Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Weird Favourite Feelings From University

Since being at university, I've developed some new feelings that I just love.  That sounds weird, I know, but bear with me for a minute.

I'm studying Environmental Design and so a lot of the time we are required to create designs and I'm sure this happens to a lot of people but we often hit a brick wall and get stuck with how to progress with a design or even come up with a concept for one!  It's the worst feeling!  Especially when everyone around you is steaming ahead and you can see the deadline looming and you're still sitting there going wtf!  BUT that moment, that beautiful light bulb moment, when a design/concept/idea pops into your mind, you just get this mix of relief and excitement and your mood just lifts!  It's like an extra motivational boost and spurs you on to go and create!

Group work is daunting.  You have that risk of being put into a group where the vibe just doesn't sit right and constantly there are disagreements and rifts and you just know it isn't going to end well.  You worry about how every member is going to contribute towards the project.  Is everyone going to pull their weight or will there be members who will sit back and reap the awards of those who had to take on extra work to get everything finished?  I'm personally not the biggest fan of group work.  If you mess up, your team is affected.  With individual work, you only have to worry about yourself but in group work your actions will affect the others members in your group so I personally feel a lot more pressure.  BUT the opposite, when you get put into a group and it just works, this is the best!  This happened to me with a recent studio assignment.  I was put into a group with three architecture students and being the only interior design student, I was waiting for the banter about architecture being better.  That didn't happen.  Also I'd only seen one of the girls around the school so I didn't know any of their personalities and how they worked, just like how they didn't know me.  We organised to meet up to work on the assignment and it was such a relief to see how well we worked together!  Bouncing ideas back and forth, the support, the laughs, the food, it was just great!

Going with assignments, that feeling when you finish an assignment and when you submit it.  Clicking submit online or placing the assignment into a physical dropbox is just a massive weight off your shoulders!  It's also even better when you are all proud of the work you've submitted!  Also, when you've presented your work to the panel of judges and that presentation has gone really well - that feeling of relief.  Me personally, I get super nervous leading up to when I have to present.  Doesn't matter if I've produced something I'm confident and happy with, you just never know how the markers are going to take it.  But when the presentation goes well, the minute you get back to your seat, you can just sit back and relax a little.  I say a little because I'm the type of person who wants everyone to go well with their presentations, and it's the worst feeling seeing a person's presentation go downhill :/  also from a very recent experience (aka yesterday) it's hard to relax when the space you're presenting in is like a sauna and you just want to strip off but you can't because you'd probably get chucked out of the building!!!

Finally, and really one of the best feelings, when you get over the nerves of waiting for results to get posted and you see you've passed the assignment.  Doesn't matter if you only got a pass or if you got a high distinction, it's just that you know you have passed.  That.  That feeling it just relief, happiness, I would go and list every positive emotion because that's what it's like.  

These are just some weird little favourite feelings I have discovered that I love since being at uni!  On the flip side of this there are also feeling which are just the worst but they aren't for this post!

Let me know if you ever get the same sort things happen with you!  This still sounds odd, weird feelings hahah

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I totally know what you mean! When I was at uni that feeling of submitting your assignment was amazing. I usually hated group projects, too, but was lucky enough to get put into a really great group my first year and we worked so well together, and that's a great feeling too! Fab list x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. So glad someone feels the same!! Handing an assignment in at high school is nothing compared to handing one in a uni haha thanks lovely! :) Em xx


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