Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The First Month - January Instagram Diary & Monthly Roundup

2017 you are already going through way too quickly!  How is the first month of January already over??!

I asked whether you wanted me to continue on with this post and the response I got was a yes, so we're back!  I've been doing this type of post for a year, can't believe I kept it up to be honest!  Granted, on a few occasions it was a touch late but sometimes you have to be consistent with being late on blog posts......  Or is this me just trying to cover myself for last year hahaha probably that!

I'm going to be honest, January has been muddled.  A mixture of a good and bad muddled.  This is the first time ever that I've never had a new semester waiting for me.

I graduated last year and have a newly framed piece of paper saying I've got myself a degree.  And now?  Well now I am currently an unemployed stay at home daughter.  Bit of a mouthful.  I know this year, I don't want to go back and study further and honestly I don't see myself doing honors next year.  Maybe I'll do another degree entirely next year or later on in life but who knows?

So it's weird knowing that I won't be going back to a form of education this year.  Very weird.  I remember sitting on the floor in class when I was in Grade 6 and thinking wow I'm about to finish primary school, never thought this day would happen.  And now eleven years later I've completed university and ready to start the next chapter of my life.

Ah but to be twelve years old again.  Some day, I really wish I was a kid again.

Not that long ago, I had a full week of music!  There is a performing arts summer school which I have participated in since it first began and absolutely love it!  Granted my lip is busted by the end but it's always a really fun week!  Music has provided me with so many opportunities and in something I am truly grateful for!  Although I didn't get to work with the younger musicians playing with the advanced musical folk was just as fun!  Even if we did have to play Frozen and I was the butt of everyone's Frozen jokes for the entire week!

While we were able to play some incredible pieces of music, something which I enjoyed the most was the one thing which scared me for the majority of the week.  All the clarinets would be having a one on one lesson with a guy called James*.  Now James is an insanely talented clarinet player, I mean he is incredible.  And for a long time I was terrified of him.  And he would be taking the one on one lessons.  So I waited all week for the lesson and worked myself up about it thinking it would go terribly but when mine finally came around, I wish I could have spent more time with him!  He's a wealth of knowledge in all things clarinet and I do wish he could have been my tutor growing up!  I've got new mouthpieces and reeds to look at but I really didn't need to worry about the lesson!

Apart from music, my January was pretty quiet.  I kept to my daily routine, recently applied for some jobs and I'll be starting to make my portfolio for when I apply for jobs in design firms.  I am a little daunted about starting my portfolio but it's going to be like the one on one lesson, something I was dreading but something that I'll enjoy!

A new year of posting photos on Instagram..  And I'll posting from from Adelaide still because they're just too pretty!  I have recently done a lot of unfollowing on social media and it's something I might talk about in a future post but honestly it's been such a good thing.

If you want to follow me on Instagram, you totally should!  I'm super friendly and am over at @emmadaisy___ !! ;)

 ~ 2016 goodies ~ Studio reminder but a gorgeous little home ~
 ~ Loving the tourist life ~ Beach dreaming with Alannah ~
 ~ Thursday scrolling ~ "Summer" ~
 ~ Annual week of music done ~ Sunday cute car day ~
 ~ Oh look another photo from Adelaide ~ All about that healthy lifestyle ~

First month back on emmadaisy and I have been loving it!  I've still got the same template but am really looking around for a new template, don't get me wrong I love this one and it's served me well but I am just looking for a change.  Change is good.  Keeping things fresh and I can't wait to find that new template which works for me!

I do have a question, and I'm hoping you lovely people reading this will be able to help me out on this.  I want to know what you would like to see on emmadaisy.  Whether you have topics you'd like me to talk about or a type of post you'd like me to try my hand at, please (!) let me know down in the comments!

And also any general bits of constructive criticism which you may have for my blog!  Give us a comment!

And there we have my first Instagram Diary & Monthly Roundup!  Hope you enjoyed it and I hope your January has been an amazing one and I can't wait to see what February and the rest of the year brings to all of us!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Monday, 30 January 2017

Adelaide 2016 - A Visual Diary

Last year, I went to Adelaide for the first time.  I also flew on a plane by myself for the first time as well so there is another first.  But more importantly, I would be seeing my best friend Alannah, and also Matt, who I hadn't seen in nearly two years.  It was a well (well) overdue catch up, believe me!

I took hundreds and hundreds of photos in the two weeks while I was there and it was quite daunting having to sort through them all and decide which ones to pop into this visual diary!  Adelaide is such a stunning place and I've fallen more in love with beaches and being by the water, it's just so relaxing!  I've picked my favourites and hope you don't mind a bit of photo overload! 


Up in the air with an incredible book!  Read nearly half of it while flying to Adelaide!!

The gorgeous Hahndorf!  Such a cute place and unintentionally matching with Alannah!

Incredible views from Mt Lofty!

Morning looking around Bowerbird and the one of many beaches and beach visits!

Road trip to Sellicks Beach!

The first day of summer called for waking up to see the sun rise!  And then a visit to the beach to watch the sun set! 

My fave pal Alannah!!

Seacliff Beach featuring Matt and Alannah!

And then a trip to Victor Harbor and then Granite Island Recreation Park.

What's that?  More gorgeous sunsets?  You got it!

Evening time in Henley!  Cocolat time and Henley Square, such a lively place as the sun goes down!

Last day and the last beach visit :(

Back to my Island Home...

Adelaide and really South Australia is such a beautiful place!  I've been to Melbourne a few times and Sydney before but I felt more comfortable in Adelaide.  Having grown up in Launceston, Adelaide felt like a busier version of home and I didn't want to leave!!

To Matt and Alannah...  Thank you for letting me sleep on your couch/beds!  And look after me!  I had the best time and want to come back!!!  And sorry for getting a blister on my second day and acting like it was the worst thing ever known to man ;)

Has anyone been to Adelaide or is from Adelaide?  Let me know because I'm coming back hopefully sooner rather than later!!  Also, I was thinking of doing a chatty post on my time in Adelaide, so would include funny stories, snapchat moments and just more Adelaide adventures!  Let me know if you want to see that!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Friday, 27 January 2017

My Little Nail Polish Collection

Something that people will usually comment on about me is my hands, specifically my fingers and nails.  I have piano fingers and my nails are quite long!  A lot of people think I have false nails but then they're pleasantly surprised when they see they're all natural!

I have previously published posts on nail polishes in the past but wanted to do one on my whole collection.  Now I've seen other people's collections where they have soooo many polishes and mine is the complete opposite!  I have a pretty small collection, I've never had a huge one and I think this works perfectly for me.  I know I'd get overwhelmed with too many options and I'd would forget about what I've actually got, so you'd have probably gorgeous polishes pushed to the back which isn't a good thing!

Something that people will usually comment on about me is my hands, specifically my fingers and nails.  I have piano fingers and my nails are quite long!  A lot of people think I have false nails but then they're pleasantly surprised when they see they're all natural!

I have previously published posts on nail polishes in the past but wanted to do one on my whole collection.  Now I've seen other people's collections where they have soooo many polishes and mine is the complete opposite!  I have a pretty small collection, I've never had a huge nail polish collection but it was recently reduced because I just had ones which I wasn't using and they were taking up space so they are no more!

I've sorted them by brand and then into colour categories to make things simple and you'll be able to see just how diverse my collection is ;)

Australis 51098 Milky Way.  Just as the name suggests, if you think of the Milky Way and think of this made into a nail polish this is it!  It's an off white polish with tiny and larger pieces of glitter throughout!  Super cute!

Maybelline 241 Sun Flare.  I bought this in a sale at Target I think and was just drawn to the colour.  It is a super bright peachy neon shade and once dry has a shiny finish.
Maybelline 342 Coral Craze.   Again a super bright shade but in coral and this is such a good one for the warmer months in general but I'm that person who would wear it all through the year!

Maybelline 150 Mauve Kiss.  This is a nude brown with hints of a muted purple.  Probably not the best description but I love this one!  This is one that I'll use when I want a no fuss nail polish which isn't in your face but still looks pretty!
Maybelline 228 Tan Lines.   Going to put it out there, this is my favourite out of all that I have in the collection.  As you can see it is the one that I reach for most often and it goes with whatever look I have on and is perfect for anytime of the year!  It's a gorgeous shimmery nude and depending on how many coats you apply depends on how intense it'll be.

Revlon 120 Hushed Blush.  A gorgeous soft nude pink which I honestly do not wear enough!!  I think this will be my next nail colour!  You can check out a post I did on this polish here!
Revlon 141 Angelic.  I wore this to my Graduation Ceremony last year and it's a pearly pale pink and really quite subtle with one coat but with more the colour becomes a lot more solid and defined.  It's not my usual shade to wear on my nails but I felt like something different for my graduation but also something that would go with the bright pink sash we got to wear!
Revlon 705 Gray Suede.  This is my perfect nude.  A mix of a taupe with a slight pink to it, this compliments my skin tone perfectly and is a dream to apply!  It's an extremely wearable polish and I'm very glad it's in my little collection!

I have a post here on a nail combo which I absolutely adore, a Nude Shimmery Nail Combo which uses both Grey Suede and Tan Lines and it is absolutely gorgeous!

Revlon 044 Orient Express.  I am so excited about this one!  I've got in on currently and I am obsessed!  I don't know why I didn't crack out the red nails for Christmas because this would have been perfect!  It's a nice shimmery red with a touch of pink and it applies so well!  You only need one coat with this for a solid finish and adding a coat top just gives it that extra little shimmer!
Revlon 680 Revlon Red.  An extremely gorgeous and vibrant red!  I haven't worn this one in a while and like Orient Express would have been perfect for the festive season!
Revlon 863 Ruby Ribbon.  This one is a goodie!  As much as I love a good shimmer or glossy finish, I never realised my love for a matte finish until I had this!  It's a reddish plum colour and does have a slight shimmer to it but the matte finish!!  Ah my goodness!!  I remember wearing this to uni once and it became the topic of discussion!

Revlon 440 Siren.  I've described this in a previous post, check it out here, as a very bright juicy orange and I'll always get compliments when I wear this one!  Perfect for the warmer months but you know me, I will wear this no matter the season!

Revlon 761 Scandalous.  I don't wear this one enough to be honest.  It's got a black base with bits of purple glitter running through it and does pack a punch to be a statement nail polish when you apply more than one coat!  Because of the glitter running through it, if you don't like the texture you'd need to put on a few top coats so it wouldn't bother you.
Revlon 919 Black Lingerie.   I'm reasonably pale and this one is definitely a contrast against my skin!  It's black, very black and I'd suggest going for more than one coat is you want a solid finish.

Revlon Base + Top Coat.  I'm not going to say I use this each time I do my nail because honestly I don't.  Not because I don't like the product but I find when I use it, when I put the actual polish over the top I can't get it to look like I normally would without the base coat.  Now that is all my doing because it would come back down to my application skills!  I'm also really bad at remembering to put a top coat on, something which I need to work on because it just gives the polish an extra bit of strength so stay put!

And so there you have it, my little nail polish collection!  I do really love Revlon and Maybelline for nails as you can probably tell!

Hope you liked this post!  Do you see any here that you'd love to have in your collection?

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A List Of Reasons Why You Should Make Lists

Lists are great.  I am a huge lover of lists.

Personally, whenever I make myself lists I find that I'm more productive, am less stressed and am able to make my way through what I need to do more efficiently than what I would have if I didn't have the list in the first place!  Especially when I was at university, lists were a huge help for me!

And so what better way to let you all know how great lists are by have a list of reasons about it!  It's like list inception.....

1.  Organisation.  I'm sure everyone loves to be organised, or they wish they were more organised.  I'm exactly the same, I love to be organised and I find my mind is muddled if I'm not.  Especially now that I'm home and not studying, days can be long you can fall into the routine of watching every YouTube video that gets recommended to you and when you look back at your day you haven't achieved anything.

2.  Satisfaction.  One of the best thing about making lists and then working your way through that list is seeing everything that you've achieved.  Doesn't matter how big or small the task, seeing that you've completed it is a great feeling!  Now you're able to watch that movie or meet up with friends and fam!  Or write blog posts, play The Sims 3/4 which is what I'll be doing once the ironing is done!!

3.  Efficiency.  Knowing what you have to do and what each task involves make me personally work more efficiently.  You could even (if you want to challenge yourself) put how long it should take you to complete that task so you stick to it and not waste time!  I normally just say I want everything to be done my a certain time, for example everything to be completed before everyone starts to come home!

4.  Free Time.  Last night I made myself a list of everything I needed to have done today and by 11am I had crossed off everything bar the ironing.  I was pretty impressed with myself and while I've still got ironing to do, I have the rest of the day to myself.  Having your list prepared the night before or writing down everything once you get up and am having breakfast gives you that motivation to get started on everything on your list!  And then look at all that free time you have!!!

5.  Structure.  Lists are great for structure.  Especially if your days and nights are blending together and you feel like the day is just getting away from you, a list can give your day structure.  And generally the structure of lists; they're so simple.  Anyone can understand a list and that's a great thing about them.  They're not complicated and it's never a chore having to write one up because it doesn't really require that much effort!

6.  Priorities.  I've found that with lists you are able to prioritise what is important.  And this for me really came into effect when I was studying.  I would write down everything I needed to do and then I'd make other lists which would concern the first initial list.  I'd then see what had to be done to complete the tasks and then would know which ones held a higher priority and which ones didn't need to be addressed right away.

Depending on how you like to operate you can either physically write everything down or find an app or program which you prefer to use.  I do a mixture of both.  I like to physically write down what I want and then cross them out but I also use an app called Wunderlist.  I've got this on my phone and also my laptop and they're both synced so everything is up to date!

I like to write blog post ideas on Wunderlist and did the shopping list on there one day with mum when we had a spur of the moment supermarket shop!  I mentioned Wunderlist in a post here if you want to check it out!

So there are some reasons why you should make lists.  Lists can apply for any part of your life, whether it's personal, work related, blog related.  They can be daily lists, weekly, monthly, the list is endless!

I feel like I've written list too many times hahah!!

And now I can cross of another thing of my list of things to do!  Ahhh all the productivity!

Let me know if you're a lover of lists as well!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Monday, 23 January 2017

A Positive Start To The New Week

Today is Monday.  For me this is the start of a new week.  Time to start afresh, start the week off as you want the rest of the week to follow.

Embrace Monday.

I've said this before in a previous post that people give Monday a hard time and I still think this is true.  The weekend is over, fun and sleep ins are over and it's back to work or school.  But we have a brand new week!  New adventures, new opportunities - and that is exciting!

Now that I'm no longer a student, I don't have to deal with 9am lectures on a Monday which is both a good and bad thing.  I find that I don't want to sleep in anymore on weekdays and would much rather be up and dressed and ready to smash the day out instead of wasting time.  But then on the other hand, because I don't have anywhere to be I'll fall into the trap of getting sucked into my laptop and then a sizeable chunk of the day is gone!!

Currently I have been up since 5:30am.  Yes you heard that correctly.  5:30.  On a Monday, and I don't even have a job to get to!  I'm listening to the radio actually.  My musical friend Jasmine and myself are trying to win tickets to an Ed Sheeran gig and if that means waking up quite early to be prepared that's what we'll do!

I think it's going to be interesting how the rest of my day goes once we've done the entering.  But that's the challenge isn't it?  Embrace the day no matter what has happened and make the most of the day!

I am a big lover of lists and have daily ones which I like to try and complete.  Sometimes I'm a little ambitious but giving yourself a little challenge is always a good thing!  Whether its household things that need to be done or if you want to bake or do some exercise, write it down and then take pride in ticking it off!

That is such a satisfying thing, at the end of the day seeing everything, not matter the size of what you have achieved in the day!!

So I'm starting my Monday off a little differently (ah the hours we wake up to try and win tickets!!) but I am still going to have a productive one!  Items have been ticked off my list already and I'm hoping the rest of the day is a good one!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x