Thursday, 19 May 2016

Cosy Jumpers & Celtic Thunder: Legacy Tour

As I'm writing this, I'm a mixture or excited and tired and my eyes are stinging as well thanks to the tiredness.  But more excited!

It was my birthday a few days ago and a few days before that I was lucky enough to go and see Celtic Thunder perform in the Princess Theatre for their Legacy Tour.  I had previously been back in 2014 for the Mythology tour and it was perfect timing as it was the night before my birthday!  Hello awesome birthday present!  It was one of my first posts I ever published on this blog and you can check it out here!

Unlike last time when we had VIP tickets, this year we got tickets so we'd be up in the balcony and even though it would have been awesome to meet some of the lads at the meet and greet I was still pumped that I was able to see them all perform again!  This year Damian McGinty was performing and I am a massive fan!  I loved him when he was singing with Celtic Thunder and was so proud when he was on Glee!  So for me, being able to hear him sing live was just something that I was so excited for!

The show was on Wednesday and I stayed at home that day and studied instead of going into uni.  I spent the day working on my lighting assignment and had "taken a break" to tweet Emmet, saying that I was looking forward to the show and also hope that they had a safe trip up to Launceston.  I was surprised when I got a reply and just had to extent my break to tell mum!  But I did soon go back to finishing my acoustic calculations because I would have felt guilty if I didn't have those done before I went to the show!

Earlier in the day I had decided what I would be wearing.  I still have what I wore to the last show and joked to mum that I should front up wearing the same thing but decided to wear something a little warmer, although I did wear the same slim pants from Forever 21!  On the top I wore a cosy roll neck sweater from Sportsgirl and it is one of my absolute favourites!!  SO COSY!  I took my puffy jacket as long as well because weather is unpredictable and if it got cold while the show was on I'd be able to put it over my legs or put the jacket on!  I also wore some simple black flats from Diana Ferrari which I have had for years and they are so comfortable!!

We grabbed some snacks for the show before we went in and I noticed I wouldn't be the youngest person there haha there were some primary school aged kids there and probably little ones who might be at the end of their toddler stage - it was so cute!  They were so excited and one of the girls kept saying they had a date with Emmet and Damian at 8pm and I was just thinking, yes you girls are awesome!

The seats we had were awesome!  You weren't allowed to take any photos while the show was happening and I regret not taking any of the stage beforehand but I didn't want to risk getting told off by the theatre staff!  But the stage looked great!  It was a simple set up but seemed like there were more lights and a new backdrop, so I was just keen for the show to start!  I saw sat between mum and an old guy who was probably in his eighties and he and his wife were so lovely!!  We chatted while we waited and joked a few times that I should go down to the front to try and get a selfie!

But the show itself.  Oh my goodness.  Talk about amazing!!  I loved the song list and hearing Damian sing was just a dream come true!  He has such an incredible voice, extremely talented lad he is!  Mum hadn't heard him since since he was in his early teens and I think she was a little surprised with how his voice had changed!

I was singing along with all the songs and I think I got a good arm workout from clapping so much!  It was just amazing!  The instrumental people were incredible as usual, and the drummer/percussion guy Declan O'Donoghue was absolutely hilarious!  His interaction with the audience was one of my favourite parts of the show!

I can't really narrow down which songs were my favourite, because they really performed all of my favourites.  This was honestly my ideal Celtic Thunder show!  Song for the Mira, Heartland, A Place in the Choir, Hallelujah, Falling Slowly, Caledonia, My Irish Molly O - I could go on and list everything!  When they sang Ireland's Call I was so close to having sweaty eyes!  The people who were sitting in the VIP section had brought some Irish Flags along and they were waving them in the air and you should have seen the faces of everyone on stage - it was just beautiful!

I am just so chuffed that I was able to see Celtic Thunder again!  Just a dream come true being completely honest, they are just incredible!  And I loved that I got to go and see them with mum again :) was a lovely little early birthday present for us both :)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. It sounds like you had incredible time at the concert! I love going to gigs, concerts and all music related festivals because they leave me with such a good feeling of inspiration and happiness in general. I haven't heard Celtic Thunder music but I'll have to check them out :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. It was amazing Leta!! I completely understand what people mean when they say that they're so happy after they've been to a concert! Although it sucks that the show is over, you're just left with an amazing feeling! You so should! They've got some beautiful songs! Em xx


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