Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Losing Motivation & 7 Ways To Get It Back

There are going to be points where we just lose motivation.  Motivation to study, motivation to do exercise, motivation to clean the house, sometimes we're just don't have the motivation to complete tasks.

Right now, I have no motivation to complete a report.  I am in my final semester at university and my motivation levels have been at an all time low.  Due to a combination of things, my mood hasn't been the best lately either and I just wish final semester was going to go for a little bit longer so we have more time to do everything!

Losing motivation absolutely sucks to be perfectly blunt.  It can strike at anytime and it's such a horrible feeling.  You can have people telling you to snap out of it but really that doesn't help a lot of the time ad so you're just in this little rut and finding a way out can be oh so difficult!

These tips are kind of around finding motivation to study and finished assignments, but they could be related to finding motivation in other forms as well!

Ask for help, don't do it alone:  Even if the assignment is an individual one, ask someone for their opinion.  Whether it is a family member, someone you go to school with or someone you work with, ask them and see what they think.  Having a fresh and an opinion from someone who has never seen the task before could give you that little spark you need!

Break it down:  If you're feeling overwhelmed with a task, break it down and see what it's asking you to do.  You may have already done this right at the beginning when the assignment was first given out but you wouldn't believe the amount of clarity I've gotten from going back and re-reading an assignment!  Then break down what the task is asking you to do.  I've found that it's better to tackle things in smaller amounts instead of jumping in head first and getting completely frazzled.

Try something new:   Have a look at the task from a different perspective or try a different study method.  For my studio unit, I prominently use a program called ArchiCAD and whenever I'm getting nowhere and my motivation is low, I'll print out the plans and go back to the good pen and paper and physically draw and work things out that way.  In a recent studio assignment, I was stuck with a floor plan and was getting nowhere on ArchiCAD (also the actual building was confusing AF!) so I printed out the plans and sections, laid them out on front of me and was able to make sense of them and come up with a design!

Take a break:  Sometimes you just need to step away from the task for a little while and do something else.  Could be working on another assignment, doing some chores or housework, doing some exercise, just something which allows you to take a break from the assignment.  Going outside, getting some fresh air and having the sun on my skin especially, has really been putting me back into a good mood.  It can get so stuffy inside and just simply going outside can do you so much good!  Just if you're in Australia right now, watch out for magpies and plovers because it's Spring and they're getting a little violent!!

Think how you'll feel after the task:  Looking at the end picture really helps me to get motivated.  I'm graduating at the end of the year and if that isn't enough reason to get back and work through assignment then I don't know what is!  Even just think how you'll feel when you hand the assignment in!

Music:  Oh music, how I would be lost without you!  I love music, think everyone knows this and I am usually always listening to music.  Putting on music that makes me happy, gets me moving and puts me in a good mood, is always a good start for me to get motivated again!  I recently did a post called Five Songs For The Morning and although I said these were songs I play in the morning to get up and ready, I will listen to them at anytime of the day!  Find some funky tunes that you love, pop them in a playlist and press play whenever you need that little pick me up!

Look at motivational quotes:  As Harry Styles once said:  simple, but effective.  Words are so powerful and can really have an influence on how you are feeling.  I will sometimes, when I'm in need of a pick me up, go to Pinterest and search for motivational quotes and yes some can be cheesy but sometimes cheesy is just what you need.  One that I really love, is something that I have really had to remind myself quite a bit recently:
It's a bad day, not a bad life.
Yes, there can are going to be rough patches.  That's just how life goes.  But like it says above:  It's a bad day, not a bad life!

So there are 7 tips that you could use to help get your motivation back!  I really need to use these more often but I hope you're going to be able to find these useful whenever you are lacking a little bit of motivation!

If you have any other ways of getting your motivation back, please let me know in a comment - you never know who might read it and who it might help!

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

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  1. These are some great tips! I know whenever I lose motivation it always helps me to take a tiny break and also to cut myself some slack. I used to put so much pressure on myself but by giving myself a break I find my motivation comes back a lot quicker. Great post! XO -Kim

    1. Thank you so much Kim!! I put too much pressure on myself as well something and definitely having a break helps! Em xx

  2. I always find doing something right when you wake up will help with motivation, you have no time to second guess what your doing!

    1. Oh so true! I'm the same, if I wake up and am ready early in the morning, I get so much more done! Em xx

  3. Such a helpful post, Emma! I've been struggling with motivation a lot recently and it's been a hard month for me. But I think the most important thing is to kick yourself in the butt and do it. All of your tips are so good and I admit that I do several of them to keep myself motivated. Always helps. Especially quotes, haha. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Ah thank you Leta!! I feel ya, it absolutely sucks :/ sometimes just forcing yourself to work yeah giving yourself a kick in the butt is just the little push that you need to get working! :) Em xx

  4. I stumbled upon this at the right now. I've just been really unmotivated lately, and I just carry through the notions. Thanks for the tips! I think the break it down one would help me loads.

    xx, Richel Goes Places

    1. I'm sorry you've been feeling unmotivated :( I hope everything looks up for you soon! Sending some positive vibes your way! Em xx

  5. These are such great tips. I find myself easily losing motivation this year, but I just have to keep reminding myself that life has and is undergoing some changes and I am still adapting to them! I have added new and exciting daily things to keep the motivation going and it really does help. I also took about 2 months worth of blogging breaks and honestly, it was really refreshing. I think more people should take breaks when they need them!

    1. Yeah, I took a break from my blog a while back and I think it'll probably happen again quite soon... Partly due to university and also because if I'm not feeling, I'm just not feeling it and the content I'm publishing won't be too great! And I agree! People definitely need to take breaks when they need them! :) Em xx


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