Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A List Of Reasons Why You Should Make Lists

Lists are great.  I am a huge lover of lists.

Personally, whenever I make myself lists I find that I'm more productive, am less stressed and am able to make my way through what I need to do more efficiently than what I would have if I didn't have the list in the first place!  Especially when I was at university, lists were a huge help for me!

And so what better way to let you all know how great lists are by have a list of reasons about it!  It's like list inception.....

1.  Organisation.  I'm sure everyone loves to be organised, or they wish they were more organised.  I'm exactly the same, I love to be organised and I find my mind is muddled if I'm not.  Especially now that I'm home and not studying, days can be long you can fall into the routine of watching every YouTube video that gets recommended to you and when you look back at your day you haven't achieved anything.

2.  Satisfaction.  One of the best thing about making lists and then working your way through that list is seeing everything that you've achieved.  Doesn't matter how big or small the task, seeing that you've completed it is a great feeling!  Now you're able to watch that movie or meet up with friends and fam!  Or write blog posts, play The Sims 3/4 which is what I'll be doing once the ironing is done!!

3.  Efficiency.  Knowing what you have to do and what each task involves make me personally work more efficiently.  You could even (if you want to challenge yourself) put how long it should take you to complete that task so you stick to it and not waste time!  I normally just say I want everything to be done my a certain time, for example everything to be completed before everyone starts to come home!

4.  Free Time.  Last night I made myself a list of everything I needed to have done today and by 11am I had crossed off everything bar the ironing.  I was pretty impressed with myself and while I've still got ironing to do, I have the rest of the day to myself.  Having your list prepared the night before or writing down everything once you get up and am having breakfast gives you that motivation to get started on everything on your list!  And then look at all that free time you have!!!

5.  Structure.  Lists are great for structure.  Especially if your days and nights are blending together and you feel like the day is just getting away from you, a list can give your day structure.  And generally the structure of lists; they're so simple.  Anyone can understand a list and that's a great thing about them.  They're not complicated and it's never a chore having to write one up because it doesn't really require that much effort!

6.  Priorities.  I've found that with lists you are able to prioritise what is important.  And this for me really came into effect when I was studying.  I would write down everything I needed to do and then I'd make other lists which would concern the first initial list.  I'd then see what had to be done to complete the tasks and then would know which ones held a higher priority and which ones didn't need to be addressed right away.

Depending on how you like to operate you can either physically write everything down or find an app or program which you prefer to use.  I do a mixture of both.  I like to physically write down what I want and then cross them out but I also use an app called Wunderlist.  I've got this on my phone and also my laptop and they're both synced so everything is up to date!

I like to write blog post ideas on Wunderlist and did the shopping list on there one day with mum when we had a spur of the moment supermarket shop!  I mentioned Wunderlist in a post here if you want to check it out!

So there are some reasons why you should make lists.  Lists can apply for any part of your life, whether it's personal, work related, blog related.  They can be daily lists, weekly, monthly, the list is endless!

I feel like I've written list too many times hahah!!

And now I can cross of another thing of my list of things to do!  Ahhh all the productivity!

Let me know if you're a lover of lists as well!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. This is great, Emma. I absolutely love lists! Don't know what I would do without lists, to be honest. Lose my head, probably! Haha. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. Nowadays I would be so lost without some form of list!! One of the un-sung heroes of my life hahaha Em xx

  2. I am with you, Em. I adore lists and they make me more productive which is always a bonus. The satisfaction is real once you get to do that check or crossing out part, haha :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Ah tell me about! I feel so proud of myself when I get everything crossed off a list!! Em xx

  3. I LOVE lists so much, it helps me so much being able to write everything down and clear my head! Love your blog by the way!xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. I agree so much! Getting everything out from your mind onto paper is such a simple thing but helps so much! And yay thank you!!! Em xx


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