Friday, 30 June 2017

Cosy On Friday

Ah Friday, we are back here again!

Where has June gone and more more importantly where has all of Friday gone?

Today especially has gone through so quickly.  Morning was a blur and then afternoon was way more speedy that Usain Bolt running.  I looked up at the clock thinking that it was nearly 3pm but nope try nearly 4pm!  And then we definitely have Emma running around like Usain Bolt.

Winter is definitely here and we've had the temperature dip below 0 but honestly I am here for it!  I am definitely the person who prefers colder weather to warmer weather!  You get to snuggle up in cosy clothes, have all the warm drinks without heating up and the wood fires are in action again.  I am all for cosy weather.

My winter pjs have been updated with some of the SOFTEST pieces from Peter Alexander,I can't stress how soft there are.  If you think you've felt soft pjs you have to get some from Peter Alexander and then just marvel at how soft they are!!  I won't say how old some of my pjs are because they're ancient but honestly lasted so well.  Until the washing machine decided to shred a pair up.  Seriously the rudeness of that machine.

I love cosy days and cosy evenings are even better.  Ever since the very late arrival to the party of me drinking tea, I consume SO MUCH!  Not too much but I'm either drinking water or tea now.  Nothing is better than sitting somewhere with a cup of tea in hand.  Add in a book or magazine, people that you love and it's just bliss.

This past week has been a very exciting one for me and I'm glad for a chilled Friday.  Not that my Friday evenings aren't chilled because I'm essentially a granny who looks like they're in their late teens.  I'm definitely a homebody but I love it.  But if things go ahead that happened this week, I am very much looking forward to it!  You'll get to hear about that in a later post ;) but I am so excited!!!!!

I've just had the last sip of my tea and I think we're at the end of this blog post.  I think I'll probably continue writing for next weeks post because when you get hit with the 'lets be an organised person' mood you milk that as much as you can because it's valuable as!  I bought a little journal for blogging/ideas/scribbles/whatever is happening in my brain and get that started!  It's going to be like a bullet journal/not a bullet journal but one which uses ideas from bullet journals.  I am keen.

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

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