Sunday, 3 July 2016

Snippets Of My Desk, A Little Tour

I am a bit of a nosey person.  I love seeing house tours, bedroom tours, pantry tours, any type of tour!  So many of us spend a lot of time at desks and I love seeing how everyone sets up and make their work space their own and I love when people do little tours of their desks!

Originally I wanted to do two desk tours.  This one and then a more honest desk tour.  In the honest desk tour, it was really going to be my desk but what it actually looks like when I am using it.  So mess and clutter and so many books and notepads and paper and pens and everything all over the place.  That was the plan.  But I had to go and clean my room didn't I?  So I'm going to wait a while and then when semester is back in full swing I'm going to do another desk tour but it will be a bit more honest!

So here are some snippets of my desk!

When I procrastinate I draw and whenever I get a warm drink from a cafe, if the cup is blank I will draw all over it.  I kind of fell in love with drawing five lines all over the cup and moved to paper and here we have five lines in a circle.  I just find it so relaxing and love how they look when they're finished!  Made some for my family and friends and they loved them!  I want to grab my watercolour stuff and do little colour blobs and then draw over them, think it would look so nice!

Here we have some absolute essentials for any desk.  An assortment of screws, a USB and a candle.  Yep total desk essentials!  Studying design we have to draw details of how everything is going to be made, and sadly it doesn't happen by magic!  So I have to know about a heap of fixing types and I love being able to actually see what I'm going to be using in my details - makes it a lot easier for me to visualise how everything works!  My nice bright green USB is from Toshiba and this is a must for me.  Always save my work on this and then a bunch of other places because no one wants to be in that position where you lose all your work!  From personal experience it truly sucks and it's a lesson you learn from very quickly!  The candle is from Heritage Bee Worx although I do believe they have no changed their name.  It is such a gentle fragrance and I don't even have to light it to smell the scent!

The circular mirror, is from Salt & Pepper and it's one of those fab mirrors where one side is more magnified than the other!  Although, can be a bit shocking what you see when you have it flipped around the wrong way!  I have this sitting on a large tin which says Keep Calm and Carry On and inside the tin is a bunch of bobby pins and hair bits and bobs!  At the base of the mirror, there is a little bit of dust.  I swear I did dust but it just reappears so quickly!!  Other than the dust, there are some more bobby pins which I would use on a daily basis, a bracelet which one of my friends got me for my birthday last year, a Maybelline New York Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry and also a guitar pick.  Yep another essential desk item that guitar pick...  I do have a guitar, can't play it very well though.

In front of the mirror I have a little human figure which I bought thinking it would be useful for an art unit I was doing at university.  Didn't really help me all that much, but it is handy for hanging hair bands, a bracelet which was a birthday present from my best friend Alannah, and also a dashing scrunchie from when I was little.  Some days when I'm too lazy to deal with a hair band, I'll opt for this and have a bit of a throwback to my younger years!  I also have this cute little white candle holder which I'm using to hold some pens, a wooden fork and spoon and also inside is a smaller what used to be garlic powder jar/container (I have no idea) which hold some paper clips and some small bulldog clips!  The pens are from Smiggle and I love the brightness they add!  Some of them also smell, like fruits and sweet things which is different haha!  Also have some orange square pieces of paper which are handy to just writes short notes on.  Sure could use some sticky notes but when you're given a heap of square pieces of paper might as well use them!

Under and around my monitor, I have a few things.  When I was in Melbourne last year, I went to the aquarium and picked up this little plastic paper weight with some penguins inside.  I absolutely loved watching the penguins and although I do wish I had bought a penguin toy I just love this!  I also have a glass pyramid, triangular shape object!  Going so well with describing what everything is hahaha  I've had this for years, probably since I was in high school!  At the base of my monitor I have a pen which my parents gave to me when I got through uni last year but do you think I could get a good photo of it?!?!?  Nope!  It's wooden, with a celtic vibe to it and I love it and it's a pen I only really use for special occasions!

On the other side of my monitor, I have a little glass sphere, kind of like one of those mind reading ones except no minds have ever been read with this!  In probably my favourite little metal container is a soft scented candle which I have had for a while, I just really like the lid of the container; think it's so nice and sweet!  Lastly, I have some Hand Food from Soap and Glory and I LOVE this stuff!  Makes my hands feel amazing when I use this stuff and I've been meaning to put this in my bag for when I'm at uni but I always end up forgetting!

Because I'm adventurous, I've got some speakers sitting on some little books.   When I first got them, I did have a read of them but now they're holding some speakers!  I was given the emoji book for Christmas last year and it was an interesting read!  Against the side of my computer I have a print I bought from the Evandale Markets, and I think it is just perfect for my little work area.  Make ideas happen.  Whenever I'm stuck and hitting brick walls with an assignment, it's nice to look to my right see this and it'll give me a little positive boost!  I also have some totally real tulips because I'm all about that flower life.  Yeah they're not real but I still love them!  Pretty sure I got them from a craft store and the little vase/container/jar/really nice object I bought from a cafe in Evandale!  I do want to have some real plants in my room soon!  The beautiful fragrance they'd produce would be just beautiful!

Lastly, on top of my computer I have a few things.  I funky green lamp which comes in SO handy when I'm either drawing at my desk or when I'm working early into the morning and don't feel like having my main light on.  I normally have them unwrapped and flowing all over the place, but when I cleaned I wrapped up these lights and popped them at the base of the lamp.  They're not your traditional your traditional fairy lights and I think they look quite delicate when I've have them flowing around the place!  Leaning up against the wall I have another print which I got from the Evandale Markets, I do love me some pineapples and when I saw this I had to get it!  Fun fact, this print inspired me in my art unit which I did last year!  I've got a packet of pins sitting up here as well, always good to have them handy for whenever I have more photos I want to pop up on my inspiration board!  To hold some markers I use for drawings at uni, I've got them in this tin which I bought at a lolly shop.  Was walking past the shop one day and saw the tin in the window and it didn't matter what sweet treat was actually inside, I wanted the tin!  It's got a cute floral pattern and I just couldn't not buy it!  I really want to get more of these markers, they're incredible!

And there we have a little tour of my desk!  I do really want to do a more honest tour of my desk when I'm in the middle of using it!  Think it would be quite amusing, and probably make me try to work a bit neater!

Let me know what you think of my desk and also what your work spaces are like!  I'd love to know!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I'm quite nosey too haha, I love seeing what other peoples rooms or parts of it look like! :) I love your desk, my favourite thing is definitely the 'make ideas happen' print - I bet it's extremely encouraging to see it everytime you're working on your desk x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. Oh thank you Sara!! Yeah, it's such a positive thing to have beside me! Em xx

  2. I am a bit noisey myself too. And I loved reading your post, so interesting to see what others have on their desk :) Also, that design is amazing! Looks so good.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Aww thank you Leta!! I see how other people have their desks and I get a little envious but I do love mine :) Em xx

  3. This makes me miss having a that weird? XD I love all the little bits and bobs on your desk. I think it's absolutely essential to have a collection of weird and wonderful bits and bobs on there, haha! x x

    1. No not weird at all!!! I have so much weird stuff around the place in my room, think my desk would look quite odd if none of it was there!! Hahaha Em xx

  4. I'm exactly like you and really nosy I love seeing these sort of tours ! I'd love to see an honest one as well hehe ! I love the sticky note ! I really love the art you do and I think it's so awesome when you do the art on the cups I'd love to see more of that !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. Yes! Definitely going to do an honest desk tour! I think I might also do a post on the cups.. Some people might find it interesting! Em xx


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