Friday, 31 March 2017

Feels Like Summer - March Instagram Diary & Roundup

I think the summer we kind of missed out on is making an appearance and it's confusing me!  And then when you think we're truly started acting like autumn the weather crack out with beautiful warm sunshine!  It makes outfits difficult as it's one season in the morning then the complete opposite in the afternoon!

I love the warmer months but also autumn is my absolute favourite season - I love everything about it so kind of want to see the changing of leaves and start to crack out the cosy clothes!!

Although I would be so happy if it snows in winter and for me to actually be able to experience it!  It snowed two years back at my house but I was at uni.  And it snowed in town but my uni building was on the other side of town so we didn't get any snow :/

March has really reinforced how important family is.  And also appreciating what we have, people, material things, just appreciating everything but it isn't going to be there forever.

From a young age I've always had this instilled in me to appreciate what I have and I think now that I'm older and able to understand more than what I did as a child, it's even more

This month my hair had some TLC and I got a bit of a chop!  I'd been wanting to do this for a while as my hair was getting quite long and a change was in order!  I am loving the new length and my goodness the little ponytail I get when I pull it back!  CUTE!  I don't think my hair has been this short since high school but I am loving this fresh hair feel!

I also want to give a shout out to my bestie Alannah.  Thank you for keeping me going this month and giving me the kick up the butt and nagging me to get on and do everything I need to be doing with my resume and all that fun stuff!  Even though she lives two flights away and in a slightly different time zone to me she still gives me encouragement and support to go and achieve my goals.  So a massive thank you to you Alannah and I can't wait to get back to Adelaide!!! xxx

I genuinely never know what to write here.  I've gotten more into using Instagram Stories so if you're not following me and want to see what I post on there just head over to my account < @emmadaisy___ > !!

As you'll see below I posted a photo of me with my brand new hair and for the first time ever from posting a selfie I was thinking "oh man what if someone doesn't like it and comments?" and I was genuinely worried that I was going to negative comments over a haircut.  I found it odd and in the moments when I had these thoughts they passed and I was thinking nope I look great!  I don't know it was so weird. 

~ A hot autumn ~ Big brothers birthday ~ Cute frog after an emotional week ~
~ Cosy days ~ Trying to make my breakfast appealing ~ Just a sunflower ~
~ NEW HAIR ~ Succulent still going strong ~ Tea, 80 tunes and muddled weather ~

Probably the coolest thing that's happened on emmadaisy has been the new look?  Do you like it?  I love it and am so happy with how it's all turned out!  Don't get me wrong, the old them was an iconic one for me because I never thought I'd be able to install a template on my own, let alone have it work but that template was such an important one for me.
And now I'm excited for this new look emmadaisy!  Same gal just behind a different facade!

Another month of 2017 done!  How

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

March Top Five

I've looked forward to this post quite a bit this month!  So much that I accidentally published it even before I'd taken photo and edited it all!  Bit of a huge opps moment for me!

I feel like March has been a good month for the Top Five!  Ed Sheeran is in there so you know it's going to be good!  And also we have some apps coming in, which I am also loving!

Ed Sheeran - HE IS BACK AND I LOVE IT AND I DON'T KNOW WHY I HAVEN'T SPOKEN OUT THIS SOONER!  I am a huge fan of Ed and have loved every album he's previously released and this one is no different! I did kind of want it to be called pi but maybe that will happen in the future!  I've heard people saying they don't like how varied the album is stylistically but I personally really enjoy it all!  To pick one favourite song would be a nightmare because all 16 tracks are incredible.  Granted when I was folding towels and had Supermarket Flowers playing I did start crying hahahah there are tracks which are great to have a boogie too, ones which are perfect for singing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush for a microphone and one that are just damn good tunes!

Lifesum - I saw this app mentioned in a video from Jamie and Nikki and I was quite interested and downloaded it to check it out and I like what I'm seeing!  I am currently on the free plan but you still get a lot of use out of the app.  You can log everything that you've eaten and scan barcodes which is incredible!  I can't tell you how annoying it is when you have a healthy lifestyle app and you want to log food but it's tailored for every country except Australia.  Scanning the barcode of your food is just the best and you get that little beep like at the supermarket and it's really fun!  You can track how much water you've had, what exercise you've done, there are meals on there and also a series of plans which you can follow.  It's really easy to use and I really prefer this over other apps I've tried in the past!

Sleep Cycle - I was lying in bed and was meant to be sleeping but was scrolling through my phone and this app popped up as an add somewhere and I was like hmmmm a sleeping app let's check this out!  You select what times you want to wake up between, click start, and then with your phone on charge sit your phone face down with the microphone pointing towards you and then you are all sorted!  There is also another way of placing your phone where you have it underneath your pillow but I haven't tried that way yet.  The app analyses your sleep and wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep phase.  You can a funky look graph of how you've slept through the night and it was quite an eye opener and whenever I use this app (I've been slack because I'll listen to podcasts) I wake up in a better mood and find it a lot easier to start my day!  My one dislike with this app is that you aren't able to listen to any music, podcasts, white noise eg once you've clicked to get started.  And while this is a tiny thing and if you get the paid for version you get access to sleep aids, I really like having a podcast on while I'm falling asleep and do kinda miss them whenever I'm using this app!  But apart from that it's a fab app!

The Circle - I found this book through an ad on Facebook because it's being made into a movie and the trailer kept popping up.  I saw Emma Watson and not going to lie, this was a huge reason why I wanted to go out and get the book!  The movie also looks great but I want to read the book first!  I've only just started but I am loving it and usually give it a read before bed or when I want to keep my mind moving but not use technology!  The book itself also looks cool so if we're judging books by covers I'd give this one a thumbs up!  Without spoiling what happens and also because I'm not that far into the book myself you follow the story of Mae Holland who lands a job at The Circle and while things seem great when you look deeper there is another side to it all!  I'll have a photo of the blurb on the back of the book for you so you can have a read of that!  I can't wait to read more of it and also see the movie when it is released!!

Playing a completely different instrument -  I play the clarinet, have been playing this glorious instrument for goodness knows how many years and within that time I've taught myself how to play other instruments.  Flute, saxophone, guitar (not the best at this), piano, the triangle, trumpet and I can already play the violin so sometimes I feel like I should be a walking musical act hahah however, something I've never really learnt how to play was really anything in the percussion section, well minus the triangle hahaha I have music competitions coming up and was helping out with a younger band and was put on an electric vibraphone..  I've played the xylophone before but just for fun and in this case I had to get a violin bow and run it along the keys and my goodness it was the weirdest thing ever.  I don't know if I'll actually have to play in the percussion section at the competitions because one that would be terrifying but it'll also be a nice change from clarinet hahah

Question, does anyone reading play an instrument?  Let me know!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Monday, 27 March 2017

6 Things Which Are Just As Good As A Holiday

They say change is as good as a holiday.  And sometimes a simple change can do you so much good and leave you feeling refreshed just like a holiday!

However, seeing as holidays can be quite pricey I've listed 6 things which are just as good as a holiday!

The classic getting your hair cut.  I recently did this!  If you saw my Instagram you'd see me looking surprised with the lack of hair I now have but let me tell you - I LOVE IT!  I have pretty thick hair and my hair was just under 40cm long, which is a bit under 16 inches long and for me it was long!  So I did some research aka Pinterest to see what styles would suit my face shape and then generally lengths which followed what I was after.  And I went to the hairdressers and said get ready for a change and boy did we have a change!  My hair is about half the length it used to be and my hairdresser joked that I'd given her some carpet!  So.  Much.  Hair!  A simple haircut can do wonders for you!  Doesn't matter how big or small!

"Spring" cleaning.  Don't limit this to Spring because I know I can't wait til it's actually Spring here in Australia to do some seasonal cleaning hahahha after my bedroom got moved around, like I said above I saw how many clutter objects I have.  Candles, photo frames with no photos, little nick-nacks, glass jars, seriously there is so much stuff!  I think I have 3 A4 boxes of "clutter" which I packed away before furniture was removed.  While there are many personal items in the boxes there are also some which I really don't need anymore.  I'm going to set aside a few hours and go through everything and decide whether it stays out in my bedroom, gets wrapped for the future or gets donated to charity.  This also goes for clothes.  I'm very good a rotating what I wear and I like to wear the same things and that means I have a lot of clothes that don't get worn.  There are so many people who could put them to better use than I ever could and helping others is a great thing to do!

Switching up your bedroom.  Another thing I've recently done, and it's still a work in progress!  I have a generous sized bedroom and for a long while I've had my desk and bed next to each other.  I know there are pros and cons to this (trust me I got to study about them) but for me it worked.  Now that I'm not at university and not in need of a study desk it wasn't working.  My desk was cluttered and it was doubling as a dressing table as I had a little mirror which I'd use often.  I had originally planned to just deal with my desk staying where it was and moving the mirror and a few things to on top of my tallboy when I thought, hey I can move three pieces of furniture and I'll have my own little "dressing/bed? zone and then a "work" zone!  So with the help of my incredible mum and brother, we did a switcheroo and I am loving how my bedroom is feeling.  I am now seeing how many clutter objects so that's another thing to tackle and also the next thing on this list!

Changing up your wardrobe.  With all of that space you've cleared out in your wardrobe and cupboards you can now add in some new items!  But don't go overboard, just be calm hahahah  I need to do this myself because I like to wear what I like to wear and have a style that I like to follow.  A few years ago I switched up my style with 3 new pairs of jeans and they are now staples of mine!  So much so that I haven't worn my full length pair of jeans in over a year.....  But I fall into the routine of a pair of jeans, slip on black sneakers or my converse and then more often than not I'll wear a singlet with a button up shirt over the top!  Nothing wrong with this because I feel comfortable and great in them but I do have other clothes which I can also wear!  Dresses, I started wearing dresses when I was in Adelaide and need to keep wearing them down here in Tassie!  Even switching up my footwear choices!  Maybe find an outfit combo that works with these suede turquoise ish loafers I bought and swore that I'd wear....

Getting creative.  I love a bit of creativity!  As much as I'd love to go out and buy art, I don't have the funds and love the satisfaction of seeing myself complete things!  Something I like drawing is one of the most simple things hahah a series of five lines just going in different directions.  I have an idea for this style of drawing done with a pineapple and I know it sounds weird right now but I can't wait to get that started!  I also have been making myself these hanging woolen tassels for my bedroom and my goodness it's relaxing to make them and when they're up on my bedroom walls they're going to add more to the space and also bring in another texture!

Finding new music to listen to.  We are surrounded by music and there will always be a new tune being released somewhere!  I am a big lover of Spotify and it's sososososo easy to find new tracks to listen to!  You can get recommended songs at the end of your playlists, go to Browse and check out what is in the charts, have a listen to a different genre - there is an abundance of new tunes waiting for you to listen to them!  I recently re-found my "Chill" playlist and have been listening to that while I'm home and looking for new tunes to pop into there!

There are so many things that you can change that are just as good as a holiday but these are 6 that I really feel work with me!

It doesn't matter how big or small these changes can be but they can bring that new freshness into you life which is just what we need sometimes!

Also a good bit of chocolate or nice cream is just as good as a holiday.  I'm loving nice cream at the moment.  Seriously, move over ice cream - ice cream is all Emma wants!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Friday, 24 March 2017

Unfollowing & Happiness Online

So this is a response post of sorts to one which Victoria from Inthefrow posted at the end of January.

I adore this gal enough as it is, but after reading this post of hers my appreciation for her grew even more.  Numbers on social media are such a huge deal for a lot of people and getting unfollowed can be quite frustrating, and when people take it personally, ah things get messy!  But this was a post where I read it, tweeted something about it and then told my mum about it because I loved it and could relate to it so much.

If you haven't already seen the post please, just go and give it a read!  You will not regret it!  Really it's in a pretty big font and in bold so you can't miss it!

Towards the end of 2016, I was having an interesting time in my life where I was starting to know the type of people I wanted to have in my life.  And that counted for both people I actually knew and then those who I'd see in the online world.

YouTube and Instagram are two social media platforms which I am on scrolling or watching content.  Seeing people pop up who I had no interest for, or their actions and posts rubbed me the wrong way just really got to me.  On Instagram people love to share their life, and I'm one of them, however it comes to a point where it moves from sharing to gloating and rubbing it in peoples faces -  and that annoyed me.

Seeing how much people contradicted themselves from the person they would portray themselves to be in an Instagram post and then seeing a completely different side of them on Snapchat and now Instagram Stories, this really bugged me.  It would be like two different people, but under the same handle and I grew more and more frustrated with the contradictions and kind of falseness that people would portray.

A whole range of reasons made me realise I don't actually have to follow everyone.  I follow people who, like Victoria said, are the type of people I'd want to be friends with in real life.   

Now to YouTube where I think unsubscribing has had the greatest impact.

I had around 200 channels that I was subscribed to on YouTube and the amount of videos I'd watch compared to the ones I didn't watch was ridiculous; I'd say I was watching maybe 40% of the videos that came into my subscriptions feed.  I know for a long time I kept staying subscribed to channels because they were popular and I kept thinking no I need to be subscribed to these people because they're influential content creators and what would people think if I said I wasn't subscribed to said content creators.

But then I thought, well I'm not really interested in their content anymore.  And also I'm not interested in the drama that sometimes comes with content creators.  I feel very old saying that hahaha

And so I unsubscribed.  Sat down and went through my subscriptions and removed channels that I didn't want to watch any longer.  It was weird, as half of me was going you're so mean for unsubscribing and the other half was going I don't feel bad about it.  

You can and I know from personal experience that you can feel so guilty unfollowing and unsubscribing from people because you don't want to offend anyone but sometimes you just have to put yourself first!

You have the power to control what you want to see, you can control your happiness so why not go ahead and do just that!  And if a simple thing as clicking unfollow does that then yay!

I think growing out of things is something that occurred as well.  I was subscribed to channels who I had been subscribed to since I was in my late teens and I'm now in my early/mid twenties and naturally what I want to watch has changed.  And while I've changed the people who I grew up watching have also changed.

Your feed, whether it is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, it is yours.  So you can tailor your feed so it's one where you are happy to scroll through.

This year, I love my Instagram feed and my YouTube subscribtions.  I'm following people who I love, who inspire me, who give me new ideas, people who make me appreciate life and all that comes with it, who I wish I was friends with but can't be but I'll just keep that as wishful thinking; I'm following people who I want to follow.

If you are following someone and their content is making you feel down about yourself, making you roll your eyes every time they tweet, do it for you and click unfollow.  You won't believe how great it will be.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic, it's a pretty interesting one!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

10 Things To Do When You Have No Power

Yesterday we had a planned power outage and in a way I enjoyed it.  It was like a social media detox and I found that incredibly refreshing!

Last time we had a planned power outage I was at university and it was the day before my graduating assignments were due and that was not a good time!  I couldn't stay home and study and just felt so off about having to go into uni to work but I made it work!  I think dressing down really (really helped) as I wore exercise tights, a flannel over the top of a singlet and then while I brought my converse I took along a pair of thick, comfortable explorer socks and yes I was the most stylish person at uni!!

Use this as a social media detox.  I wrote above that it was like a social media detox for me and really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Did get annoying when I wanted

Do everything you wanted to do but couldn't because you'd get distracted by technology.  For me it's fixing up bits and pieces in my room and I've still got music and the podcast app on my phone so I was able to get through a lot!!  Granted there were many moments while listening to the podcast that I full on was laughing so it took a bit of time to calm down from that hahahah

Get crafty.  With more time on my hands and also because I love scrolling through Pinterest, I see so many things which I'd love to make myself and then from there my mind is just coming up with things to make and I have no idea where everything will go whenever it all gets made but we'll work that out when we get there!  I finished off these little square lines drawings I'd starting making ages ago and they're going to go up on my wall and I started making tassels out of wool which I am sooooooo keen to see them finished!  I'll be putting one near my bed and one near my desk and I'm just really liking them, and they're not even finished yet!!!

Do some exercise.  What a way to pass the time.  I'm hopeless and I mean truly hopeless at sticking to some sort of exercise routine but guess who did some exercise?  ME!!  Ten points to me!  I went on the exercise bike and the also did this mini workout and I'm giving myself a pat on the shoulder!

Get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Bugs that don't understand personal space really ruin this but stepping outside and just enjoying the outdoors is just so worth it!  We are currently raising (I'm talking about them like we're parents) four sunflowers and one is blooming wonderfully and the other three are taking it more slowly but I do love checking them out!  If you haven't seen them, there is a pretty rad photo of one of them up on my Instagram ;)

Do a puzzle.  Crack out this oldie but a goodie!  I had this puzzle in my bedroom and have done it once before and thought why not do it again.  I finished it in less than 15 minutes.  I was thinking it would take me a bit longer than that hahahah

Get those chores out of the way!  Really fun adult task but really good to get out of the way!  Nobody wants to see an unmade bed every time they go in their room so go make that bed of yours!  I was going to say do some vacuuming but hello no power...  So dust maybe?  Just get your chores out of the way so you can relax!

Treat yo self.  Throw on a face mask, do your nails, do some yoga or meditate!  Take time to give yourself some tlc because you deserve it!

Make a fort.  Hide away from a technology and power free world in your very own fort!  Super cosy unless they collapse which isn't the greatest thing..

Look at the clock waiting for the power to come back on.  Not going to lie, I didn't do this.  We had been given times where there would be no power and I feel ripped off because we were without power for maybe 4 hours and I was expecting to go double that.  So when I saw the power was back on, I was like nope we are sticking this out til the end!  I didn't turn the wifi back on, didn't get hungry for something that I couldn't eat from the pantry (thank goodness) and kept doing what I was doing and achieved so much!

Going to sound odd but I loved having no power.  Mum asked how my day was and I said it was bliss.  I loved it.  I had no distractions, didn't have to put up with annoying things on social media, like a little social media detox.  I'll be doing this again because all the positive vibes over here!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Monday, 20 March 2017

A Late New Year, New & Improved Blog!

This is one for the memories!

My little old blog has a new look to it and I love it!!! *cheering*

I had been wanting to change up the look of my blog for a while now and was uhhming and aaahing whether to buy a template but could never find one which I was totally happy with.  There are some absolutely incredible templates out there and the people who create them are amazing but while I loved them I didn't feel like they were me.

There was one which was tailored for an editorial type blog and I adored the template and told my mum about it because I thought it just looked so good but it didn't suit the type of blogger that I am.  I am not stylish enough for that template hahahah maybe later on in the future but for right now, it wasn't the right fit!

I had actually been testing this template on out on another blog I have purely for testing templates and kind of forgot about that blog until the other day.  I'd swapped between blog for whatever reason and had a mini freak out thinking I'd been hacked (smart Emma) and saw the funky and simple theme that I had on that blog.  So after remembering how to tweak bits and pieces I did the big change over to emmadaisy and the rest is history!!

The template is actually a free one from the talented Kotryna Bass Design and in the future I'm 99% sure I'll be buying a template from her!  I just love how simple and clean it is and it is perfect for me right now!  Definitely a late new year and a new and improved blog.

Another thing I loved about this template is you were given a little guide for instillation and for a gal who isn't the best with fiddly tech things I was able to get my blog up and running pretty quickly!  I have a few more things to add in but I won't be pulling at my hair trying to figure out how to do it!

You might have also seen right at the top of my blog something is a little different...  Made myself a nice new little header with the help of Canva!  And again I really love it!  And hopefully my little icon in your browser will have updated itself soon as well!!

I'm very much the type of person who only commits to things when they're 100% happy with it and right now I am so happy with my little corner on the internet!

A change is as good as a holiday and I can't agree more!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Travel Tag

I was looking through some blogs and came across this post from Rhaea and decided to do the Travel Tag!  I wish I could pack up and fly away on a new adventure but sadly the bank account puts a stop to that!  So the Travel Tag is the next best thing!

You are leaving tomorrow to start a life in a new country, where do you go?  Without taking into considerations layovers, Poland!  100% Poland!  I've wanted to go there since I was in primary school, I have family there and it's always been at the top of my list of places to visit!  It's looks incredibly beautiful and I just want to see where some of my ancestors are from!

You can take someone for a weekend away to the place you had the best holiday, where would that be and who would you take with you?  Can I mention Poland again hahah I'd take my mum with me!  Oh but you can't go for a weekend unless you went by jet so......  Ok I have two places.  For a holiday seeing as it was technically a holiday, I'd travel somewhere in South Adelaide with my best friend Alannah!  Or I'd go up the lakes with my dad, always such good memories when we're up at the lakes!  Such a peaceful and beautiful part of the state!

You can get married wherever you want to, your budget is limitless, what is your choice?  I get this is a question where people probably want you to go crazy with an answer but mine is going to be the total opposite.  I want to get married under a tree.  Yep you heard right, a tree.  I've been an assistant photographer at a few weddings and my favourite ones have taken place in

During your travels, you bring home one animal as a pet, which one would you pick?  My mind immediately went to a dog.  but I honestly have no clue.  I wouldn't bring home an elephant or any animal that's native to it's country.  Like I wouldn't bring an elephant home because one think of the logistics of that hahahaha maybe a penguin because then it could still swim back to Antarctica?  Maybe a penguin!

You can go back in time and relive one family trip, which one?  My family never really went on holidays and I don't want to mention the lakes again haha  I don't know where exactly it took place but I remember walking along a beach somewhere and just the memories of that day!  I was little and running along the sand in gumboots (wellies) and kept getting stuck in the wet sand and not being able to catch up to my older brother!  Even though they're small memories, they're still ones which I really love!  So I'd go back to there, wherever it was and see how I go running along the beach in gumboots!

What is the first thing you would pack for a one year travel around the world?  I'd say a notebook.  I wanted to say a camera of some type, maybe a polaroid camera but then I'd want to stick them into a notebook so I'm going to stick with a notebook!  I like keeping plane tickets and just little flat-ish things from trips and I'd make a scrapbook of sorts where I could write, scribble, draw whatever is happening, so a notebook would be first on my packing list!

What would your fantasy 100th birthday destination be, and why?  I don't know where I'd be living when I'm 100 but I'd like to come back to Tasmania.  I'd probably pick Evandale, my family have always gone there on the weekends for either breakfast or to go to the markets and it's such a lovely little historic village filled with such wonderful memories :)

During your travel you can learn one sport to become a pro, what would that be?  I've always wanted to learn how to fence...  So fencing, where can I learn to do that?  I genuinely don't know which country you'd go to learn fencing.  I think you could do it nearly anywhere in the world and you'd find a great place to learn it so I think I've picked a pretty good sport!! 

Have I rambled on too much?  I never know whether I go into too much depth and ramble to much!  Either way I hoped you liked this travel related post!

If you want to answer the questions to this tag, go for it!!  I'm not tagging anyone, so you reading this and have a blog or just want to answer the questions, I would love to read your answers!  Don't forget to let me know when you have so I can see your response!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x