Sunday, 13 November 2016

TAG: Get To Know Me!

Whether you've been reading my blog for a few years or only just stumbled upon my little corner on the internet, I wanted to do the Get To Know Me tag so you could all know a few more facts about me!

There are quite a few questions and I've tried to keep my answers short so we're not here for a few hours hahaha

What is your middle name?  I have two middle names, Maria and Daisy.

What was favourite subject at school?  Ah maaaan, I'm going to do one subject each for high school, college and then university.  High school would be psychology, studied that in grade 10.  College would be a tie between sociology, photography and housing and design (I can't decide)!!  And the textiles units I did at university were my all time favourite!

What is your favourite drink?  I don't drink alcohol so either a mocha or a juice of some sort!  Watermelon and pineapple is my fave combo!

What is your favourite song at the moment?  This is hard.  Because I have so many!  Hurts by Emeli Sandé, such a powerful track!  I'm going to have to do a post on my favourite tunes soon!
What is your favourite food?  Favourite single food would be mushrooms.  Love me some mushrooms and add tomatoes, spinach and sweet potato to that and I am very happy!

What is the last thing you bought?  A dress from Jeanswest, which I'll be wearing to my graduation ceremony!
Favorite book of all time?  Other than the Harry Potter series, I really enjoyed The Book Thief.  And Binge, and A Work In Progress...
Favourite Colour?  Green!  I don't wear green but it's still my favourite colour!
Do you have any pets?  Do chickens and a rooster count?

Favuorite Perfume?  I don't wear perfume all that often but I'll either use Elizabeth Ardens (_) or That Moment, from One Direction.
Favourite Holiday?  I don't really go on holidays....  I went to Sydney recently and really enjoyed my short time there so I'll say when I went to Sydney!
Are you married?  HAhahahahahahha nope.

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?  Nope, never been out of Australia :( will happen one day!
Do you speak any other language?  I speak English and used to be able to speak a mixture of Polish and Croatian when I was little but not anymore.  Can say a few words but I would like to learn how to speak those languages again.
How many siblings do you have?  I have one older brother.  He's pretty cool!
What is your favourite shop?  What type of shop are we talking??!  Clothing would be either Jeanswest or Sportsgirl at the moment!  I haven't done that much shopping recently so I don't have any other favourites :/ 

Favourite restaurant?  There is a Chinese place that my family has recently been getting meals from and omg yuuuuuum.  Think it's called Canton, and their fried rice is the best!
When was the last time you cried?  Last week.....  Many times, all the tears have been shed thanks to end of semester stress!
Favourite Blog?  I have so many!  But currently, Hannah Maggs, loving her content right now!
Favourite Movie?  Other than Harry Potter and any movie from Marvel, recently I watched The Hundred-Foot Journey and absolutely loved it!

Favourite TV shows?  Scream Queens.  I am obsessed with Scream Queens!
PC or Mac?  Mac, although I do still use my PC desktop!
What phone do you have?  I have an iPhone 6s!
How tall are you?  That's a really good question, tall enough hahaha
Can you cook?  Yes and no.  I hate boiling the water for spaghetti and hate when things spit at me when I'm cooking so I'm a bit hesitant with certain things but I can cook!  I love baking and also vegetables, just gimmee all the veggies and I'm happy!

And there we have some random facts about me!  I wasn't tagged by anyone to do this and if you want to do the tag and answer the questions yourself please let me know, I'd love to get to know you all a bit better!  Or answer some of the questions in the comments below!  Always loved reading your comments and seeing what you guys have to say! 

Until next time, keep smiling :)   Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x 


  1. This is so lovely! Love getting to know bloggers behind blogs. Harry Potter for the win, haha. Also, I'd love to see the post with your favourite tunes :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Thanks girl! Yeah these are some of my favourite types of posts to read! Harry Potter for the winnnn!!! ;) Em xx


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