Saturday, 27 August 2016

When I Never Asked For An Opinion

I honestly don't know how this post is going to sound.  Well, lets do this then!

I recently had some sizeable changes made to my hair.  I've had my hair coloured in the past, and for a while I've been growing the colour out of my hair!  Also I had been watching MasterChef (such similarities food and cooking hahah) and there was one contestants who was one of my favourites, Mimi.  I loved her cooking and I also loved her hair.  To put it simple, she had shoulder length hair and the end were light.  And I loved it.

Que Emma Googling, Pinteresting, YouTubing, searching for balayage inspiration!  I did find something that I loved but knew I'd never really be able to achieve it on my hair unless I wanted super damage hair and found others which I knew would suit me more!  So an appointment was made and I was looking forward to a change.  And did I get a change!  The style of my hair is practically the same, but it's now lighter and looking a lot more fresh!

The colour is a little different than I anticipated but I love it now!  I did get quite worried when I first saw it in the mirror but now I wouldn't change a thing!

I had a music rehearsal the day after I got it done and after people said hello the first thing they said was "your hair wasn't like that on Thursday!" and I'd explain that I had it done yesterday.  If I got a dollar for the amount of "hmmm doesn't look very natural does it?" type of comments I got, I could have bought a few things from ColourPop!  Yes, I know my hair isn't looking all that natural, not like I didn't see that when I was in the hairdressers!

And some of you may know that I have played the clarinet for quite some time now.  Even though it's been a huge portion of my life, thanks to one music teacher in high school, I have never wanted to pursue music as a career.  And this has disappointed a few people in my life, mainly those who I'm associated with through music.  I didn't want to study music at university, and didn't want to study education to become a teacher and went into design.

I have always loved design, be that architecture, interior design/architecture, furniture design, graphic design, typography, I just just everything to do with design.  When people asked what I was going to be studying at university, I got so many horrified looks.

You're wasting your talent.
You work so well with any aged kid.
My daughter adores having tutoring sessions with you.
You'd be so better suited at music/teaching.
Oh, so when you graduate from interior design you'll go down to the conservatorium of music yeah?
I still can't believe you'd want to study design over music/teaching!
Why bother studying interior design?

The most recent comment which really annoyed me was this:  Please don't tell me you're screwing your career up again?

Essentially, you didn't choose the right career paths of music or teaching and whatever path within the design industry you follow, you're screwing up your career.

This just really pissed me off, to be fully honest with you.

In a recent site visit, we went to an old people's home and were told that if we wanted a solid job to have a look into design for aged care.  I mentioned this to one of the clarinet players and another person overheard and initially they thought I said I was going to ditch interior design and work in aged care, to which I said no and explained what I had originally said.  And then I get the great comment of me screwing up my career again.

It's my future.  That's the thing.

If I could have ignored my music teacher in high school and taken music classes at college, sure probably would have gone into music at university.  But things happened and I am maybe two months away from graduating and becoming a qualified interior designer/architect.

I just never asked for an opinion on any of this.  Yes, I get people have a right to their opinion.  But do I go out and make others feel bad for the decision they've made?  No, I don't.

I just wish people would realise that them trying to make me doubt my career (or hair colour!) is really pushing me more to succeed.  I'm going to just trying and push myself more, to challenge myself and really show people what I've got.  And that no, I have not ruined my future by pursing a career that I love and adore!

I don't really know about this post.  I don't know whether to actually publish it or not either.  If you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to leave them below.

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I think it's brilliant that you have something that you love so much and know you would like a career in. It's also brilliant that you have other interests too. I wasn't gifted with a talent for music (best I can do is the opening lines of Silent Night on a recorder haha) but as far as I know, graduating and pursuing a career in interior design doesn't mean you're not allowed to touch a clarinet ever again ;)

    1. Oh yeah I totally get that! I'm never going to stop playing clarinet haha just annoying when music people won't accept the fact that I'm pursuing interior design and not music! Em xx


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