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My Tips & Advice For University/College/School

For many people who live in the Southern Hemisphere, the start of the new school year has just started or they've been back for a little bit and if you live on the other side of this wonderful world, you'll already be back into the swing of school life!

I have finished my school days, hopefully.  Probably, unless I decide to go back to universityBut in 2016 I graduated from university and it was probably one of my greatest achievements to date.  I started university when I was 18 years old and graduated when I was 23 and have grown quite a bit from the whole experience.

So in no particular order, here we go!! 

  • Be good at primary school, be good at high school, be good at college and finally be good at university.  Really just makes life so much easier.
  • If you're lucky enough to attend Hogwarts, just prepare yourself honestly.  You just never know with that place!
  • Always remember to document when you're studying because did it really happen if you didn't Instagram/Snapchat it?

Ok enough silliness and onto the serious advice!

Stay focused right from the first day.  Yeah, you've just had a lovely time on holiday and you're probably over school before it's even started!  But coming into the start of a semester with a holiday brain, isn't going to help you sadly (sad face!).  So just try your hardest to switch out of holiday mode as soon as you can!  Granted in my last semester, I found it difficult to get back into the swing of things but the sooner you can 

Don't leave assignments to the last minute.  Seriously, it's just not worth it! I'll be honest, I left so many assignments til the last minute.  And my grades would reflect that.  Making a start just as you get the assignment can save you a lot of hassle in the long run!  And the stress of leaving assignments late, far out that is the worst type of stress and something which is completely avoidable!

Go to your lectures/tutorials.  Your lectures may be recorded so you can listen to them later but the amount of times recordings have messed up, the end of lectures being cut off, it's just easier to get up and get yourself to that lecture!  And tutorials, you can't really catch up on tutorials.  Especially if you're having discussions, tutorials are valuable!

Have a calendar/planner/anything to help with organisation!  Whether it is a physical diary or an electronic one, get yourself a diary!  Knowing when your assignments are due, what else is happening and seeing how the semester is traveling, it's really good to be able to visualise this!  I really loved the diary I had last year, super bright and just what I needed!

Ask questions.  The academic staff are there to help you and although it may seem like a silly question, it's better to ask it than not.  You never know, someone may have had the same question and it could clarify a topic for a heap of people!

Failure can be a blessing in disguise.  From personal experience, trust me on this.  At the time it genuinely feels like the worst thing ever and it does but repeating units or assignments allowed me to have a deeper understanding and I think it worked out for the best!  Remember to learn from your mistakes!

Remember to have a break.  Breaks are sosososososoososoosoooooo important.  Spelling is as well but we'll make an exception here!  Studying to achieve your best is really important but taking time to yourself to sleep, rest and regain energy is vital.  Now I know I can't talk because towards the end of semester I hardly sleep, eat or step away from my laptop and we all know how that ended!  Whether you treat yourself to a movie, a relaxing bath or have a few extra hours sleep, you need to have time to rejuvenate!

Back everything up, in multiple places.  I cannot stress this enough!  There got to a point at my university where extensions would be granted if you lost your work.  First time it happens should really be the last, harsh but true.  It's a hard lesson to learn, and it really sucks but when you save your work all over the place you'll be thanking yourself!

Find which study method works for you.  This is going to differ for everyone, so it might take some trial and error.  You might find studying to soft classical music helps or studying in the sun helps!  I will suggest not studying on your bed!  Try to differentiate spaces between a study space and a sleeping space because studying in bed can seem great at first but then can easily turn into getting back under the covers and having a cheeky nap!

Bit of a mini essay hey hahaha oh another tip, probably get ready to read a lot and write many essays!  I knew I'd have to read texts at university but I didn't know to what extent I'd be reading!  History readings, technical manuals, ah good thing I like reading!!

If you're starting a new year off at university, college or high school, I wish you the best of luck!

As crappy as it can seem, your schooling years can provide you with some of the best moments in your life!  Trust me, I know.  I've experienced the best and worst of university and got through it!!  One of the proudest moments of my life!!

What's the best piece of advice you've been given or have given for school? 

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Some fab tips here. I'm in my second year of uni now and trying me best to stick to these. Asking lecturers questions is something I suck at but I'm getting better at it!xx

    Lucy x |

    1. Thank you Lucy!! Oh I was the exact same all through school but towards the end I just asked questions and it was so good! Em xx

  2. All of these tips you just gave are perfect for any kind of learning! I am in uni right now and boy was I not prepared for the amount of reading and essay writing I would need to do. Staying up to date with tasks, not leaving things for the last minute and taking breaks are essential for me. Tho I still struggle with the last minute thing, haha :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. So many people at my uni were shocked with how much reading they'd have to do as well! I was lucky because I liked reading so I'd get through everything with minimal problems hahaha Em xx


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