Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Bus Thoughts On The Way To Hobart

I’ll be blunt, my brain is weird.  I’ll be doing a simple task and my brain will go and think of all the worst possible outcomes that could possibly happen.  I recently went down to Hobart on a spontaneous trip and oh that bus ride there and back was quite funny!

Please let this be the right bus.  This is great when there is literally only one bus going to where your destination is.  But the good old mind doesn’t think that way because even though the bus is going down to Hobart the sign could be wrong and you could end up in Devonport.

Where am I going to sit?  Do you go up the front of the bus, pick a spot in the middle or go towards the back of the bus?  Front of the bus gets you a few, back of the bus is closer to the loo which is a good and bad thing really and then the middle could get stuffy.  And then you have to consider who it currently sitting on the bus.  I sat in front of an elderly lady thinking she’d be great..  Nope.  The whole bus knew how annoyed she was that she couldn’t get a nail appointment.  It was a great time.

Please don’t let anyone sit next to me.  Now I will share my seat on the bus, it’s the polite thing to do.  Bus seats aren’t the most spacious things out there and I’m tall and it can get cramped.  I had the majority of the bus trip with the seat to myself except for a portion of the end journey and the girl who sat down next to me had a huge sports bag.  And it got cosy very quickly.

Is my music too loud?  I had a good time listening to Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran to and from Hobart.  I only became conscious of this when I had to share a seat so turned my music down, I didn’t have it on very loudly to start with but just to be on the safe side

Are we there yet?  Ah this classic road trip question!  I’ve traveled to Hobart many times but damn on a bus with no family or friends to talk with it can get boring and drag on!

To pee or not to pee.  This can double up as getting up to simply stretch your legs because you don’t get an opportunity to do so until you get off the bus.  I chose to not pee.  Good thing I didn’t actually need to pee because I’d find it awkward having to use the bus toilet.  What if a heap of people need to go when you’re on?  What if they can hear you doing your business?  What happens if there is a bumpy road and things get messy?  Ugh.  Just go to the toilet before the bus trip and don’t drink everything!

I wish I had some food.  The only "food" I had with me were some Eclipse Mints and while they're great for a fresh breath, not great to ward off the tummy grumbles.  And water doesn't do anything either and goes towards me wanting to use the toilet again...

I wish I didn't get travel sick.  I brought with me in my handbag, a Frankie magazine and also some paper and pens to draw on.  However, occasionally getting travel sickness means looking down and concentrating on words and the like will most likely result in some not so fun times.  But damn there were times where I wanted to do a hella quick sketch of something I saw but didn't want to risk being sick :/

What is that smell?  On this bus you weren’t allowed any warm food or drink which was perfectly fine.  It’s great when people don’t listen this and someone whips out a warm meal.  Which doesn’t smell nice.  And the smell lingers and you can’t escape the smell.  And mixed with funky human smells, it’s not so pleasant…

Please let my luggage be on this bus.  Again with the “this is the only bus to where you’re going” type situation because where else would my luggage be?! 

I think my brain needs to calm down sometimes and just take a breather and not think the worst is going to happen all the time hahahah but please someone else tell me that I’m not alone with their overly imaginative and sometimes weird mind hahaha

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. haha that's ok my brain is just like that as well. I swear my brain can take something totally harmless and turn it into something I end up worrying about- it's so annoying!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I need my brain to calm down in completely normal situations hahaha but makes for a different type of blog post hahah Em xx


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