Wednesday, 2 November 2016

October Instagram Diary & Roundup

And another month has been and gone.  And now we're in November!  It's crazy (and scary) to think that 2016 is nearly over...  And then we have 2017.  Ok I am going to stop myself!

This post isn't going to be very long, mainly because I don't want to talk about uni hahahah and basically October was the month for uni!

Yep so uni.  So much uni.  All of the uni really.  I had two assignments to hand in on the same day, one was worth 50% and the other 70% and they were massive.  The day the assignments were due, I didn't go to bed til 5am and woke up at 7am and continued working.  I find I can work and function on very little sleep, which is handy but really it isn't the best thing for my body.

I don't become the healthiest person when it's nearing the end of semester.  Lack of sleep, food, rest, breaks, just doesn't happen.  Probably over the last 2 weeks before submission I got maybe 16 hours sleep.  I'd wake up around 7am and just work all through the day until I got tired, my eyes started hurting or when the work I was doing was horrible.  Then I'd pack everything up, get into my pjs and within minutes I would be asleep.  And then wake up a few hours later and do it all over again!

So we have lack of sleep happening and then we get to food and drink.  I really don't know how to word this other than while I did eat and drink, it was hardly enough, hardly, hardly enough.  I'd make sure to have breakfast and tea with the family but I would just work through the day and sip on water, powerade or some type of warm drink.

Not healthy, I know trust me.  I payed for it.  I lost weight over the last few days before submission and thankfully it has mostly returned!  After I submitted the assignments, I crashed.  Both mentally and physically.  The amount of tears shed were insane.  And I'm so thankful dad was here because hugs were definitely needed.

I get so invested in assignments, and I just want to do well and it's a mixture of emotions when you submit assignments.  Relief and joy that they're over but also dread, anger and nerves that I'd done something wrong.  Leading up to submission I cried to much.  I put so much pressure on myself and didn't want to fail.  It's one thing to fail an assignment or unit but potentially failing right when you're meant to graduate, one of the worst feelings I have experienced while being at uni.  I got so caught up on a distinction average that my mind convinced itself that anything less than a distinction was a fail.  My incredibly stupid and annoying mind.  So I was producing work that was actually pretty good but in my head, I had just convinced myself that I was going to fail so hello all of the tears.  Wasn't a fun time.

So when I submitted, I cried.  Hugged dad, cried some more, had some water, cried, rang up mum, cried, kept crying, probably went to the loo, cried, said I wanted to nap, cried, napped.  Many tears, lots of napping, lots of hugs and more tears.  That was Friday afternoon.  I slept from 5pm to whenever tea was ready, had tea, and crashed again and woke up a bit before midnight and went to bed.  My family didn't wake me up til around 11am, partly because I wouldn't wake up but also because if I continued to sleep, I wouldn't fall asleep later that night.  And during Saturday, I cried some more, and spend a lot of the day curled up on the couch.

So as you can see, end of semester is such a fun time for me!  And I've also written a lot more than I intended on!

There are so many things I would change, if I ever got to do university all over again.  Sooo many things!  But I think I might talk about that in another post, might be interesting and help other people out!
Prepare yourself for probably the least amount of photos I've posted on Instagram ever.

~ Doggies win the final! ~ No was my word of the day ~ Sunday morning outing ~ A gorgeous day to be stuck inside ~ Final presentation! ~

See told you ;) 


And again, suuuuuuuper productive month..... 

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

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