Friday, 28 April 2017

Why Autumn Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Hang on a sec?  Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year?  That's what the song says yeah?  You're all thinking, Emma it's only April, you're a bit early for Christmas!!

Well!  Let me tell you why autumn is the most wonderful time of the year.

Wardrobe.  I prefer the colder seasons to the warmer ones hands down.  You can rug up, get those layers out, pull out the knits, wrap up in your scarves and you are just COSY!!  I'm all about that cosy lifestyle and have no problem staying wrapped up in my dressing gown for as long as possible.

Colour.  Probably my most favourite thing about autumn is the colour.  Foliage changing from greens to oranges, golds, yellows and reds - it is just so beautiful.  I have a dogwood tree outside of my bedroom and currently it's leaves are this gorgeous red/orange colour and I have way too many photos of it on my phone haha!

Birthday season.  Yeah I'm biased because my birthday falls within autumn hahah

Food.  Who doesn't like food?  Autumn is the time where those hearty winter meals are making an appearance again and that just makes me happy.  My mum makes some delicious soups and meals that make you all warm and cosy inside! 

Holidays.  Now if you live on the other side of the world, some of you will call autumn fall and you also get to celebrate some fun holidays!  Halloween, Thanksgiving and that pretty much leads up to Christmas so winning. 

Candles.  I have a weakness for candles.  I've got a few around my room and ah those scents in autumn, it's just bliss.  Especially when 

An excuse to drink more tea.  I am a recent lover of tea.  I think my taste palette has improved since I was younger.  I am loving English Breakfast from Twinnings currently and can't get enough of it.  I used to drink coffee and hot chocolate quite often but now all I want is a warm cup of tea.  

Pure cosy-ness.  Autumn is the perfect month for creating the most cosy spaces.  Throws, pillows and cushions, decorations, candles, lighting - this is a recipe for the most cosy space.  I can snuggle up under a blanker with a pillow, read a book and sip from my tea and I am happy!

Autumn is just one of the prettiest seasons out there.  I am obsessed with it.

Are you a fan of autumn too?  Have I converted you over to the autumnal side? ;) 

Today's post was going to be very different.  I've been preparing a minimal ingredient lunch and it's delicious if I do say so myself.  Except I've already kind of written about that recipe on my blog before.  Back in 2015, I published a post called Easy 4 Ingredient Lunch!!  Included couscous, mushrooms, tomatoes and a boiled egg.  Really simple, really yummy and I've been having that again for lunch.  So my new version of this lunch was going to go up today however I didn't know if it would seem like I'm repeating myself again.  There are a few new ingredients and it's still as yummy as ever!  If you want to see a post on that lunch, please let me know!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Yes, I completely agree! Autumn is the BEST. It's cold, but not /that/ cold, and I love dressing up with the fall color. Although I've only experienced it once (I live in a tropical country), I am convinced it is the best season ever and I can't wait to experience it again! :)

    xo, Richel V.

    1. That's the best thing about autumn! Not too hot and not too cold!! Winning! :) Em xx

  2. I have to disagree! Autumn is my least favourite season! It's just wet and dull. Let's have summer forever.

    Corinne x

    1. Will admit it can get like that hahah I think I'd overheat if it was summer all the time!! Em xx

  3. It's so weird for me reading this because it's Spring over here in the UK! Haha. I'm very much an Autumn fan, but I do prefer the longer, brighter days that Spring brings! x x

    1. I know what you mean hahaha our autumn days have been quite similar to the warmer months recently! Em xx


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