Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Day On Thursday - Snapchat Fun & Music [08.09.16}

I did a post not that long ago which was a day in the life and really enjoyed it so here is another on!  Except all the photos are from what I posted on Snapchat. ENJOY!

I tried to be enthusiastic on Thursday.  It was going to be a busy day ahead and the amount of work I needed to do was insane so positive thinking right from the get go!  Overall I am trying to live a more positive life.  Negativity is just so draining and I know I won't be able to get away from it all but from the bits that I can, I will! 

I embraced the warm weather and wore a light shirt from Just Jeans.  I absolutely love this shirt, even though people reckon I'm wearing a pyjama top!  My jeans are my usual jeans that I practically LIVE in whenever I leave the house!  They're from Jeans West and I have pretty much worn these jeans for the majority of year...  Even when it was super cold and I should have been wearing full length jeans, I just love these so much!  And my grey Converse on the feet!  I've had these for years, probably over five years and I recently started wearing them again instead of them just chilling in my bedroom!

You'd think that with me having a desk all year I'd be used to having to walk up the 56 steps every time I'm at university...  NOPE!  That last set of steps, ah man FEELING THE BURNNNNNN!

I'm not one for having a full face of makeup but I did love how filter looked!  Although what I didn't love was when one of the architects walked past and I'm there having fun with the filters....  Talk about slightly awkward.

I had competitions coming up later up on the weekend and do you think I could play all the music...?  Nope.  Bar 84 of The Cowboys, literally feel like my fingers are going to break!  Ended up switching between listening to the music I was going to be performing on Saturday and then going through my Tunes playlist on Spotify!  Ellie Goulding is a babe, 100% babe!

This report on rooms for sleeping...  Oh my goodness.  I definitely enjoyed this report compared to the chemicals one but still, some of the reading was very heavy!  I have always be interested in psychology and knowing in more depth how colour and design can affect humans is definitely going to influence how I design in the future!

I needed to go to Launceston College in the early afternoon to practice a friends composition and I'm not the type of person who is late.  I knew what time I needed to be at the college by and I was planning on walking in because why not?  Nice day, nice walk, bit of fresh air - seems like a fab idea.  Well.  I thought I needed to put songs into a playlist on my phone for when I was walking.  I then nearly crashed into a group of masters architect students who were coming back with their lunch..  Thought I'd let them come through the door first.  Last two guys clearly had the same idea as me and there was that awkward "oh you go, no you go" conversation happened.  I went through the door.  Said thanks then nearly headbutted a bee.

Remember what I said about it being a nice day?  Yeah looks were very deceiving.  It was SO WINDY!!  I walked along the river and was getting blown about like I was paper!!  And then I look at the time and saw that I had three minutes to get across town.. Ahhhhh not going to happen!

I have been out of college for five years and this year I have spent so much time there!  I had to get a visitors pass and left the office to go to the music department and was basically there when I realised I had left my clarinet in the office.  Can we just take a moment to think about the exercise I have done today?  Little awkward conversation at the office when I got my clarinet back but I finally got to the music department to work on my friends composition!!

I ended up staying in the music department and say in one of their little practice rooms for the next hour or so until my another music rehearsal.  I went over the music we'd be playing on Saturday and really pushed myself with the solo I'd have to do.  I wanted to be able to play it in one breath so it was seamless but that meant a lot of breath control and I knew my nerves would kick in at the competitions so I had to focus!  And also play around with the filters on Snapchat because the lighting was fab and I'm also really good at procrastinating!!

At the afternoon rehearsal, I was so happy with how my solo went!  My conductor stopped the piece to get everyone "soak in what they just heard" and then made me to the solo again.  No pressure.....  I ended up getting the giggles at the end because my conductor help the pause for a long time and I ran out of air!!

And this is where the snaps stopped!  I got home, had some dinner, worked on my report and went to sleep!  Such a fun evening......

I'm being more active on Snapchat so if you want to see what I get up to feel free to add me!  I'm over at emmurray514 ;) you won't regret it because I can be rly funny sometimes! 

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Looks like you had a super busy day!


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