Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My Day On Monday - Coffee, Ants & Site Visits {25.07.16}

I really wanted to do a little day in the life blog post.  Probably like a raw post where it's rambly, photos are honest and not edited (not that I normally edit my photos) and it's just a little diary of my day!

My Monday started off at 6:15am when my alarm went off.  And then I pressed ok and didn't move.  I love mornings, I just don't love waking up hahah!  My alarm went off again 10 minutes later and then 5 minutes after that and I still wasn't game for getting out of bed!  It's winter and it's cold and bed is warm!  I did eventually get up and start my morning!  And it was pretty cold and I couldn't find my slippers!

Breakfast wasn't that exciting, just some toast with vegemite!  While I was waiting for my toast to pop I grabbed some crackers to nibble on during the day.  I'd normally pop some shapes into a ziplock bag but they recently had their flavour "improved" and I'm not a fan so I steer clear of them!  I have now fallen in love with these crackers!  I will sometimes grab one or two during the day whenever I'm a little bit peckish and they do the trick!

I really don't like getting ready in the morning when it's cold.  I don't have heater in my room so I just get dressed as quickly as possible!  I get that it's winter but honestly I'm not really dressing that much for winter all that much!  I have these slip on shoes that are like Vans but they're not Vans and you can't really wear socks with them, so I go for a pair of sockettes and then my jeans stop above the ankle so hello little bit of leg!  And you'd think, Emma it's cold, put on longer jeans or change your outfit entirely!  But no, I love these jeans and the shoes and it's going to get warmer during the day so we'll be good!  And if it rains or snows or something I'll have no one but myself to blame!

I like to wear the heck out of my clothes but I also take care of my clothes so I'm still wearing stuff I had 5 or 6 years ago!  I put on this fluffy red cardigan I bought in college and it's still as good as new!  I'm the type of person who will still wear something even if it isn't "trendy" anymore.  Sure there are times where I'd love to have a wardrobe refresh but I've do love what I have in my wardrobe!

I traveled into town with my brother and intended to walk into uni from town but it was so foggy and some drivers I feel don't see little pedestrians so made the decision to catch the bus in!  And I'm glad I because the amount of drivers that went through red lights was insane!  Like good on you for sleeping in but OBEY THE ROAD RULES MATE!

I'd like to think that my day was going really well.  Target was open so I was able to buy some more sockettes and have a lovely talk with the lady who served me, my butt didn't get wet when I was waiting for the bus, managed to connect my phone to the uni wifi without any problems and thought I might grab a coffee.  I went to the art school to get one from this little $2 coffee machine, it's really a vending machine but you get a selection of warm drinks and honestly the coffee you'd get from there I'd prefer over going to an actual coffee/cafe place.  Well how the tables turned today!  I got up to my desk and had taken a few sips and was stirring my coffee when I saw something black in it.  My initial thought was oh it's just some coffee, keep on stirring.  Saw the black thing again and this time I wasn't so sure so tried to fish it out.  Ant.  Or a bug of some description!  A DAMN BUG IN THE COFFEE!  I so wanted my eyes to be playing tricks on me so I asked one of the guys sitting near me to have a look and yep, definitely wasn't coffee.  Honestly, I felt so betrayed!  Drink was tipped down the drain and I saw atleast 6 little critters that definitely weren't meant to be in there!

Lesson for today.  By coffee from The Stand or Blue Cafe, there will be no critters in your drink!

Up at my desk, I've been working through assignments.  And procrastinating a little bit!  For my studio assignment we're doing a dispersed hotel and we need to come up with characters who will be the users of the hotels.  I currently have a family, backpackers, a couple and then a blogger!  We've had to have a look at what other people's experiences have been of when they were in Launceston so and it's been interesting to see what everyone had to say!  I need to write some more stuff about my weekender character, but I'm pretty happy with what I have for everyone else!

And this is where we have a little time skip because I'm such a good student and really concentrated and studied and participated in my tutorial session!  The dispersed hotel assignment is quite interesting.  There is so much that we're going to need to think about and there is also so much work to do but I think in the end I will enjoy it somehow!

We left early for a site visit and a few of the girls met up to grab something to eat beforehand.  We went to Live-eat and I got a green smoothie and boy was it super delicious!  Sadly no photos but it was such a vibrant green, it was amazing!  I think I'm going to try and go there for lunch later on this week.  I have had food from them but it was YEARS ago and I got a little peckish looking at everything!

We then had an hour long site visit to end the day.  One of the buildings we're measuring up is HUGE and I mean HUGE!  It's a retail store and it's already big enough but then you go to areas where the general public don't get access too and you're just going wow!  Incredible building, incredible history, not incredible to have to measure up!  I'd been working with a girl called Jess and we just powered through it!

After the site visit, I had planned on going to JB Hi-Fi to get a few things but we only had a small window open from when the site visits were set to finish and then the store closing.  Half and hour!  And the site visit went overtime and it was raining and everyone was going home from a long day at work and we didn't actually get out of the car park until 5:26pm so decided we'd try another day!  It was so busy trying to get home, I know Launceston isn't the biggest city there is but still!  Does get quite busy!

The fire was on when we got home and I got straight out of my jeans and into my pjs.  I never wear jeans at home and pj bottoms are ridiculously comfortable!  I just wish it was more socially acceptable to wear them to uni hahahah  also the blue socks I'm wearing.  OH EM GEE!  They are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn, think they were called spa socks and far out your feel will LOVE you!!

I wish my evening was exciting but it really wasn't :/ I had tea, baked some cookies, did some studying, watched MasterChef and got very into it as usual, dishes, shower and then bed!  I get so buggered that I'm like I don't know how early it is I need to get some sleep.  Last week I was going to bed at 9:30pm!  Haven't been to bed that early in YONKS!

ALSO!  If you do actually want to see my day as it's happening (if that makes sense) add me on snapchat! ;) emmurray514 or I'll leave a photo where you can just scan the code below!

But really, that was my Monday.  I did get sidetracked with uni so forgot to take photos haha but surely that means I'm a good student??!  Let me know what you think of these types of day in the life posts because I personally love reading them and would love to write more in the future!  Especially if my day is more interesting!

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Saturday, 16 July 2016

My Last First Week At University

Now this all rides on whether I actually pass everything and graduate at the end of the year but I'm not giving myself any other option but to graduate!

I wrote a similar post at the start of semester one and I am still so chuffed, amazed, scared but really proud that I'm here in semester two!  How crazy is this?  I am slightly terrified of what I'm going to do next year but we'll get to that year when it's a bit closer!  My first week is over and really I just want to nap, and cry a little, but I'm going to save the tears for later!  We've been introduced to our units and the assignments have gone up another notch compared to last semester!

My week started with an afternoon class on Monday, I got to uni in the morning and really didn't know what to do.  The top floor of desks were basically empty, in my area especially as I don't wander to where the majority of the architecture students are!  I had already printed out everything I needed the night before and there was nothing really that I could do...  So naturally I spent some time on the internet until one of my friends arrived!  Neither of us had been able to get our panels, models and materials boards from our presentations we did at the end of semester one and knew they were in a locked room so we found someone who would be able to open it up so we'd be able to get our stuff back.  We'd been sent an email saying we had to take our stuff by the end of the week or it would be disposed off and I was quite proud of my work so I wanted to get my work back before it was too late!

I work was in two rooms and honestly I was more worried about not being able to find my model!  Ended up finding it in the middle of a table underneath two other models and I am so happy it wasn't broken!  I was able to find my studio panels easily but finding my panels for lighting and acoustics and then my two materials boards...  Yeah I couldn't find them for a while and I got worried!  Found everything in the end and it was nice to finally get everything back!  My panels are still wrapped in plastic and the materials boards are still in an old shopping bag, and my model has found a home on one of the chairs in the living room, will have to find a more safe spot for it!

For my studio unit, we're looking at hotels and our assignment will be on a dispersed hotel.  I've never worked with anything to do with hotels so I am looking forward to it but I know it's going to be a lot of hard work!  We've got site visits so we can take extra measurements (oh how I'm not looking forward to that) and I think I'll spend a solid day building everything on ArchiCAD!

My other class is going to be a heap of information!  Our first class was very heavy on information and I think I'll have to find some food or something to keep me awake!  The content is interesting, and definitely an eye opener but on a Tuesday afternoon, it's not really what you want.  The assignments I can tell are going to be hectic! 

If I wasn't doing music, I think I would be a lot more awake!  I had my two classes at the start of the week and then for the rest of the week was music rehearsals and I helped out with the younger players so I was there quite a bit!  Was incredibly tired when I got home and was asleep within minutes of lying down.  I do love helping out with the younger players, as much as they test my patience and make me love the fact that I'm studying interior design and not education, they are such a lovely bunch and we do have a lot of fun!

My lip wasn't loving the constant clarinet playing..  Glad to have a few days of not playing haha I have made a heap of progress with my solo in Angels in the Architecture!  I can actually play it hahahahahah!  I've gotten past the point where I want to cry whenever I have to play it but I'm still a bit nervous about it.  But really, I am so happy with how it sounds and a got a round of applause during the week so I must be doing something right!

For now, I think I'm going to go to sleep!  I need sleep!  All last week, I was just looking forward to when I could go to bed!  I wouldn't even stay and look at stuff on my phone, which really is a good thing hahah

I hope you are doing amazingly wherever you are!  How has your week been? 

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Five Songs For The Morning

Not a morning person.  Guessing everyone has heard of that sentence before?  I would safely say that a few years ago my family would say that I wasn't a morning person, and still even now they would still say that.  But I would like to think of myself actually as a morning person, I'm just not a waking up and getting out of bed person.  Breakfast will get me out of bed but if there is one other thing that will make me get up (and out of a nice warm, comfortable bed) it's music.

  Now I love me some music.  Nothing like a good tune to get you moving in the morning!  So here are five songs I love to pop on in the morning!  If I'm honest, I'm probably going to say I love all of these, which I do so just a heaps up hahah

Can't Stop The Feeling, Justin Timberlake
This is probably the first song of his that I've been like YES I LOVE THIS!  He's a talented lad but this is my favourite one of his!  Good old tune and I crack out some interesting dance moves whenever I pop this on!

Better When I'm Dancin', Meghan Trainor
I dance to this.  Like have fun trying to keep my still when this is on!  Also makes me want to learn ukulele!  I feel like with this song, the crazier the dance moves the better.  One of those times where it's like mate, you just dance however you want!  
Something In The Way You Move, Ellie Goulding
Another TUNE!  I Delirium and this was one of my first favourites from the album!  I love having this one on when I exercise as well, find it such an energizing song which is just what you need when you're sweating it out!

Send My Love (To Your New Lover), Adele
Adele is just amazing.  Insert that emoji where the hands are up, insert a lot of them!  This is such a groovy song the the video for it, oh em geeeee!  I so wish I could go to one of her shows, she's coming to Australia but I don't know when I so want to be there!  I've seen vlogs of her concerts and man it would be a dream!  
Hair, Little Mix & Sean Paul
Ah my love for Little Mix!  I loved hair on the album and love this version as well! I do grab a hair brush and sing along when I'm listening to this.  When the toured Australia, they had a show on my birthday....  Oh how I wish I could have gone, would have been incredible!!

And there are my favourite five songs to play in the morning!  Quite boppy songs which make you want to move, which I love!  I think I'll need these songs since I start my final semester of uni tomorrow!

I am slightly terrified about it being my last semester at uni...  Going to try my hardest, and smash it out and do everything I can so I can graduate at the end of the year!

What songs do you love to put on in the morning?  Let me know!
Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The People's Park

So I sometimes rattle on about university on here.  It takes up so much of my time and I do have a love/hate relationship with it!

One of the compulsory units that I have to do is Interior Design Studio.  Essentially, we're given a brief and we have to respond to it.  It's like we're in a firm really, we have a client, they give us a brief, we go through a bunch of stages and produce a design which we then present to jurors/our client.  We had the Albert Hall as our site again, and I think it's safe to say that know this building inside out by now!  We had a set of clients all with different requirements, and we also had to respond to the historical brief, which did make some aspects of the assignment difficult but who doesn't love a good challenge??!

I'm pretty good with coming up with concepts and in the first assignment which was a group assignment, I found out that City Park was previously known as The People's Park and this one piece of information stuck with me, so I ended up using this as my concept and developed it further!

The People's Park was born!  I wanted there to be a strong relationship between the park, Albert Hall and the people that would be using the spaces.  I really played on and drew out aspects of parks and people, so if there was something that connected to the idea of a park, it was woven somewhere into my design!

The process of getting to my final design and then finishing the assignment was lengthy.  I think I had to change my design about six times, so six times I was right back at the starting blocks and I was ready to pull out of uni so many times!  I'm all for constructive criticism but it does knock at your confidence and you start second guessing yourself and wondering whether you are actually cut out for the design world.  Thankfully, a design was created, I loved it, my tutor loved it, I could move forward and get back to speed!

I tried to not touch the interior of Albert Hall too much.  It's a really significant building and I thought it was better to show off what is already there with my new additions instead of taking out half of the history and then adding in new elements.  Probably the biggest change I made to the interior of the hall, was moving the balcony forwards.  This allowed me to put more seats in upstairs, so it was something I was happy to do.

The new extension I added on, was something which didn't overshadow the original building and the centre paved area drew people from the park into the building.  I made these arched structure which went over the paved area and the closer you got to the doors to get inside, the closer the arches got to each other and I thought this was a cool way of bring being in and also acting as a threshold and transition from one space to another!  The new addition could be broken up into two wings.  In the right wing was a kitchen and then a cafe which opened out to the park and then in the left wing were toilets and also large rooms which could house a variety of events.

In between Albert Hall and the new addition, I had this massive threshold space which could simply be put as a long wide corridor.  It was glass and I did this so there was a clear yet gentle transition between the two buildings.  In this space, I mirrored the colums from the original building but used materials which were contrasting and I still really like this!  It was so important to respect the original building but then also connect it with the new in some way and I loved how everything turned out!

In the main space of Albert Hall I put in some raised seating, where the platforms could be rolled back into one box and everything would be neatly packed away!  This little, well not so little, box could be used for other activities and the platforms could be pulled out slightly so people would be able to get up there safely!  It was important that anything we put in the main hall had more than one use or it would just be a waste, so I'm glad my raised seating box had multiple functions!

My most favourite part of my design were the little sheds I made.  They were like deconstructed sheds which were easy to construct, easy to take down, could be moved around, could be used for different clients and users and I just loved them!  One set of sheds had a pitched roof which reflected on the history pavilion buildings which once stood beside Albert Hall and another had a curved roof which echoed the curved ceiling in the main hall.  They were so simple, but were something which related to my concept so strongly and were something which worked and yeah I am still so happy with them!

When it came to presenting, I was so lucky that I actually got to present!  The weather was insane and it resulted in severe flooding and my university building is right by the river.  So I was nervous as it is about presenting but then I had added nerves because I didn't know whether I was actually going to be presenting or not!  Let me just say, I was extremely lucky!  I was able to present, another girl went after me, we were having a break between sessions and then were told we had to evacuate the building!  Fun times!

Out of every presentation I've taken part of at university, I think this was the one where I was most proud of myself.  I was so happy with what I was presenting, I'd written out what I was going to say for one and had gone through it a few times just to make sure what I wanted to say was making sense!  Sure I got nervous and there were times where I could hear my voice wavering but I got through it!

Also my feedback was probably the best I had ever gotten!  The male juror, for everyone would write down a list of positive and negative aspects of the presentation...  I only had one thing in the negative list and I honestly couldn't believe it!  My face probably echoed my thoughts because I was just so shocked!  And happy!

I think this assignment has given me the confidence boost for the rest of the year.  There were ups and downs, oh so many downs but I got through it and produced something which I am so incredibly proud of!  My work ethic was insane, probably to the point of ridiculous, but it was all worth it!

And the best news of all!?!?!  I got my results back today for semester one and guess who smashed it and is onto her final semester at uni?!?!?!?  ME!!!  SO HAPPY!!!!  I start uni in less than a week, so those it'll be back to it pretty soon and I am honestly looking forward to it!  Looking forward to seeing my desk at uni again and seeing all the interior girls!  Going to be so good to be back!

Well that was a long rambly post!  Hope you liked seeing my studio assignment!  This, here was one out of two assignments which made me take a break from blogging towards the end of semester!  Crazy the amount of work which goes into these assignments, just mental!

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x