Monday, 6 February 2017

January Top Five

Quite a popular post and video is a favourites one and while I love reading and watching them I don't go through that much stuff that can let me do a favourites post.  So I've narrowed it down to five things that I've been loving over the month of January!

Canva - I was introduced to this site through the lovely girls over at HALE in a post where they spoke of their essential blogging tools.  I had never heard of Canva before and checked it out right after I read their post and immediately saved it to my blogging folder on my laptop!  It is incredible!  Really easy to use and there are SO MANY OPTIONS!!  Literally, when I first went through it, I saw you are spoilt for choice!  You can create graphics for blog headers, Pinterest photos, Twitter headers, YouTube thumbnails, blog graphics - seriously, very good resource!  And you can get it on your phone as well, so if you need to create something on there you're not stuck to only using your laptop!

Orient Express - While I love a nail polish which is neutral and doesn't draw attention to my nails, I adore this one!  A gorgeous shimmery red with hints of pink, would have been great for the festive season!  It really compliments my skin tone no matter how tan or pale my hands are and the coverage is incredible!  I only needed one coat and I had a solid finish and this is great for me as somedays I don't have the patience to wait for my nails to dry and then do another coat!  So winner and a definite favourite for me!!

Peking Duk - Out of the 9 tunes I listed in my 9 Current Favourites Tunes post, these guys were featured 3 times!  I am a new fan of theirs and they have just a nice sound which is so easy to listen too!  Stranger is my current favourite of theirs, and they are on my list of people who I'd love to see live!

Iced Coffee - Now iced coffee isn't anything groundbreaking but for the warm summer days we've been having, this is just the best!  I don't make fancy ones like you'd see in cafes but they are delicious nonetheless!  I just pop some coffee in a cup, pour in a bit of warm water and mix it around so the coffee is all dissolved, then fill the majority of the cup up with milk and then top off with some ice cubes - very simple but effective and yummy!

Grand Designs - I've watched this program for years and do hope I can one day meet Kevin McCloud because!  I adore the show and being a person who loves everything design it was great when I was studying at university because I could just watch the show and say I was "looking for inspiration" and kind of get away with it!  Did get a few ideas from Grand Designs, so it did work out well!  As cliche as it sounds, I love seeing people have a dream and for that dream to become a reality, it's just one of the best things to see!  Also I get such home envy and wish I had the money to be able to build my dream home!!

These posts will either appear at the end of the month or somewhere at the start of the month after, depending on how organised I am!

What has been that one thing you can't get enough of during January?

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Love this type of post! Canva sounds like such a useful little app. xx

    Lucy x |

    1. It's so good! Changed how I got about photography for blogging! Highly recommend! Em xx

  2. Love the idea of these posts! I love using Canva. It's my go to app/website when it comes to creating graphics. Also, I adore iced coffee, it's been a long time since I had one. I might need to make one tomorrow. Not sure if it would be okay for my sore throat, haha...

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Yay!! So happy you liked this!! Now that I know about Canva, I am obsessed! Wish I knew about it sooner!!! Hope you're feeling better soon! Em xx


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