Saturday, 9 April 2016

How I Start A Productive Day

Everyone wants to have a productive day, especially when you have a lot going on.  And since being at university, time is everything.  Starting my morning in the best possible way, really helps me have a productive day.  This could easily double up as a morning routine, minus you know skincare routine and all that but this is basically what I so when I'm staying at home instead of going into uni!

Waking up
Pretty obvious really.   Although sleeping in sounds like the best thing, those precious hours I'm spending tucked up in bed could really be used progressing further in my assignments.  I'll either set myself an alarm, someone in my family will wake me up and I've started asking my brother to get my to close the roller door for him so I actually have to get out of bed.  And yes it's cold, but that's nothing that a dressing gown, socks and slippers can't fix!

Open the curtains
Unless I'm absolutely exhausted or sick, I can't sleep when the curtains are open.  My room gets morning sun (it's amazing) and so opening the curtains also wakes me up and gets me out of bed.  Nothing like natural light to kick start your day!

Eating something
Most mornings I will have something to eat for breakfast, whether it's just a banana or something more substantial.  Recently I've been having a boiled egg and two slices of toast, or I'll have some oats, whether that is overnight oats or a quick pack of oats which you make in the microwave.  I've been trying to drink a glass of water each morning as well while I wait for my breakfast to cook as well, or I'll have a cup or tea or a coffee/chocolate drink.  I don't have coffee to wake me up also, personally find it doesn't help wake me up. Also while I'm having something to eat, I'll check social media.  I usually watch the SacconeJolys first and then put other videos into my watch later!

Making my bed
I'm that person who will sit in bed doing work.  Yes it's comfy but my bed head isn't made for sitting up against and it's starting to play havoc with my back :( so making my bed, makes me use my desk or spread my work out on the floor somewhere.  Because who really wants to mess up their bed after they've made it?  Not me!  My desk is also right beside my bed so really I've got a desk so I should use it!  Also having an unmade bed, during the day I'll just think yeah I'll have a little lie down...  And then a while later I'll be regretting that decision because I've watched way too many YouTube videos when I could have been doing assignments!

Getting dressed
I love pyjamas.  But if I stay in my pyjamas, my mind stays in lazy, relaxing mode and I just don't get any work done!  Having to go to university, I have to get changed and make myself look presentable and I feel I get in the mindset of having to do work.  So when I'm at home, I like to get changed out of my pjyamas and into something comfortable.  I don't put on jeans or anything fancy because when I'm at home I rarely ever wear jeans!  So usually I'll pop on a pair of trackpants and a jumper or tee shirt and I'll be good to go!

Making a list of what I need to do for assignments really helps me sort out what I need to do and puts my priorities in order as well.  Making lists, means I'll also go back and look at the assignment sheet and I'll sometimes find out stuff that I may have missed so that is also really helpful!  I'll also sometimes make lists of what I need to do around the home, like doing the washing, folding laundry or taking out the recyclables!  Sometimes doing household chores are my break from assignment work, and I find this a good thing as I feel like I'm being still being productive!

Act like I'm actually at uni
My classes at uni will either start in the morning at 9am or in the afternoon at 1pm but when I'm at home I like to try and be dressed and ready by 9am so when the clock chimes at the hour (it's actually doing that right now hahaha)!  When I'm at home, I can be that person who is like oh I'll start in half an hour, so I like to think that I'm in class doing work and it's really effective for me!

I also thought it would be funny to share that there were two previous days where I wanted to take photos and write up this post for you all.  I slept in for both of those days!  I had to chuckle hahaha

What do you do in the morning to help you have a productive day?

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I love your suggestions! I love to start my morning by waking up as early as I can and having a good breakfast. Nothing wakes me up better than opening those curtains and making my bed. Once I dress up, I go into my work mode, haha :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I find the sooner I wake up and am dressed and ready to work, I get so much more work done! Sleeping in til 10 or 11 and then taking an ages to get ready for the day just doesn't work with me anymore hahaha Em xx

  2. Yes to everything you've mentioned in this post! :) Starting off the morning in the right way definitely helps me to be more productive during the day too. I'm so glad I found your blog btw, I love it x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. I agree so much! Nothing worse than having a bad start to the day, just ruins the rest of the day! Oh thank you!! Can't wait to have a peek at your blog :) Em xx

  3. I think a lie in on occasion never hurt anyone! But I'm like you, I don't like to sleep in much, or often, as I feel I'm wasting time. And there's never enough of it anyway haha. Loved this post, I love seeing what other people do with their days! x x

    1. I'll admit, I had a little lie in today haha half an hour extra in bed! I wish I could work while I'm sleeping - that would be amazing hahaha and thank you! Want to do more posts like this in the future :) Em xx

  4. i'm a big fan of your blog , i like all your posts

    1. Aww thank you! That's so sweet of you to say :) Em xx

  5. Great ways to start the day! How ironic that you had a sleep in while preparing content for this post ;) I have been trying very hard to transition into being a "morning person" and I'm finally getting up and ready every morning by the latest 8:30. It's nice because I certainly do get more done when I'm up early. Sleeping in is great, but it really makes the rest of the day more difficult.

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Yeah I had to chuckle when it happened!! I'm a morning person, just not a waking up person hahaha think that describes me best! Em xx


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