Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Night Before Semester 1

Twas the night before semester 1 and instead of preparing for the next day, Emma was sitting on her bed listening to Ellie Goulding and writing this and other blog posts.  Classic Emma.

If you read my last post, Pre-Uni Nerves which you can see here, you'd know that I was on the fence with how I feel about going back to uni.  I think now that it's the night before, I'm just a nervous excited haha it'll be nice to see some familiar faces and really have some structure back in my life.  Although I know I'll get annoyed with having to wake up at the crack of dawn!  Sleeping patterns are going to be interesting!

I went to Officeworks earlier today and was pretty good at not breaking the bank but had to laugh when I saw a past uni tutor of mine.  Seeing her as well as picking up some last minute supplies, I don't know, it cemented in my mind that I was going back to uni and that really I was happy to be doing so.

I would really love to do some uni related posts in near future.  My uni essentials, my experiences and what I've learnt during my years at uni, a uni related Q&A if anyone had any questions!  Please let me know what you think and whether you'd like to see these posts!

I do have to say in advance that I apologise if it gets quiet here and you don't see any posts for a period of time.  As much as I love blogging, it's only a hobby and from tomorrow onwards, for the next 13 or so weeks, uni will be a main priority.  I will still be posting though don't worry!

I can smell some roast potatoes and they smell delicious and that must mean that tea is nearly done!  And really I should probably start to get stuff ready for tomorrow so I'm not rushing around in the morning!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I am starting my first year of uni soon! I'm also quite nervous but really excited :) Lovely post!!

    Kathy xx

    1. Oh good luck! Hope it all goes well! And thank you :) Em xx


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