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How I Create Sets On Polyvore

What do you do when you can't have the wardrobe or home of your dreams?  Go to Polyvore and create sets after sets which are full of your dream clothing and furniture pieces.

Polyvore is a website which I discovered in 2014, so quite a while ago and one which I am obsessed with.  I used to post about the sets I had created back in the day and you can check them out here, here, here and here if you’d like!  If you want to see more posts in the future of what I’m creating on Polyvore do let me know!

How I create Polyvore sets has changed dramatically since I first started creating sets on their 3 years and it’s quite funny to see.  I’m tempted to go back and make it all cohesive but then again I’m not sure because it’s nice to see how everything has grown….  Started from the bottom now we here, type situation…


I have a “template” that I like to follow when I’m creating sets on Polyvore.  I say “template” but it’s not a physical template, it’s more of a guide of how I like to lay everything out.  There are templates available on Polyvore for you to use and you can also create some yourself but I like the method I’m using.

My “template” is something which I’ve stuck to for a while now and one which I find it versatile for multiple set types.  It’s a rectangular shape and it pretty straight forward to set up and fill in.  For an outfit set which includes jeans or pants, they will go on the left and the height which I set them as will determine the height for the set.  I then, using block colour, will put two lines above and below the jeans to show the space which I’m working within.  On the right hand side, I like to include an image.  This image could be of an outfit I’ve drawn inspiration from, something which relates to the activity that the outfit could be worn in, a celebrity because who doesn’t want to pretend they’re going to be hanging out with celebs, or just a pretty image or two which just match in with the colour theme of the set.

Colour themes…  That’s another thing, but I’ll talk about that later!

So actually onto how I create sets.

If I’m scrolling through my feed and see an item of clothing or furniture that I like, I’ll like it and go to create a new set and put that item in.  I’ll then start to base my sets around that item.  Sometimes if I’ve seen an outfit or photo of an interior I’ll like I’ll use that photo as inspiration and base my set around that.  In Polyvore there are images in there already and I’ll use them to be the foundations of some sets.

I have quite a few draft sets saved, some which are completed ready to be published and some which just have a few items in them.  If I was organise I’d be publishing them more often but I do forget hahaha

When I’m working on a set, I’ll just add items into it.  If I’m creating an outfit set, I’ll have lets say the jeans and then I’ll pick out multiples tops which I can pair with it and then multiple pairs of shoes and just start building up the outfit.  I’ll create an outfit that I’d gladly wear or something which I wish I could wear but it’d only ever happen in my dreams hahaha

Once I have the outfit pieces decided upon, I start to find a layout for how they’ll sit the best within the set.  This can take some fiddling with and might result in item changes but it’s worth it in the end.  When I first started creating sets, I’d just whip them up in no time, but nowadays I like to take more some and publish something that I’m really happy with.

Fillers are pretty big on Polyvore and can add a whole lot more to your set.  I like to use these fillers to do as the name suggests, to fill the set.  White space is great if you pull it off but white space can also make the set look blank, but really it’s up to your personal preference.  I put in fillers which match the outfit and relate to the set.  They can be anything really.  There are soosososososo many options.  Using the makeup items as fillers, cups, plates of food, books, textures and patterns, there are so many filler varieties!

Earlier I mentioned colour themes.  Some days I will base an item specifically around colour.  I’ve done this in the past and I love how they have turned out.  When you’re looking for items for your see you can set the colour of item which you’d like.  So you want to use red items, you change the colour selector to red and bam - an abundance or red items are at your fingertips.  I recently created a set which was based on greys and then soft pinks and purples, so when I was looking for items for this set, I would set the colour to grey and then also the soft pink and purple.

A cohesive colour palette is great for home sets because you can mix and match and really pair together, complimentary colours to create a beautiful set!

Once I have all the items I’d like in my set,I then just fiddle around with it until I’m happy.  I like to have clothing and furniture based items on the left hand side and keep the images and graphics to the right but this can change if the set requires.

Polyvore also sets competitions and these are a lot of fun to enter in.  You’re given a brief of sorts and there can be items which you must include in the set to enter.  They’re really good for challenging yourself with broadening what you’d usually create and you also get to see how other people have responded to the contest.

I’ve never placed in any of the sets I’ve entered into but that won’t stop me from trying!

And I think that’s it!  Polyvore sets are so much fun and really simple to create and I really urge you to pop on over there to have a look around it you don’t already have an account!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments, I’m more than happy to help out! 

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

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