Monday, 27 March 2017

6 Things Which Are Just As Good As A Holiday

They say change is as good as a holiday.  And sometimes a simple change can do you so much good and leave you feeling refreshed just like a holiday!

However, seeing as holidays can be quite pricey I've listed 6 things which are just as good as a holiday!

The classic getting your hair cut.  I recently did this!  If you saw my Instagram you'd see me looking surprised with the lack of hair I now have but let me tell you - I LOVE IT!  I have pretty thick hair and my hair was just under 40cm long, which is a bit under 16 inches long and for me it was long!  So I did some research aka Pinterest to see what styles would suit my face shape and then generally lengths which followed what I was after.  And I went to the hairdressers and said get ready for a change and boy did we have a change!  My hair is about half the length it used to be and my hairdresser joked that I'd given her some carpet!  So.  Much.  Hair!  A simple haircut can do wonders for you!  Doesn't matter how big or small!

"Spring" cleaning.  Don't limit this to Spring because I know I can't wait til it's actually Spring here in Australia to do some seasonal cleaning hahahha after my bedroom got moved around, like I said above I saw how many clutter objects I have.  Candles, photo frames with no photos, little nick-nacks, glass jars, seriously there is so much stuff!  I think I have 3 A4 boxes of "clutter" which I packed away before furniture was removed.  While there are many personal items in the boxes there are also some which I really don't need anymore.  I'm going to set aside a few hours and go through everything and decide whether it stays out in my bedroom, gets wrapped for the future or gets donated to charity.  This also goes for clothes.  I'm very good a rotating what I wear and I like to wear the same things and that means I have a lot of clothes that don't get worn.  There are so many people who could put them to better use than I ever could and helping others is a great thing to do!

Switching up your bedroom.  Another thing I've recently done, and it's still a work in progress!  I have a generous sized bedroom and for a long while I've had my desk and bed next to each other.  I know there are pros and cons to this (trust me I got to study about them) but for me it worked.  Now that I'm not at university and not in need of a study desk it wasn't working.  My desk was cluttered and it was doubling as a dressing table as I had a little mirror which I'd use often.  I had originally planned to just deal with my desk staying where it was and moving the mirror and a few things to on top of my tallboy when I thought, hey I can move three pieces of furniture and I'll have my own little "dressing/bed? zone and then a "work" zone!  So with the help of my incredible mum and brother, we did a switcheroo and I am loving how my bedroom is feeling.  I am now seeing how many clutter objects so that's another thing to tackle and also the next thing on this list!

Changing up your wardrobe.  With all of that space you've cleared out in your wardrobe and cupboards you can now add in some new items!  But don't go overboard, just be calm hahahah  I need to do this myself because I like to wear what I like to wear and have a style that I like to follow.  A few years ago I switched up my style with 3 new pairs of jeans and they are now staples of mine!  So much so that I haven't worn my full length pair of jeans in over a year.....  But I fall into the routine of a pair of jeans, slip on black sneakers or my converse and then more often than not I'll wear a singlet with a button up shirt over the top!  Nothing wrong with this because I feel comfortable and great in them but I do have other clothes which I can also wear!  Dresses, I started wearing dresses when I was in Adelaide and need to keep wearing them down here in Tassie!  Even switching up my footwear choices!  Maybe find an outfit combo that works with these suede turquoise ish loafers I bought and swore that I'd wear....

Getting creative.  I love a bit of creativity!  As much as I'd love to go out and buy art, I don't have the funds and love the satisfaction of seeing myself complete things!  Something I like drawing is one of the most simple things hahah a series of five lines just going in different directions.  I have an idea for this style of drawing done with a pineapple and I know it sounds weird right now but I can't wait to get that started!  I also have been making myself these hanging woolen tassels for my bedroom and my goodness it's relaxing to make them and when they're up on my bedroom walls they're going to add more to the space and also bring in another texture!

Finding new music to listen to.  We are surrounded by music and there will always be a new tune being released somewhere!  I am a big lover of Spotify and it's sososososo easy to find new tracks to listen to!  You can get recommended songs at the end of your playlists, go to Browse and check out what is in the charts, have a listen to a different genre - there is an abundance of new tunes waiting for you to listen to them!  I recently re-found my "Chill" playlist and have been listening to that while I'm home and looking for new tunes to pop into there!

There are so many things that you can change that are just as good as a holiday but these are 6 that I really feel work with me!

It doesn't matter how big or small these changes can be but they can bring that new freshness into you life which is just what we need sometimes!

Also a good bit of chocolate or nice cream is just as good as a holiday.  I'm loving nice cream at the moment.  Seriously, move over ice cream - ice cream is all Emma wants!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. What is nice cream?! I need to know what that is!! I am all for Spring cleaning and decluttering, it always makes me feel so good! x x

    1. It's just a frozen banana and almond milk and the you blend them together and mix it with like whatever you want! It's a plant based version of ice cream and so delicious! Em xx


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