Tuesday, 9 February 2016

What I Bought In Melbourne

Although I'm not the type of person who goes shopping all the time, I do wish I had done more shopping while I was in Melbourne.  As much as I love Tasmania, it's pretty limited with stores compared to the mainland and I also don't shop online so you can probably see why I'm a tad regretful that I didn't shop more!

There are so many products that I've seen online, with bloggers and vloggers, talking about and it was so nice to see them in person for a change!  Only bad thing was the price tag and I'd just have to put the product back and walk away :( Hourglass products - I am looking at you!  They just looked so amazing in person as opposed to through a screen!

The products from MAC Cosmetics I have seen for ages online and I know I can't get any in Launceston and after walking away empty handed from one MAC store, the next time I was in one I too the plunge and made my first MAC purchase!  I really enjoyed my time in the store and nothing but praise to the lady that served me!  I could tell I was getting nervous (thank you anxiety) and essentially blurted out to her what was happening and she just nodded and was like "ok, just take a breath and we'll go through everything at your pace" she was just awesome!  After looking, swatching (and wanting to buy every lipstick) I ended up getting Little Buddha from the Cremesheen Lipstick range.

It's described as a bright, beachy kind of pink with shimmer and I would have to agree with that!  I loved how it looked on me in the store and also at back at home when I've worn it I just love it!  It's a bright colour for me to wear on the lip, I tend to go for nude/my lips but better type of lipstick but I think this is great for summer!

Going into Mecca Maxima in Melbourne Central, again I wanted to buy everything.  I had however been looking for a hand cream for a while and when I saw the Soap & Glory Hand Food I grabbed it!  I personally really like my hands so a good hand and have heard great reviews on this product so I had no problems purchasing this!  It makes my hands feel and smell great and the best thing is that my hands don't feel slippery afterwards!

With ample time to spare at the airport before flying home, I saw Amuse Beauty Studio and was drawn in once again when I saw MAC products.  This is probably why I should stay in Launceston because I save money as opposed to spend it!  But I went in to have a look around and was once again greeted by some amazing staff members!  Along with an abundance of beauty products, they also had candles and candles are a huge weakness of mine!  I would have purchased one (or two or three) but weight restrictions were in the back of my head so I stuck to looking at the beauty and less weighted products!

I saw a section for Benefit Cosmetic's and straight away picked up something I've wanted to get for quite some time - Gimme Brow!  I've seen and read about this product so many times and I wasn't going to leave it so I grabbed the medium/deep one and kept looking around!  I also grabbed the POREfessional Face Primer, because again, I didn't want to leave without it!  Was around this time where one of the ladies working came up to me again asking if I wanted any help and also told me that if I bought three products I'd get a complimentary bag and I was like YUP!  We talked for a bit about some of the products and I picked up the Roller Lash Curling Mascara.

It was a toss up between this one and the They're Real! Lengthening Mascara, but I ended up being given a sample of the They're Real, which also came with a sample of the They're Read! Push Up Liner as well which was lucky!  Along with the They're Real! extras, I was also given two more samples, the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion and an It's Potent! Eye Cream.  When I was paying for everything, I spoke with two of the ladies about the Ed Sheeran concert and same with my MAC shopping experience, I really loved going to Amuse Beauty Studio!

Moving along from beauty related products, I really wanted to buy something from the zoo and aquarium to remember my time there.  I was so tempted to buy a hoodie from the aquarium but chose a little (and light) paper weight and what sold it for me was the little penguins in it!  I spent so much time just watching the penguins in the aquarium so I was bound to leave with something penguin related!

At the zoo I fell even more in love with meerkats and when we went into the gift store, I went searching for a meerkat soft toy!  Yes I am 22 years old and I bought a soft toy.  I also named the meerkat Mike after Passenger and I have no regrets!  I feel like Mike is a judgmental meerkat as well...  What do you think?

At the Ed Sheeran concert I knew I was going to buy a thing or two!  From Facebook I had seen some of the tee shirts available and said to mum while I was still at home that I'd be buying one of them!  I also picked up a wrist band which I wore for the remainder of the little holiday!  There were also wrist bands which were black with green writing but I felt like sticking out!  I do wish I had bought a vinyl but the bag I had brought along with me, there was no way it was going to fit and I wasn't prepared for it to be damaged on the way back to the apartment after the concert!

I have tried a few of these products out so what I actually think of them will most likely appear in a separate post, just so I can write more on them and not make this post into an essay!

Hope you enjoyed this!  Have you got any of these products?  Probably do haha but would love to know!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. You have done so much more in Melbourne in such a short time than I have in a few years hahaha! And I live here. I absolutely love Tassie though, it's such a beautiful place with the most wonderful wine and cheese I've ever tried. In fact, I spent over $120 on wine and cheese alone. Did you ever get to meet the baby white lions? They were too cute!


    1. I can't wait to go back to Melbourne to explore more! And yeah Tassie is such a nice place :) lucky to live here! And no I didn't! :( awww they would have been so adorable!! Em xx

  2. The Meerkat stuffy is so cute! Looks like you went all-in with the benefit products! Hope they work well for you/ can't wait to see some reviews perhaps? :)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. Isn't it!? I couldn't resist hahah and yeah I'm thinking of definitely doing a review on the products! Em xx

  3. I'm not a massive fan of Hand Food, but I LOOOVE LOVE LOVE Gimme Brow by Benefit!
    Jess | www.beautifulbreakable.com ♥

    1. Have seen so many amazing reviews on Gimme Brow so I just had to get it! Em xx

  4. I've not yet tried Mac but that shade of lipstick looks amazing! Also love the little penguin memento from the Zoo :) Great buys! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. It's such a fun colour :) I love the little penguins! They're too cute!! Em xx


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