Tuesday, 22 March 2016

How I Relax

Stress is something that I don't appreciate.  Stressing about life, uni, people, food, everything.  Stressing isn't fun.  Since being at uni, I feel my stress levels have gone up a notch.  You want to get good grades, so you put more pressure on yourself to achieve this.  And then I stress about friends and family and relationships and that just build onto the pressure from uni.  And then I get stressed about stuff I see online and I'm like exploding internally!!

But I have found a couple of ways which help me to relax.  Some are probably pretty obvious but they work for me and if one of a few of them work for anyone reading then I'll be happy that I'm able to help!

Listen to music
I put on any song that I love.  Depending on how I'm feeling, if I put on music which is specifically meant to be relaxing I'll end up getting annoyed!  So I'll either play music from off my phone or go to my Tunes playlist on spofity and play something from there.  Also classical music, or just orchestra based music.  I've been playing the clarinet for 13 years so that type of music is pretty close to my heart haha I love the Harry Potter soundtracks and also the Avengers soundtrack.  Majority of the time, if I click on the Avengers soundtrack I'll go straight to the, one titles The Avengers, that's the big tune, the big cheese, my absolute favourite.  Makes me want to swap from clarinet to french horn!!  Also I did a post just the other day which is full of the songs I've been loving and you can check that out here if you'd like!

Have a warm drink
I don't drink coffee to wake me up, personally don't think it really has an effect on me.  But I do however just love to have a coffee to relax.  I's a warm drink, it tastes nice, it smells nice - coffee, hot chocolate, tea - they are all amazing!  Even just warm water and some honey :) a nice warm beverage always hits the spot!

Look at my inspiration board
Earlier on in the year, I created an inspiration board which was to not only inspire me at university but to inspire me in everyday life.  It has images on there ranging from interiors to quotes, flowers to Tom Hiddleston - it it just full of images which I find inspiring.  All of the images also make me happy - if they didn't I wouldn't have pinned them up!  Also, I feel aesthetically my inspiration board is really nice as well...  Basically I'm tooting my own horn for my board,which if you want you can read alllll about it here!

Watch the clouds
This is a recent one, but I have been obsessed with looking at clouds.  Doesn't matter if there are barely in the sky or it's a full on cloudy day and it's like fifty shades of grey clouds up there - I have just found such comfort looking up at the clouds.  I think during one month I'm just going to do a little project where I take photos of the sky and then print all the photos somewhere..  Must remember to write that down!

Go outside
Being outside and getting away from a stressful environment, is always going to help me.  I do this at uni all the time.  If I'm hitting roadblocks with an assignment, I'll save where I'm at, close my laptop, get up and either go for a walk around the building or go outside.  The air is cleaner, it's either going to be cooler or hotter depending on the time of the year but that can be such a welcome change for when I'm stressed!

Walk it out
Now I have to say I don't agree with the 'do exercise to get your anger out' way of thinking - I find that it puts me in a worse mood!  I went to a some exercise on the exercise bike and was just grumbling the entire way through it!  Walking however, I've always found relaxing.  Whether I put music on or a podcast or just listen to the sounds around me, it's always been a way that I can relax!  And I also find walking around when I'm trying to find ideas for assignments a great thing because there is so much around us that can be inspiring and useful!

Smell something pretty
Candles.  Perfume.  Food.  Flowers.  Your good old nose can be quite helpful when you want to relax!  You have to find something that is right for you though.  I remember in high school, I had a maths relief teacher and she saw the entire class was stressed so went around the room wafting a lavender scent all over the place saying "lavender, calms the senses".  Let me tell you, that class turned me off lavender.  And whenever I smell lavender, I definitely do not feel relaxed!  I have a few candles around my room, some perfumes and also some leaves from outsides which I love.

It's so important to find what works for you.  I can't stress that enough.  Some people tell me going for runs help them relax and personally it's highly unlikely that I'll ever willingly go on a run to de-stress and relax.  You have to find something that works for YOU!  And if it's a weird thing, who cares what anyone else thinks about it!  YOU DO YOU!

If you want, write down below what you do when you want to relax :) I'd love to know!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I love the way you relax, Emma! I love taking a long walk, listening to music or just watching through the window to get those stress levels down. I need to create something like inspiration board, it sounds so good and very helpful :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Aww thank you Leta! I do also just love looking out my bedroom window - such a nice view :) And yes, definitely definitely definitely create your own inspiration board! They are SO good! Em xx

  2. Fab tips - you're not the only one who drinks coffee to relax too! I like reading a magazine or a good book, it takes me off to a different place and makes me forget what I was so stressed about x

    Always, Alice

    1. A good read is so nice when you want to relax! I completely agree :) Em xx

  3. Great ways to relax here! Definitely going outside, looking at the clouds is a brilliant way to relax and unwind. Personally I find losing myself in a good book and colouring in to be great ways to relax! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. I have some of the colouring in books for adults but I've never actually used them! Prefer to look through them instead hahaha Em xx

  4. un endroit super relaxant !

    1. It is super relaxing :) so lucky to have places I can go which help me relax! Em xx


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