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My Day On Monday - Coffee, Ants & Site Visits {25.07.16}

I really wanted to do a little day in the life blog post.  Probably like a raw post where it's rambly, photos are honest and not edited (not that I normally edit my photos) and it's just a little diary of my day!

My Monday started off at 6:15am when my alarm went off.  And then I pressed ok and didn't move.  I love mornings, I just don't love waking up hahah!  My alarm went off again 10 minutes later and then 5 minutes after that and I still wasn't game for getting out of bed!  It's winter and it's cold and bed is warm!  I did eventually get up and start my morning!  And it was pretty cold and I couldn't find my slippers!

Breakfast wasn't that exciting, just some toast with vegemite!  While I was waiting for my toast to pop I grabbed some crackers to nibble on during the day.  I'd normally pop some shapes into a ziplock bag but they recently had their flavour "improved" and I'm not a fan so I steer clear of them!  I have now fallen in love with these crackers!  I will sometimes grab one or two during the day whenever I'm a little bit peckish and they do the trick!

I really don't like getting ready in the morning when it's cold.  I don't have heater in my room so I just get dressed as quickly as possible!  I get that it's winter but honestly I'm not really dressing that much for winter all that much!  I have these slip on shoes that are like Vans but they're not Vans and you can't really wear socks with them, so I go for a pair of sockettes and then my jeans stop above the ankle so hello little bit of leg!  And you'd think, Emma it's cold, put on longer jeans or change your outfit entirely!  But no, I love these jeans and the shoes and it's going to get warmer during the day so we'll be good!  And if it rains or snows or something I'll have no one but myself to blame!

I like to wear the heck out of my clothes but I also take care of my clothes so I'm still wearing stuff I had 5 or 6 years ago!  I put on this fluffy red cardigan I bought in college and it's still as good as new!  I'm the type of person who will still wear something even if it isn't "trendy" anymore.  Sure there are times where I'd love to have a wardrobe refresh but I've do love what I have in my wardrobe!

I traveled into town with my brother and intended to walk into uni from town but it was so foggy and some drivers I feel don't see little pedestrians so made the decision to catch the bus in!  And I'm glad I because the amount of drivers that went through red lights was insane!  Like good on you for sleeping in but OBEY THE ROAD RULES MATE!

I'd like to think that my day was going really well.  Target was open so I was able to buy some more sockettes and have a lovely talk with the lady who served me, my butt didn't get wet when I was waiting for the bus, managed to connect my phone to the uni wifi without any problems and thought I might grab a coffee.  I went to the art school to get one from this little $2 coffee machine, it's really a vending machine but you get a selection of warm drinks and honestly the coffee you'd get from there I'd prefer over going to an actual coffee/cafe place.  Well how the tables turned today!  I got up to my desk and had taken a few sips and was stirring my coffee when I saw something black in it.  My initial thought was oh it's just some coffee, keep on stirring.  Saw the black thing again and this time I wasn't so sure so tried to fish it out.  Ant.  Or a bug of some description!  A DAMN BUG IN THE COFFEE!  I so wanted my eyes to be playing tricks on me so I asked one of the guys sitting near me to have a look and yep, definitely wasn't coffee.  Honestly, I felt so betrayed!  Drink was tipped down the drain and I saw atleast 6 little critters that definitely weren't meant to be in there!

Lesson for today.  By coffee from The Stand or Blue Cafe, there will be no critters in your drink!

Up at my desk, I've been working through assignments.  And procrastinating a little bit!  For my studio assignment we're doing a dispersed hotel and we need to come up with characters who will be the users of the hotels.  I currently have a family, backpackers, a couple and then a blogger!  We've had to have a look at what other people's experiences have been of when they were in Launceston so and it's been interesting to see what everyone had to say!  I need to write some more stuff about my weekender character, but I'm pretty happy with what I have for everyone else!

And this is where we have a little time skip because I'm such a good student and really concentrated and studied and participated in my tutorial session!  The dispersed hotel assignment is quite interesting.  There is so much that we're going to need to think about and there is also so much work to do but I think in the end I will enjoy it somehow!

We left early for a site visit and a few of the girls met up to grab something to eat beforehand.  We went to Live-eat and I got a green smoothie and boy was it super delicious!  Sadly no photos but it was such a vibrant green, it was amazing!  I think I'm going to try and go there for lunch later on this week.  I have had food from them but it was YEARS ago and I got a little peckish looking at everything!

We then had an hour long site visit to end the day.  One of the buildings we're measuring up is HUGE and I mean HUGE!  It's a retail store and it's already big enough but then you go to areas where the general public don't get access too and you're just going wow!  Incredible building, incredible history, not incredible to have to measure up!  I'd been working with a girl called Jess and we just powered through it!

After the site visit, I had planned on going to JB Hi-Fi to get a few things but we only had a small window open from when the site visits were set to finish and then the store closing.  Half and hour!  And the site visit went overtime and it was raining and everyone was going home from a long day at work and we didn't actually get out of the car park until 5:26pm so decided we'd try another day!  It was so busy trying to get home, I know Launceston isn't the biggest city there is but still!  Does get quite busy!

The fire was on when we got home and I got straight out of my jeans and into my pjs.  I never wear jeans at home and pj bottoms are ridiculously comfortable!  I just wish it was more socially acceptable to wear them to uni hahahah  also the blue socks I'm wearing.  OH EM GEE!  They are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn, think they were called spa socks and far out your feel will LOVE you!!

I wish my evening was exciting but it really wasn't :/ I had tea, baked some cookies, did some studying, watched MasterChef and got very into it as usual, dishes, shower and then bed!  I get so buggered that I'm like I don't know how early it is I need to get some sleep.  Last week I was going to bed at 9:30pm!  Haven't been to bed that early in YONKS!

ALSO!  If you do actually want to see my day as it's happening (if that makes sense) add me on snapchat! ;) emmurray514 or I'll leave a photo where you can just scan the code below!

But really, that was my Monday.  I did get sidetracked with uni so forgot to take photos haha but surely that means I'm a good student??!  Let me know what you think of these types of day in the life posts because I personally love reading them and would love to write more in the future!  Especially if my day is more interesting!

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I love these kind of blog posts, I always enjoy reading about other people's days :) I can't believe there were ants in your coffee! Ugh. Steer clear of that place in future! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. I really want to do more in the future, especially if I have something interesting happening that day! And I know! Gah! Couldn't believe it when I saw it! :/ Em xx

  2. I also tend to keep some clothes that I owned from ages ago, I have a few that I have been wearing for about 6/7 years now and it looks new.


    1. So glad I'm not the only one hahaha if a piece of clothing still looks great, fits and all that, I'm still going to wear it even though it isn't "in fashion" it's just a waste when so many garments of clothes are thrown out just because they're apparently out of date! Em xx

  3. :) nice post!


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