Friday, 7 April 2017

I Wish People Knew I Was..... | Q&A

Today's post was originally going to be one of my My Day On ...  posts and it didn't happen!

I really loved when I did that type of post because when I'm watching YouTube videos I adore vlogs and seeing what people get up to day to day!  Even if it's a home day, I just love them!  So I'm planning on actually following through and remembering to take photos throughout the day so I can publish another one!

This morning I was unsurprisingly on snapchat and was having a look through the discover section and BuzzFeed had these questions in an article.  So why not have an little BuzzFeed Q&A post?

I wish people knew I was...  I didn't know how to answer this honestly, big one to start off with!  I wish people knew I wasn't judging them or unimpressed with my resting face!  You know your jusr casual face, mine doesn't look that interesting but it's just my normal face!  And people have thought that I'm up myself, rude, essentially not the friendliest of people and I'm like nooooo!!!

What is your favourite place?  You'd also think this would be easy to answer but nope.  I love home because my family is there and I love my bedroom because it's a cosy place that I can call my own!  I love a specific road because it's lined with these massive trees - in summer it's gorgeous and green and then the leaves change colour and fall off in autumn and it's my favourite road.  But also Adelaide because my best friend lives there and I fell in love with Henley and the beaches while I was there last year!

Talk about a time you lurked someone online.  While I won't be saying who because I genuinely can't remember, I was looking through a bloggers tweets.  I'd never heard of her before but there were some interesting things being tweeted and I was annoying curiously so I had a bit of a look around!  I then got sick of the drama I was seeing so went back to whatever I was doing before!!

What movie is the closest to the story of your life?  I have no answer for this!  If there is a movie of a girl who is always single, finished uni and now needs and job, can play the clarinet and wishes she was in the Avengers or Harry Potter world then let me know if you know of a movie which matches this!!!

Describe your dream job?  Currently, any job would be awesome!  I would love to work in the design industry, be that a firm or writing about design in general that would be bliss!

What made you happy about yourself today?  I have two things.  One would be my hair.  Yep going to talk up my hair!  I've had long hair for so long and had a lengthy chop not that long ago and I've been waiting for myself to regret my new hair.  But it hasn't happened and I wake up and see my hair in the mirror and yes it's bed hair and all over the place but I LOVE IT!  And I'm also happy with myself for what I did yesterday, went out and handed resumes out.  Doesn't sound like a big thing but when you get rejected it's annoying but I took it all in my stride and moved on!  Hopefully I'll hear something back soon from some of the places that took in my resume!!!

What do you need to apologize for?  Not believing in myself!

Are you outgoing, introverted, or in between?  I am somewhere in between.  Around different people I change as to whether I'm loud or quiet.  Around people I'm comfortable around, I don't shut up hahahah but it really depends on the situation.  We had to do verbal presentations at university and looking at me, you wouldn't think I'd do well in them as I can come across as shy but I always received really good marks and feedback for my presentations!

Where would you love a gift certificate from?  Is this like a gift voucher?  I can't pick one store because I have multiple things I've love to own but they come from different stores hahaha

If you had a tattoo, what would it be of?  While I don't think I'll ever get a tattoo (I don't even have any piercings!), I'd get something small.  I love little geometric ones, minimalist ones, nothing that sticks out heaps!

Pick a question or two and let me know what your answers would be!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. This was a really interesting post, Em! It was great to get to know you a little better! I'm also caught between being introverted and extroverted - how I am depends very much on the scenario and who I'm with, so I totally understand where you're coming from! A job in design would be amazing, right?? I'm sure you'll get there! 🙌🏼

    Abbey 💕

    1. Aww thank you Abbey! I thought the questions were pretty different!! I so hope something pops up for a job soon! Em xx


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