Friday, 19 May 2017

The Laziest & Slowest Friday

Today was just meh.  If it was an emoji it would be this one 😑, followed with a bunch of these 😴...

You know days when you literally have nothing huge to do but I just wanted to sleep all day and just curl up and rest.  That was me!  I also have a sore back which I don't know how that came along but boy it's annoying!  I get that I'm a year older but back pain?  Come on!

I had a different post lined up for today, 'Are We Living In A Bubble' and it's taking a but longer than I expected.  Which is annoying but it's the type of thing that I won't want to rush and publish something that I'm not really happy with!

But how have you all been?  Had a good week?

I had some exciting plans happen start to come together earlier this week and I'm very much looking forward to the little adventure I'm having next week!   When my friend asked me about it I got so excited and what is planned, oh I am just so keen!  I don't want to spoil anything now because what I get up to will end up in a post of two but yay for a little adventure!

I also have been conquering my nerves around driving!!!  I've had two driving lessons and I am so chuffed with myself!  Granted I'm driving an automatic and it's quite different to a manual which is what I'll be driving later on (unless I'm terrible at it then I'll go back to auto) but dayuuuuum!  For someone who will come up with any excuse to not have to drive, I am giving myself virtual pats on the back!

My driving instructor is the coolest guy and I owe him a lot :)

Now I'm just sitting on the couch, watching episodes of The Voice, typing this up, keeping warm and just having a very lazy Friday.  I usually hate having days like this because I feel like I've missed out on an entire day.  I love feeling productive and while I've done the dishes and the towels have been folded, today has just been so slow and lazy.

I think rest is going to be on the agenda so my back can sort itself out :)

Do you have anything interesting planned for the weekend?

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. We are exactly the same when we have days like this, we hate feeling like we've wasted a day. Saying that, sometimes you just need those days, then you can feel rested and rejuvenated for the next day! :)

    Lucy and Kelly

    1. Looking back now, a day to relax and just get your mind back to normal is so important!! I've had a slow day today after a busy past few days and I desperately needed it!! Em xx

  2. I've been suffering with my back recently too! It's been so sore. Sometimes you really need a slow, lazy day. So don't beat yourself up about it. And way to go with the driving lessons - it's scary but so worth it and once you've passed you will wonder why you waited so long! x x

    1. It was horrible! My back is back in order now thank goodness!! I'm so chuffed with my driving lessons, really proud of myself :) Em xx


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