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Primary School Nostalgia & Memories (Part 1)

There is a page on Facebook called Australian Millennials and it is probably one of my favourite pages.  They share videos of kids tv programs which were shown back in the day and I just love it!  Some of the shows I remember watching as a little girl and some of them have been when my parents were kids.  The other day they shared a video of The Ning Nang Nong, and I highly suggest you YouTube that because that was a TUNE back in the day and whenever they sung that on Play School is was a good day!

So I've been feeling pretty nostalgic so thought I'd share some bits which I remember about primary school.  I also have the Ning Nang Nong and a few other theme tunes for some 90s kids shows stuck in my head now hahah but enjoy!!

You'd be stuck with them for the rest of the year so picking out the right bag, shoes and pencil case was extremely important!  And sport shoes, you had to get the ones which would make you run faster!  I also took a long time deciding what drink bottle and lunch box I'd have, because you needed your recess and lunch accessories to be just perfect!  I think I was in prep and I had this Bananas in Pjyamas drink bottle and it had a strap so you could have it around your neck and it was so practical!

You'd be in your uniform, shoes would be polished, hair would be up nice and you'd take a photo before you left the house.  Ah the memories and then off into the car and to school you went!  Meeting your new teacher was both exciting and a little scary but when you'd see your friends in class, you'd just go and sit with them and everything would be better!  And when you would be shown to your hook where you'd have your bag, that was a big moment!  There were spots which were better than others and getting a good bag hook was a pretty big deal.

Your first friend or friends is always a memorable event.  I met my two first friends in kindergarten and we were close friends for years until they moved state or transferred to a different school!  Playing make up games at recess and lunch, building castles and homes out of the wooden block and playing families, they're some of my favourite memories.  Seeing your friends before school started and then if you were lucky enough you got to sit next to the in class and when the school day was over, it was the worst having to say good bye!

I can't remember how often this would happen but I used to love it!  I remember we'd sit in a circle on the floor and I always try to see what other people had brought along.  I used to bring teddy bears along the most, from what I can remember and I used to take great pleasure in telling everyone about the adventures my teddy bears and I would have at home.  I've always been quite a nosey person, so I'd love to see and hear what everyone else had brought along

This was either in grade 1 or 2 and when you were picked as student of the week you'd lie down on this massive sheet of paper and the teacher would trace around you and then you'd get back up and colour yourself it.  It was a big deal.  The paper would then be stuck up on the wall and this great honor was just because you'd been a good student the week before.

As much as I loved the vegemite sandwiches my mum would pack for me, I did love when I got to get food from the canteen.  When you'd arrive at school in the morning there would be a sheet of paper and you'd write your name down, tick what you wanted for lunch, write down how much it would cost, put the money in a yellow envelope and the until lunchtime your mind would be revolving around lunch.  I used to love getting lasagna or spaghetti bolognese but every night I'd get sick (waaaaaaah) so would end up having a potato pie which was equally delicious!  You'd also be able to get these flavoured milks which came in a cardboard container and for a while they'd come with trading cards - pretty sure we've still got all the cards my brother and I collected in primary school.

These were my favourite.  I can't remember how many times I term or year this would happen but basically catalogues would be handed out depending on what grade you were in and you'd have a week or so to look through and see what you wanted.  There was an abundance of books to choose from and one year I remember there was a set all about calligraphy and I have to laugh because I tried to tell mum that calligraphy was something I was really into and it was a serious hobby of mine and that she wouldn't be wasting her money if I got it.....  Long story short, didn't get the calligraphy set - good decision mum!

This was a huge deal.  A HUGE deal.  Graduating from writing with a pencil to a pen was a milestone.  I got my pen licence in grade 3 and normally you'd get them in grade 4 so I was very proud of myself.  You'd have to show your teacher that your writing skills were up to scratch and then if they thought you had what it took to write in a pen, you'd get a certificate and bam pen licence and bragging rights were yours!  I was one of the first in my class out of the grade 3 students to get theirs and I was so proud of myself!  I sometimes think now that I don't deserve my licence because sometimes my handwriting is just terrible!!

If it wasn't for the fact that one year I won Crazy Hair Day for not only my class and grade I don't think I would have included this!  I think I was in grade 3 and the night before mum had put my hair in rags and so the next morning when we took them out my hair was super crazy curly!  We put hair green and purple hair colour through my hair, but soon stopped because the wand which you used to apply it fell off and got stuck in the bottle!  We had sparkles and glitter and everything in my hair and finished it off with a headband which had spirally wire going up with tiny streamers coming off it!  I really wish I had a photo of this because #hairgoals!  I should say that at home, I was like yes I look awesome, I won't get nervous or embarrassed when I have to get out of the car.  Was another story when we actually got to school.  I didn't want to get out of the car!  Glad I did though because pretty sure I won an icy pole for my hair and I also got to stand up at the front in assembly and I got a round of applause!  Really I shouldn't take the credit for the hair because without mum, it wouldn't have happened, so thank you mum!!!

Especially in summer and the warmer months, if you didn't have your hat you wouldn't be able to go out and play.  I don't know what you'd do if you didn't bring your hat, maybe hang out in the library but I think this was such an important thing to have in primary schools.  It gets hot in Australia and with climate and there being a thin ozone layer here (I think, not up with all the scientific stuff), sun safety was and should always be something we are taught about from a young age.  Yes the hats were annoying sometimes and if you had your hair up in a ponytail it would look weird with that little bump, or when it wasn't cool to have the chord on your hat, but in reality wearing hats were for our own good!

I think I'll stop going down memory lane here hahah because I could easily carry on for a very long time and then I'd really be writing a thesis for a blog post!  There will be a part 2 for this coming up very soon!!

Now that I'm not at primary school, I do really miss it.  I always liked school and I'd never really dread waking up and thinking ugh have to go to school and learn :/ I miss not being stressed at primary school!!

Hope you liked this post!  Little trip for us all down memory lane!  What was primary school like for you?  Feel free to share down in the comments!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Aw, absolutely loved this post, Emma. Brings back so many memories. I loved that we didn't have any stressful things in primary school. Also, I used to bring dolls and stuffed animals all the time to school. It was the best days :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Pretty sure the most stressful thing about primary school was when you married someone at the start of lunch but then they had moved on when lunch was over!!! ahahah I do miss primary school :) Em xx


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