Monday, 15 May 2017

24 Important Things In 24 Years

Yesterday I turned 24!  I don't look 24, I don't feel 24 but according to my birth certificate I'm technically 24!

So to celebrate, I've listed 24 things I've learnt in 24 years!

1.  Not everyone sticks around.  There isn't a magical glue which has the power to keep everyone around.  Although I'm sure UHU glue could do a pretty good job because that stuff is powerful as!

2.  You can say no.  If you don't want to go out and get coffee you have every right to say no you don't want to.  If someone asks you whether you like a band or movie and if you don't, again you have the right to say no and to not feel bad about it!  But on a more serious note, if you're not feeling comfortable in whatever situation you have every right to say no.

3.  Hard work pays off.  If you have a goal you want to achieve, you go out and do what it takes to get there!  Times will get tough but the hard work will pay off and be worth it in the end.  University is a great example of this for me!  I pushed myself so hard in my last two years and I don't think I could be any more prouder of myself!

4.  A quiet life ain't so bad.  Hands up if you've ever felt victimized for staying in on a Friday or Saturday night?  ME!  My goodness the amount of times people will have a go at you for choosing to stay in!  I've gone out with friends and had a good time, however I also love being comfy at home, doing my own thing.  A quiet life doesn't mean a boring life just like loud life doesn't mean an exciting one!

5.  You don't have to be a sheep and follow the crowd.  Sheep are great, cute lil fluffy things on legs but being like them and following the crowd isn't all that!  Be yourself!  It can take time and a lot of self confidence to do this but when you believe in yourself and do you, you'll see how great it is!

6.  Trying to fit in is exhausting.  I found this out in Grade 7 when I was 12 turning 13.  I just didn't fit in with the popular crowd at my high school and trying to keep up with them just wasn't my thing and it took some time to discover this but I'm so glad of it.

7.  I still don't feel 24.  And in saying this I don't know how old I feel personally..  I don't know if that's a good thing or not hahahahha

8.  Your hair will grow back.  I wanted a fringe in high school.  When I got my hair cut, I asked for a fringe.  I woke up the next morning hoping it was all a dream!  It grew out and I vowed to never ever get a fringe again.  When I was 16 I got myself another fringe.  Hasn't happened since......

9.  Trust your gut. Now this goes for both literally trusting your gut but also let's say first impressions and you know that gut instinct.  If your insides are feeling a bit iffy chances are you should acknowledge that feeling and get yourself to the nearest bathroom!!  However, trusting your gut with lets say first impressions.  Now yes they are first impressions, they could change but sometimes they don'tJust trust your gut and what you yourself, that inner self is telling you.   If you're iffy about a social situation, trust your gut.

10.  It's cool to listen to whatever music you want too.  Dear people of the world who listen to music.  I like One Direction.  *whispers of shock and omg that's so uncool*  yes I hear your comments and I've moved on and I still like listening to One Direction.  You want to listen to ACDC - YOU DO YOU!  Listen to Mozart, listen to Coldplay - just don't feel like your inferior for your music preferences.

11.  Not taking everything for granted and appreciate what you have.  I have to thank my parents for this one.  From a young age both my brother and myself were taught the value of things and learnt to not take everything for grantedAnything can happen.  Doesn't matter how little or big it is on the scale of things, from an item to people in your life, don't take it for granted.

12.  Yelling at the screen won't do anything.  The amount of times I've gotten annoyed at something that's happen on tv.....  If I had a dollar for every time!  I've given up with horror movies because you just know the person is going to investigate the mysterious noise outside so I have no sympathy for them.  Cruel, but come onnnnnnn!

13.  Falling for celebs isn't the best idea.  Life just isn't fair and I'm not in the same league as them or they're older or they're already with someone else....  Seriously not fair!!!  Also how come they make the "bad guys" look so good.  Tom Hiddleston with Loki, Tom Felton with Draco Malfoy, Sebastian Stan with the double whammy with the Winter Soldier and then Bubky Barnes.....  And then Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth and so many others but I won't list them hahhaa

14.  Don't let success go to your head and don't let failure go to your heart.  No one likes a show off and someone who constantly brags of their success.  It's not cool and it doesn't look cool either.  When I'd get a fantastic mark at university I'd tell my fam, close friends and maybe people who I studied with, I'd give myself a pat on the back and then that would be it, time to move on.  A pet peeve of mine is people who brag, I just can't stand it!  Now the flip side, failing.  I know this all too well and I have in the past let it eat me up inside.  It is one of the worst feelings failing but you need to flip that emotion and use it to your advantage.  Find out what went wrong, learn from your mistakes and move on!

15.  Social media isn't everything.  I was very late to the social media party as a whole.  I never had MySpace or MSN, I set up Facebook when I was in university and gradually moved to other forms of social media.  I've been on YouTube the longest but I've never had the guts to post something on there but you never know what may happen in the future!  Right at the start I used to be an over-sharer and ended up deleting photos from Instagram and things off Facebook but I grew up quite quickly on social media and am very good at just scrolling.  Granted I liked waaaaay too many things on Facebook last years so I've been going on there less and less.  BUT!  Social media isn't everything.  Snapchat streaks aren't everything and if you lost one, there are worse things to lose.  It doesn't matter how many followers you have, it's just a number at the end of the day.  Just like with how many likes you get on a photo or post.  There is a life outside of your phone and it's a lot bigger than your phone!

16.  You don't have to put up with "friends".  This one is tricky.  It's easy to cut out shapes however cutting out toxic people in your life is so incredibly tricky.  I'm going to be honest, I need to listen to this one myself.

17.  Tragedy can show you how beautiful the world can be.  Have you ever seen how the world rallies together when a tragedy strikes?  There are so many ways which we can show our support for our fellow humans and it's truly beautiful to see.

18.  Technology will always crash.  And usually at the worst times.  So remember to save everything and just prepare yourself.

19.  Realising that a list of 24 things is quite a lot.  Seriously I know I've learnt things but listing 24 of them is another thing!  I don't see myself doing this for when I turn 25 hahahah

20.  To stop apologising.  I can guarantee we've all said sorry for how our hair looks or sorry for looking frumpy in our outfit or saying sorry that we're not wearing makeup or that our makeup isn't perfect.  STOP!  You don't need to apologise for this!  Chances are no one noticed the fly aways on your hair and can see them now only because you've pointed them out.  Say sorry when you need to say sorry, but for not having your eyebrows on?  No don't waste your words!

21.  Sunshine can lift any mood.  Took me til my final year at university to see this one.  I'd follow the sun throughout the day and move to another part just to sit in the sun.  I wake up and open my curtains to the sunshine and it's such a mood lifter!  Even in the colder months when you get some winter sunshine, it's so GOOD!  And even better is going outside.  Bugs don't get personal space but think about that glorious sunshine!

22.  It is fine to be single.  It's not the end of the world to be single.  I've been in situations where out of everyone in my class I was the only one who was single and I'm like eh!  Loving yourself and realising how amazing you are is such a lovely thingThat last bit of pizza is going to always yours, no ifs or buts about it ;)
  23.  But it is also fine to constantly ask yourself why you're still single because seriously you are such a catch.  Like c'mon lads, where you at?

24.  Life goes on.  It does and it always will.  Just keep your chin up, keep smiling and being kind.

That was a bit of a wordy post!  If you got to the end, many points to you!  24 points to you ;)

I had a lovely birthday and thank you for the kind messages, really make my heart warm and fuzzy! :)

This was probably one of my favourite birthdays because I didn't have to deal with the university stresses like I had in the past, ah it was so good!

Do any of these things I've listed above resonate with you?  Or have you learnt something else personally?  Let me know down below :)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Aww I really enjoyed reading this post Emmma. I'm 29 now but can relate to so many of these points. Some of which I feel it's awesome you have learnt at 24 as I've only just started figuring out at 29. Such as, stop apologizing for everything, even such little things like you mentioned about make up and the way you are dressed. I find myself feeling guilty all the time and am very much learning to stand tall and stop doing that. It has become a lot easier to be happy being me though. I think you do get more comfortable in your own skin as you grow, but I definitely still have my moments. Ooh and staying in is awesome and listening to any and all music you like. My taste is quite random! :p
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    Lucy xx

    1. Aww thank you so much Lucy!! Really means a lot :) life throws you so many curve balls that you just have to adapt to them hahah I had a lovely birthday as well :) Em xx

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had a great day! This is a great list and we agree with so many of your points. You definitely learn more as you get older that it's good to be you and not worry about what others think of you! :) Sunshine is a great mood lifter, sometimes, if we're inside all day and getting down, a little walk works wonders to lift our spirits! :)

    Have a great day!
    Lucy and Kelly

    1. Oh you girls are too kind!!! Thank you so very much :) Nothing like opening the curtains of a morning and having some sunshine! Love it! :) Em xx

  3. Oh no, I missed your birthday! So sorry - and many happy, belated, returns. Hope it was a good 'un. Now that I'm soon to be turing 27, I don't think I could even attempt to find 27 things I've learnt in 27 years! Haha. So kudos to you.

    1. Aw that's alright, thank you :) I had a lovely quiet birthday which was just what I needed hahaha I don't think I'll do a post like this for future birthdays hahahah Em xx


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