Wednesday, 7 June 2017

10 Things I Miss About University

Now you’ve probably read the title of this post and gone “erm Emma, you alright?  Why on earth would you miss university?” and yeah you’re right.  The thought has crossed my mind and while I had some of the worst moments in my life while at university, I also had some truly incredible experiences there and do miss it.

Yep I miss university, never thought I’d be saying that.

Exactly a year ago today, I would have been presenting my People’s Park assignment.  It was I think my favourite assignment I’ve ever presented and one which I will forever be proud of.  If you’re a new reader, and have no idea what I’m talking about and going and check this post out here and it’ll give you a lil read on that assignment.

1.  The Stand.  This was the coffee stand which was conveniently placed right next to my university building.  I was vey late to the drinking of coffee phase and granted I don’t drink it much now because it doesn’t agree with me, I miss Dan the coffee man and and the lovely drinks he would make.  From seeing that place and getting a warm drink from it kind of weekly for five years, it’s weird not having it in my life.  It was coffee that didn’t cost the earth plus more and it actually tasted really nice!!!

2.  My desk.  I spent so much time at this desk so naturally grew attached to it hahaha!  While I was pretty much the only interior student who used their desk and would have to fend off the prying eyes of architecture students (who would also unplug my extension chord so I couldn’t charge my laptop!!) and you’d have to put up with the noise from the workshop, I did love my desk.  I didn’t have my back to anyone, there were friendly people around me who would help me if I needed, it was a creative space to work in and I would get so much constructive work done there!!

3.  The structure.  This is probably the biggest thing and one which I’ve spoken with my best friend Alannah about quite a lot.  University gives you a timetable, you have lectures, tutorials, assignment due dates - you have structure and I miss this.  Being out of university, unemployed and having alllllllllll the time in the world.  Initially I thought I’d love the freedom of not being at university, but this wore off pretty quickly.  Alannah worded it that I don’t have that sense of drive and purpose, and I completely agree.

4.  The people.  Through university I met so many people.  Literally hundreds of people.  I met my best friend Alannah, and countless other friends who I am so grateful that I know.  The tutors were even nice when you looked past them telling you to change your design over and over again ahaha

5.  The building.  Trust the ex design student to comment on the building.  My university was situated in a pretty incredible building and location.  The site originally was a railway yard and the building that my university was housed in used to me an engine workshop (CHECK YO FACTS), and bits of the railway yard have been retained and other parts have been made into a museum.  It’s just a really cool and unique place for a university to be held.  The art school is right next door and it’s such a creative place.  So you can imagine the architecture.  I loved it.  Some people may say I was just studying in a glorified tin shed and yes you could say that.  But looking past it, I was studying in such an incredible building, full of history and creative, like minded people!

6.  The assignments.  Hear me out on this one before you start rolling your eyes and and preparing a tweet asking me whether I’m sane or not!!  This one fits in with the structure point I mentioned earlier.  I loved the structure which university provided me, and assignments were a huge part of that structure.  You had something to look forward too and it gave you goals to reach and achieve.  And while some of the assignments were a pain (seriously a report on materials and chemicals and harmful stuff, that was a fun time), deep down I did thoroughly enjoy them.

7.  Creating.  This follows along with the points of structure and assignments as it was something I was constantly doing.  Creating.  Coming up with designs, evolving them, fine tuning them, scraping them and starting over, my mind was always go-go-go with ideas (which was a good and bad thing) but I was always creating.  Even writing essays and doing reports on how the built environment can affect us psychologically, I was still thinking about design.  I’m now creating in other ways, through my blog here and other little crafts but I do miss the interior design and architectural aspect of designing.  This just means I need to get a job in a firm so I’ll be back in that environment!!

8.  Being able to function with little sleep.  Towards the end of assignments and end of semester, I would have very little sleep and could function quite well.  Nowadays, it’s a whole other story.  I need and also want all the sleep I can get and don’t do well having to wake up having only a handful hours of sleep.  While I was studying, I could fall asleep after 1am and wake up around 6am and I’d be fine, now I’m like “nope, not happening, don’t talk to me, I don’t like this, why do I have to be up?” mornings are a fun time somedays hahahah

9.  Having an excuse to not do the dishes.  Out of all the excuses you could pull to not have to do the dishes…!  Ah this was a great time.  Now I don’t have an excuse, unless I’m sick ahaha

10.  The exercise.  Again hear me out hahahah!!  I’d walk across town to get to uni, yes I would catch the bus and get dropped off sometimes, but I would also walk in and it was a good way to clear my mind before class.  And also practice self control when I wanted to get angry at drivers for running the lights and nearly running you over.  And to get to my desk I’d have to go up 56 steps…?  I do have a post on this hahah you can check that out here!  We had elevators in the building, but you were only really allowed to use them if you were injured and couldn’t use the stairs, needed to carry something heavy up or down floors (although Alannah and myself once carried a hefty door and had to use the stairs), so I’d be constantly using their stairs.  The burn was ever so present when I first got my desk as it was on the top floor but after a while you’d get used to it and you’d be up and down the stairs in no time.  It was extremely annoying though, when you’d be working up your desk, then have to go down to a tutorial which was on the bottom floor only to realise that you’ve left stuff back up at your desk..  But hey, think of it as a positive and all that exercise you’d be getting without even realising it!

While my time at university was very much like a roller coaster with ups and downs, I did at the end of the day enjoy my time there and do miss it!  There are days where I'm constantly thinking that I'll go back to university and further study the design route or do something completely different.  I've got options but I don't want to go and rush in an make a costly decision which I may regret!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

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