Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Primary School Nostalgia & Memories (Part 2)

So my last post on Primary School Nostalgia and Memories was going on forever and I didn't want to end up writing an essay for you all so I decided to split this into two posts!

Ok I had to google this because I was going to call it "that massive sheet thing in pe"!!  Basically it was really a colourful circular sheet with little handles around the edge and you'd stand in a circle and count to a certain number and lift it up in the hair then let it come back down to the ground.  Sometimes when you'd have it up in the hair kids would run underneath it and swap places with another student and I am still upset that I never was able to do this. *sad face*!  I just love the joy we had lifting essentially a rainbow sheet up and down in the hair!

So at lunch time, depending on the weather we'd go and sit outside and eat our lunch.  And if you wanted to go and play you had to finish your lunch.  Teachers would stand by the rubbish bins so you couldn't go and throw it away and they'd even check to see if you had stashed your lunch under your hat!  Whenever I bought my lunch from the canteen, I'd always finish it because hello potato pie!  But there would be times where I'd just not want to eat and I'd be sitting there looking at my sandwich while my friends were having fun on the play equipment!  I went through a phase where I'd only eat the crust of the bread and I thought that would be enough to let me go and play but sadly no!

I can't remember what grade exactly it was that we got our own drawer but I think it was from grade 1 onwards.  In grade 1, it was literally just a plastic tub in a draw and you got to make your name plate for it all fancy and then you had your own drawer where you would store your books and pencil caseWhen you got to grade 3 you would have your own individual desk and underneath the desk would be storage of some type.  Some people would have a plastic tub where you would pull it out and other would have a desk where you had to lift up with top bit and you'd have space underneath to store all your books and supplies.  When I first got my drawer, I thought it was the coolest thing ever!  Until the teachers started doing desk inspections and if you had a messy drawer you'd have to stay back in either recess or lunch time to make it tidy!

Oh the joy of photo day..  Sensing any sarcasm from me?  Wasn't my favourite day.  I have one absolutely terrible school photo and I really don't know why the photographer let me go!  I think I started talking or pulled a face but my photo is just hilarious!  I hope no one ever finds it because it that photo ever surfaces I will be mortified!  But moving on from that terrible photo exerience, I just found the whole thing awkward!  You'd have the photographer telling you how to compose yourself and then they'd go "BOYFRIENDS" or "CHEESE" or just something ridiculous and my immediate reaction would always be to frown!  I bet you anything the reason why I pulled the weird face in the disastrous face was because of what the photographer said!!  Yep I'm going to blame the photographer ahahahah

So fun fact here for you.  I can't wink.  I can screw up the right hand side of my face and close my right eye like that but just blinking with one eyelid - nope, can't do that.  So you can imagine how upset I'd be when the teacher would tell us we'd be playing wink murder and I knew I'd never get picked because I couldn't wink!  The game itself is THRILLING!  You sit in a circle on the carpet, look down and hide our eyes and our teacher would walk around and whoever they tapped on the shoulder would be the 'murderer', and when she was back at her spot, we would be told to open our eyes and the game would begin.  The 'murderer' would wink at you and if you were winked at you'd dramatically fall to the ground because you had been killed.  The aim was not to get found out by one of the three detectives, if you were caught you would have to be a detective in the next round and if the detectives didn't catch the 'murdered' they'd have to continue being a detective!  I have to thank one of my teachers who realised I couldn't wink; we would sometimes play Double Wink Murder and I'd always get chosen to to the double winking.  I never understood at the time until I asked my parents about it but still, better than just having to sit there and dramatically fall to the ground!

I loved reading and I still do!  So I'd always look forward to after lunch when we'd get to do some reading!  Our teacher would read to us for a bit and then we'd go and do some silent reading by ourselves.  When I was in grade 6, we made these book markers so on the inside you'd be able to write down all the books you read.  It became a competition to see who read the most books but then how many pages you read became part of it so we'd start loaning massive books from the library to get their page count up!  I did that once, picked a truly boring book which wasn't suited for for a 12 year old so I ended up picking books which I enjoyed! 

I'd like to think that learning the recorder helped me with my clarinet playing if I'm honest!  You either love them or hate them, there is no in-between!  I personally loved them and I've still got the recorder I bought in primary school.  I really loved music so I also got a book on how to play the recorder and I think I was one of the few people who took the recorder seriously!  The same can't be said now though I'm afraid...  I'll get my recorder and sneak up behind unsuspecting family members and break out in a delightful tune!  Just a flurry of toots and high pitched notes and then I bolt!  I'm such a lovely daughter eheheheh

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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  1. hahaha I love this post, bought back so many memories!

    1. Thank you! Yeah makes me miss primary school a bit :) Em xx


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