Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The People's Park

So I sometimes rattle on about university on here.  It takes up so much of my time and I do have a love/hate relationship with it!

One of the compulsory units that I have to do is Interior Design Studio.  Essentially, we're given a brief and we have to respond to it.  It's like we're in a firm really, we have a client, they give us a brief, we go through a bunch of stages and produce a design which we then present to jurors/our client.  We had the Albert Hall as our site again, and I think it's safe to say that know this building inside out by now!  We had a set of clients all with different requirements, and we also had to respond to the historical brief, which did make some aspects of the assignment difficult but who doesn't love a good challenge??!

I'm pretty good with coming up with concepts and in the first assignment which was a group assignment, I found out that City Park was previously known as The People's Park and this one piece of information stuck with me, so I ended up using this as my concept and developed it further!

The People's Park was born!  I wanted there to be a strong relationship between the park, Albert Hall and the people that would be using the spaces.  I really played on and drew out aspects of parks and people, so if there was something that connected to the idea of a park, it was woven somewhere into my design!

The process of getting to my final design and then finishing the assignment was lengthy.  I think I had to change my design about six times, so six times I was right back at the starting blocks and I was ready to pull out of uni so many times!  I'm all for constructive criticism but it does knock at your confidence and you start second guessing yourself and wondering whether you are actually cut out for the design world.  Thankfully, a design was created, I loved it, my tutor loved it, I could move forward and get back to speed!

I tried to not touch the interior of Albert Hall too much.  It's a really significant building and I thought it was better to show off what is already there with my new additions instead of taking out half of the history and then adding in new elements.  Probably the biggest change I made to the interior of the hall, was moving the balcony forwards.  This allowed me to put more seats in upstairs, so it was something I was happy to do.

The new extension I added on, was something which didn't overshadow the original building and the centre paved area drew people from the park into the building.  I made these arched structure which went over the paved area and the closer you got to the doors to get inside, the closer the arches got to each other and I thought this was a cool way of bring being in and also acting as a threshold and transition from one space to another!  The new addition could be broken up into two wings.  In the right wing was a kitchen and then a cafe which opened out to the park and then in the left wing were toilets and also large rooms which could house a variety of events.

In between Albert Hall and the new addition, I had this massive threshold space which could simply be put as a long wide corridor.  It was glass and I did this so there was a clear yet gentle transition between the two buildings.  In this space, I mirrored the colums from the original building but used materials which were contrasting and I still really like this!  It was so important to respect the original building but then also connect it with the new in some way and I loved how everything turned out!

In the main space of Albert Hall I put in some raised seating, where the platforms could be rolled back into one box and everything would be neatly packed away!  This little, well not so little, box could be used for other activities and the platforms could be pulled out slightly so people would be able to get up there safely!  It was important that anything we put in the main hall had more than one use or it would just be a waste, so I'm glad my raised seating box had multiple functions!

My most favourite part of my design were the little sheds I made.  They were like deconstructed sheds which were easy to construct, easy to take down, could be moved around, could be used for different clients and users and I just loved them!  One set of sheds had a pitched roof which reflected on the history pavilion buildings which once stood beside Albert Hall and another had a curved roof which echoed the curved ceiling in the main hall.  They were so simple, but were something which related to my concept so strongly and were something which worked and yeah I am still so happy with them!

When it came to presenting, I was so lucky that I actually got to present!  The weather was insane and it resulted in severe flooding and my university building is right by the river.  So I was nervous as it is about presenting but then I had added nerves because I didn't know whether I was actually going to be presenting or not!  Let me just say, I was extremely lucky!  I was able to present, another girl went after me, we were having a break between sessions and then were told we had to evacuate the building!  Fun times!

Out of every presentation I've taken part of at university, I think this was the one where I was most proud of myself.  I was so happy with what I was presenting, I'd written out what I was going to say for one and had gone through it a few times just to make sure what I wanted to say was making sense!  Sure I got nervous and there were times where I could hear my voice wavering but I got through it!

Also my feedback was probably the best I had ever gotten!  The male juror, for everyone would write down a list of positive and negative aspects of the presentation...  I only had one thing in the negative list and I honestly couldn't believe it!  My face probably echoed my thoughts because I was just so shocked!  And happy!

I think this assignment has given me the confidence boost for the rest of the year.  There were ups and downs, oh so many downs but I got through it and produced something which I am so incredibly proud of!  My work ethic was insane, probably to the point of ridiculous, but it was all worth it!

And the best news of all!?!?!  I got my results back today for semester one and guess who smashed it and is onto her final semester at uni?!?!?!?  ME!!!  SO HAPPY!!!!  I start uni in less than a week, so those it'll be back to it pretty soon and I am honestly looking forward to it!  Looking forward to seeing my desk at uni again and seeing all the interior girls!  Going to be so good to be back!

Well that was a long rambly post!  Hope you liked seeing my studio assignment!  This, here was one out of two assignments which made me take a break from blogging towards the end of semester!  Crazy the amount of work which goes into these assignments, just mental!

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. CONGRATULATIONS EM!! This is amazing and so interesting to read about! I am so happy for you and wish you all the best with your future! Don't you ever let yourself down about what you are doing, it's amazing, keep it up :) xx

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Oh Leta thank you so much!! :) seriously thank you :) I was so proud, still am! Can't wait to do the same thing (and even better hopefully) this semester! Thank you again lovely :) Em xxx


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