Saturday, 17 June 2017

66 Hours In Hobart

I’m the most spontaneous human on the planet.  I like to plan things and have some sort of idea of what I’m going to do.  However when one of your musical friends asks whether you want to spend a few days down Hobart and go to Mona, see theTasmanian Symphony Orchestra perform, crash a rival bands rehearsal and just have a catch up which isn’t in a rehearsal, I jumped at the opportunity and booked my bus ticket within days.

I hadn’t been to Hobart for fun in some time so was looking forward to going down there, catching up with my music friends and just having a few days away!

 After a nice (nice as it can be) bus ride down to Hobart, I met Tom (a friend of Amity’s, my musical friend) would would take me to the Conservatorium of Music.  I’d driven past this place so many times and if I hadn’t have studied design, I would have been tooting away on my clarinet down in Hobart.  So it was awesome to finally be able to see inside the building where I could have been studying!  I didn’t realise how much of a walk it was between the bus station and the con.  I thought I had been smart by taking a sports bag as my luggage.  Suitcase would have been SO MUCH EASIER!  I seriously felt like my legs were going in all sorts of directions when we were walking/jogging/not a leisurely stroll - I was pooped by the time we got to the building!

In the days that I was in Hobart, I got to go to the con everyday.  And it made me miss my clarinet (which was at home) and also wish that I had studied music.  Don’t think I would have liked some of the exams so I’m happy with my decision hahah  It was awesome to have a listen to the students there and I felt nostalgic listening to one of the pieces that they played the afternoon I was there, as I had played the exact piece many, many years ago ahha

Thursday night, I would also be crashing a rival bands rehearsal.  I was terrified and was doing everything I could do to get out of playing with them but I am so glad I was able to sit in.  I was put on second clarinet and was sight reading six or seven pieces of music and I’m not the best at sight reading at the best of times so having to sight read and not draw attention to myself was a bit fun!  I’m pleased to say that I didn’t stick out and if I ever move to Hobart I’ve got a seat in the band!!!!! 

I’d be staying with my friend Amity and she was dog sitting so I was also a little bit excited to meet the pups.  Ester and little Charlie.  Oh my goodness.  I can be quite nervous around dogs but I think I’ve improved out of sight being around these two!  Completely cheeky but oh so adorable!

On Friday we had a trip to Mona planned.  I’d never been there before and had always kept that quiet at university because not only was it a place of notability in Tasmania but the building itself was something else!  I was honestly more excited for the building over what was inside to be honest hahah  we missed our ferry ride there so made changes and got there by car and I was already in awe of the building!

Side note.  Amity probably wouldn’t advise going anywhere with a design student because they pick out everything.  Good, bad and everything in between.  Sorry about those stairs Amity hehehe

The building was incredible.  You go down a few floors and make your way up the museum and I can’t praise it enough!  I loved it!  Everything in the museum was, interesting.  From studying right next door to a museum and art gallery and studying art units myself, I appreciate art a lot more now.  But some things are just weird and I can’t wrap my head around it.  In saying this, the museum does challenge you.  There are pieces where I physically couldn’t stand to watch.  And I’d just walk away from them and find something else to look at.  And there are some where I was like YES I LOVE THIS!  So there is mixture of everything for you to enjoy!

I loved the mirror was as you went to enter into the building.  Good for instagram hahah  also a water piece which would have words falling down, they put some controversial words in there which were completely applicable to this day and age so I give that a huge thumbs up.  There was another space where you walked around a corridor, through another and you ended up in this small room.  But when you looked up, the ceiling was a mirror and I wasn’t expecting it at all!  It was a good journey through space, that particular exhibit.

BUT my favourite exhibit part of the museum was one where you actually got to get involved with it!  You have a portrait of someone upside down.  Then at a right angle to that you had a blank a4 piece of paper.  And then there was a circular mirror for you to look at.  Essentially, you’d sit down, look into the mirror and draw on the outsides of what you could see from the mirror.  I probably haven’t explained that right hahah  I was a bit nervous to have a go of it but I’m so glad I did because I am chuffed with the drawing I did hahah  I don’t know who the guy is but he’s sure got some awesome glasses!  I got the keep the drawing too and I was so keen to show everyone when I got back home!

We had to catch the ferry back into Hobart but I was getting peckish and also wanted to buy some things in the gift store so we made sure we had enough time to do this!  I got an iced chocolate or mocha and a croissant and they were delicious!  From the gift store I got a Mona tee and also a notebook and pencil because one can’t have enough pencils and notebooks hahah  The ferry ride back didn’t involve me getting sea/motion sick and we got to have some yummy little treats!

That afternoon we went into city itself and had a look around a few stores.  I bought a few things from Lush which I’m yet to try out yet but when I do, just be prepared for a blog post on them hahah I love Lush and wish we have one in the north of the state but I guess this means I’ll have to come down to Hobart more often!  Friday we also had the best pizza I think I’ve ever eaten.  Yes this is a big statement to make but I feel it’s a relevant one because the pizza was incredible and I wouldn’t mind another few slices of it!  We got it from Medici and dayuuuuuuum.  Very good pizza.

Saturday afternoon we had the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra concert and I was so looking forward to this.  I hadn’t been to one of their concerts in years and seeing them again was well overdue.  They.  Were.  Incredible.  Have nothing but praise and claps for them.  I loved it!  And I want to see them over and over and over again!

Later Saturday, Amity had Chamber concert which she was performing in so we got to go to that.  I stayed backstage for the entire time and mingled with the musicians hahaha everyone at the con was super friendly and wanted to know what I hated about the building the minute I said I studied design!  They also said I was more than welcome to come down and study because they need more clarinets hahah

After the concert we went to what is referred to as the second campus of the con, Preachers.  Nice pub and beer garden and a place I loved!  It was my type of place, easily.  I had a cherry cider and it was nice to sit there for a few hours and talk more with the music people!  Did suck when it started raining hahah

And roll on Sunday and it was time for me to go back up north.  I was catching the bus back so had to pack everything in the morning but didn’t have that much to do so wasn’t rushing in the morning!  May have also gotten a hash brown from McDonalds and I don’t regret anything…!

Hobart is an awesome place and I always love when I get to go down there!  Can’t wait to go down there again and hopefully with all of my music friends so we can have a nice reunion!

Amity, if you’re reading (which you probably/hopefully are because I’m going to send you a link) thank you for inviting me down :)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

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