Monday, 29 May 2017

May Top Five

May where have you gone?!  I feel like this has been the quickest month so far, easily.

And that means it's time for the monthly Top Five!  Hope you like it!

Gardenscapes - This app is one of the few times that an ad has made me check something out.  I usually never play games like this but am loving this one!  Essentially you've inherited a garden to you get to repair it and bring it back to life!  So you play levels to gain stars which then allow you to complete tasks to make your garden beautiful!  Some levels are very easy, especially right at the beginning and then you'll get some which are uber challenging and for me who isn't going to pay to get more lives or extra boosts so sometimes in stuck on levels for ages but it's all good in the end!!

Harry Styles - OH HOW I HAVE MISSED THIS VOICE!!!  And what an amazing album this is!!  If you're avoiding listening to this because of One Direction, just give it a listen then make your call as to whether you like it or not!  I was going to write which songs were my favourite but couldn't narrow it down!!  I do however love Only Angel and Ever Since New York but genuinely every song on this album is a massive thumbs up from me!

Jockey Slippers - I had a pair of slippers for an extremely long amount of time..  I'm talking maybe 10 years hahahah I adored them and they were great and cosy and you could fold them down so they were ankle height and they had some fluffy bits and were just perfect.  Sadly they were also on their last legs so I knew I had to get a new pair soon.  Then it was summer of 15/16 and I didn't need them and when I was moving my bedroom furniture around I pulled them out from under my bed and they were dusty and then a spider crawled out of them.  And so because of that spider the slippers were gone hahaha  now these slippers may not look cool or ready for the runway but they are so comfortable and it just feels like you're wearing another pair of socks which is just perfect for me!!

Drawing aka using up all the pens I had from university - From university, I have a bit of a collection of pens, pencils and everything you'd need for drawing.  I'm not the most amazing drawer out there but I like to do what I can and one morning, Mum mentioned Zentangle to me and I got inspired.  So I just printed off an a4 page with a bunch of circles on them and just started drawing patterns!  I find drawing to be quite relaxing and have made a few drawings for my family and friends and they have loved them!  So recently I have just been drawing patterns in whatever shapes and ideas come to my mind and I just adore them!!  I've been asked whether I'd sell any of them which is insane and also awesome so we'll have to see what happens!!

House Rules - This is a house renovating challenge show which is currently on tv and while I never watched any of the other seasons I made sure to watch this one because Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is one of the judges and I am obsessed with him!  I love a good design show and do get annoyed when there is more drama between the teams than actually design and seeing them do everything, but I still love seeing the end results of the room!  I've got my support behind the Tasmanian team but there are three other teams that I wouldn't mind who won!

And there we have my Top Five for May!  I am also that person who was very unorganised with her blog and is writing this hours before it's due to be published...  

What have you been loving in May?

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. You're not the most amazing drawer out there? I beg to differ; I think you're pretty damn good! Haha. Glad you've had a good month, with some lovely faves! x x

    1. I'm not an artist lets put it that way hahahah I love to dabble though! May definitely was a lovely month :) Em xx


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