Parlour, I rang up and again explained what had happened and we organised a time when I'd come over!  I also then texted my parents and brother telling them because I was that excited!

And I know that this Melbourne trip was based around the Ed Sheeran concert but seriously, how many times are you going to be able to visit your favourite furniture place??!

So after breakfast we took a taxi out to the workshop and when we pulled up my nerves started to kick in.  I was getting extremely anxious and I was possibly about to meet someone whose work I absolutely adore.  After a quick phone call telling us where to go (again because nerves) I met Christian Cole.  From seeing him on the telly and then to actually meet him in person I was extremely grateful.  We had a little chat and then he showed us to the showroom.  I'm not lying when I say, if I could have I would have bought a lot of what I saw.  I'm biased because I adore timber furniture but everything was stunning!  I was just in awe.

Once we'd had a look around the showroom, we went back out so say thank you to Christian.  He had been working on another little project and invited us to have a look.   Again I was in awe.  I loved that Christian took the time out to talk to us, he didn't have too but he did.  I felt extremely grateful to be able to talk with a furniture idol (yes I'm saying idol) because seriously this isn't something that happens on a daily basis!

Calling a taxi to take us back to the city, I again texted my parents and brother.  I think it was mum who asked whether I bought anything, and I don't think she would have minded too much if I had said I was coming back home with some new furniture!

When we got back to Melbourne, we were lucky enough to see one of our friends from uni.  We spoke for probably a few minutes but I hadn't seen Ainslie since we were pinning our work up for assessment so it was nice to see her!  We were also getting hotel transport for the SkyBus so needed to be back at the apartments by a certain time or we'd be cutting it fine to get out flight back!  We went through the market again for the last time and grabbed some donuts from the American Donut Kitchen.  Now everyone raves about Krispy Kreme Donuts, personally I'm not the biggest fan of them but these donuts from the American Donut Kitchen are my favourite!  Every time I'm in Melbourne I will always grab a few because they are just delicious!

We waited at the back of our apartments for the hotel transfer and after what left like a long journey we were back at the airport!  I could have fallen asleep on the way there, I was getting pretty tired.  We didn't really have a big breakfast and it was also after lunch so we grabbed some food after we checked in and had been through security.  We actually got to the airport with quite a lot of time to spare, and ended up waiting a while to check in.  We sat in an interesting little spot but it was a good place for people watching!  A lady who had been waiting longer than us was just pacing and pacing.  I can't remember how many loops she did from her suitcase to some bins but she kept it up basically the entire time we were sitting there!

I was dressing purely for comfort that day and was wearing some exercise tights, my Adidas trainers and an Ed Sheeran top I bought at the concert.  I got pulled away by security for a check and the man who looked through my bag asked me how the concert went and I was thinking how did he know I went to a concert and then I remembered my top had Ed Sheeran on it and it was a great face palm moment!  We spoke for a bit about the concert and music and I was then free to go!  I also did some damage at Amuse Beauty Studio and I regret nothing.  Post about that coming up soon!

I was lucky and scored window seat on both flights but swapped to sit in the middle so everyone got a chance to have a flight with the view.  But that didn't stop me taking photos!  I really didn't enjoy this flight to be honest.  Although the sky looked amazing, we had turbulence and I'm not the biggest fan of turbulence and to try and calm my nerves I played Made In The AM and just concentrated on that!  Flying back into Launceston was so nice!  I was looking forward to being back in my own bed, home comforts and seeing my family!  It was nice away on a little holiday but I very much a family person so I was very excited when I saw my dad at the airport!

And really, that's my Melbourne holiday!  Dad drove us home and I was surprised by the sight of a Christmas tree in the window and then my brother!  I will be having a post up soon on what I bought, so keep your eyes peeled for that!  I also really want to travel more now!  I'd love to visit Adelaide so that's the next place I'd like to go and I hope I can pop over there within the year!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Oh I LOVE YOUR BAG!!!!

    1. Oh thank you! Got it from Strandbags! :) Em xx


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