Friday, 1 July 2016

June Instagram Diary & Roundup

I don't think June was my month.  I feel like it's gone by in a blur and emotions have been high and now it's July.  I am still waiting for one last result for an assignment and then I get my final results for semester one in about two weeks so I am excited and nervous for that!

I am going to sound weird here, well probably not but you know.  I do actually miss not being at university.  From having structure to having no structure, hasn't gone too well with me.  Don't get me wrong, I love being able to relax but I just found I had no motivation.  And still now, and we've just started July, my motivation levels are at an all time low.

There have been things that I've needed to do but I'm like NOPE!  Also doesn't help when you have terrible dreams and you just want to tell someone to bugger off and then you wake up and the weather is miserable and then you put butter on your toast and remember you're trialing being dairy free to see if it helps with something and you're then like well that buggers things up and the weather is just MISERABLE so you stay in your pjs til probably three in the afternoon and then you have to make you presentable for a music rehearsal and you leave your umbrella in another bag and you get well soaked walking to the music rooms and then you have to play a solo with absolutely terrifies you and you nearly start crying at music.


That was actually my day on Thursday.  Just was not my day at all!  At music we're going to be competing in the A-Grade section and I am terrified.  The test piece we're performing is Angels in the Architecture by Frank Ticheli and it's such a gorgeous piece.  But the first clarinet part, oh my goodness.  It's challenging and if I make it through it without having a nervous breakdown, I will be over the moon!  Worst part is that there is a clarinet solo.  Which I have to do.  And it's exposed.  I described it to someone as me standing naked in the middle of a busy place.  I'm fine doing solos but this one is just so exposed and I just feel like I have no much pressure on my shoulders for it.  It's a beautiful solo but far out I am so scared I'm going to mess it up on the day!

I can feel a theme coming along with my Instagram..  Not really the aesthetic of my feed but of the photos I'm posting.  Clouds and the sky and specifically the view from my bedroom window.  It's just so pretty!!!

~ Tiredness from uni ~ The People's Park ~ Emma's classic photo~
~ Again but wow ~ A Work In Progress ~ Candy floss skies ~
~ Practice with a view ~ Farm life ~ Monday procrastination ~

Again, consistency isn't my thing and I am so sorry for that!  Hope you did enjoy what was on emmadaisy though!  I wish I could see Civil War over and over again - absolutely loved it!

I wouldn't mind doing a post on both A Work In Progress by Connor Franta and also All The Bright Place by Jennifer Niven.  Recently finished reading both and I have nothing but praise for both of them!  If you haven't had to chance to read either of them, please grab a copy!  You won't regret it!

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I'm sorry to hear that June wasn't the best month for you so I really hope July will be amazing though! I'm sure you'll find motivation again & I'm sure you did great on your assignment. Keep your head up x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. I hope so as well! It's the worst thing having to wait for results, makes you second guess everything! Thanks babe :) Em xx

  2. Ooooh your IG pictures look so lovely. What an amazing sky view you have there.

    Love, Kerstin

    1. Aww thank you! Yeah it is pretty spectacular some days! Em xx

  3. Sorry to hear things haven't been going so great for you recently. I hope things pick up soon! Whilst uni is hard it gives a good structure and routine to your day so I can understand why you would be finding no uni difficult! I love your photos on Instagram. Such gorgeous skies! x x

    1. Life just sucks sometimes hey?! I've got a week off then I'll be back and probably wishing I was back on holidays hahahah and thank you!! Em xx

  4. June was a bit of a blur for me too. Here's to a better July! <3

    1. Sucks when life gets like this hey! Hope you have a lovely July!! :) Em xx


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