Sunday, 10 July 2016

Five Songs For The Morning

Not a morning person.  Guessing everyone has heard of that sentence before?  I would safely say that a few years ago my family would say that I wasn't a morning person, and still even now they would still say that.  But I would like to think of myself actually as a morning person, I'm just not a waking up and getting out of bed person.  Breakfast will get me out of bed but if there is one other thing that will make me get up (and out of a nice warm, comfortable bed) it's music.

  Now I love me some music.  Nothing like a good tune to get you moving in the morning!  So here are five songs I love to pop on in the morning!  If I'm honest, I'm probably going to say I love all of these, which I do so just a heaps up hahah

Can't Stop The Feeling, Justin Timberlake
This is probably the first song of his that I've been like YES I LOVE THIS!  He's a talented lad but this is my favourite one of his!  Good old tune and I crack out some interesting dance moves whenever I pop this on!

Better When I'm Dancin', Meghan Trainor
I dance to this.  Like have fun trying to keep my still when this is on!  Also makes me want to learn ukulele!  I feel like with this song, the crazier the dance moves the better.  One of those times where it's like mate, you just dance however you want!  
Something In The Way You Move, Ellie Goulding
Another TUNE!  I Delirium and this was one of my first favourites from the album!  I love having this one on when I exercise as well, find it such an energizing song which is just what you need when you're sweating it out!

Send My Love (To Your New Lover), Adele
Adele is just amazing.  Insert that emoji where the hands are up, insert a lot of them!  This is such a groovy song the the video for it, oh em geeeee!  I so wish I could go to one of her shows, she's coming to Australia but I don't know when I so want to be there!  I've seen vlogs of her concerts and man it would be a dream!  
Hair, Little Mix & Sean Paul
Ah my love for Little Mix!  I loved hair on the album and love this version as well! I do grab a hair brush and sing along when I'm listening to this.  When the toured Australia, they had a show on my birthday....  Oh how I wish I could have gone, would have been incredible!!

And there are my favourite five songs to play in the morning!  Quite boppy songs which make you want to move, which I love!  I think I'll need these songs since I start my final semester of uni tomorrow!

I am slightly terrified about it being my last semester at uni...  Going to try my hardest, and smash it out and do everything I can so I can graduate at the end of the year!

What songs do you love to put on in the morning?  Let me know!
Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I hardly get any time to listen to music so really lost touch with chart music at the moment so will give these a listen who knows one of these may become my morning song too
    Carrieanne xx

    1. Oh would be so lovely if one of them do! I love them all! Em xx

  2. I wish you the best with your uni work, Emma! I know you can do it! Also, looks like you have the same taste as me in music, haha, because these 5 songs are the most played ones on my Spotify as well!

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I start today! Mixture of nervous and excited! Oh my goodness really??! That's awesome haha! :) Em xx

  3. I'm a morning person. Not by choice though, mostly because I need to get up so I won't be late for school and now, work! I love all the songs you've shared. These are all on my Spotify playlist that I listen to when I'm on the commute.

    xx, Richel Goes Places

    1. Oh I feel you! And yay! Glad you liked them! They're good for getting you to move about! Em xx


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