Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June Top Five

Another month down and we are in the cosy season!  I love the colder seasons because it’s easier for me to warm up than it is for me to cool down and no one likes Emma practically melting in the Australian heat!!

June has been an interesting month and it’s been one where I’ve had more than five things I’d want to include in my Top Five but then you get one things which just nudges past everything as a late-comer and we’re back to the right number!

Deligracy.  I can’t remember when I started watching Deligracy but I’m so glad for that day!  Her name is actually Maddie and she’s an Australian Gaming YouTuber who also dabbles in some lifestyle bits and she is one of my favourites!  I am a huge lover of the Sims and love watching Lets Play videos and also building videos and Deligracy is just such an upbeat and engaging content creator!  Her Lets Plays are my favourite and I am currently watching her Barbie, Dream Life and Parenthood one, it’s a good day when I open YouTube and see there is a new video from Deligracy!  I love how she plays the Sims because it’s similar to my style of playing in a way.  I love everything to be plain sailing them BAM we have drama!  It’s good to have a mixture and balance everything out ;)

The Sim Supply.  Another Australian YouTuber which I am adoring!  I discovered James around the same times as Maddie and they’re probably the two Sims Gaming YouTubers that I will consistently watch.  I find with gaming videos I’m more picky with who I watch and the voice really plays a part in this - James has an awesome voice, just putting that out there.  His intro is gets you straight into the video and it gets a like from me!  His house builds are next level.  And as a former design student I would get both jealous and also inspired watching them.  May have mentioned one of his builds as a precedent once and my tutor loved it so thank you James!

Electric (723) Revlon Nail Polish.  I love subtle polishes for my nails.  Just really subtle, nothing that attracts a heap of attention, just nice and simple.  Electric is perfect for those casual, laid back nail days.  AHAHHAHAHHA far out Emma you are such a comedian.  This is the opposite of a subtle nail polish and I love it!  I love wearing polishes on both extremes of the scale, subtle and then not so subtle and this falls very comfortably within the not so subtle range.  I was looking for a pink nail polish and didn’t have one in my tiny collection so went on the look for one and which I couldn’t find the shade I wanted I saw this one and was like I need this!  I love Revlon Nail Polishes, this formula type just works so well for me and I can’t rave about it enough!  Electric is a vibrant fuchsia with an iridescent shimmer and it sososososo easy to apply.  I can’t stress this enough, you only need one coat and you have a solid finish and you can start to admire your funky nails straight away!  It doesn’t take that long to dry, I like to wait a while just to be sure and lasts quite well with or without a top coat.  I’m usually quite forgetful and forget to put a top coat on but I wore this polish down to Hobart recently but it was strong wearing but didn't help with attracting attention to my hands at a rehearsal haha

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.  I have had my eyes on Real Techniques Brushes for years now but never made a purchase because I’d wear minimal makeup and would tap my concealer in with my fingers and after some powder, mascara and Gimme Brows I’d be good to go!  Times are changing because Emma has been wearing foundation!  Stop the press!!  I know crazy right but yeah for days where I want to look more put together I’ll pop some foundation on and has been using a beauty blender (definitely a cheaper knock off) and while it did the job, I wasn’t a fan of using it.  So I picked up the Expert Face Bush and I haven’t touched my sponge since!  I can see why it’s Real Techniques best selling brush!  It’s amazing!  It gives me a smooth finish to my foundation and even if I only apply a small amount of foundation I’m able to spread the product where I need it to be easily!  It’s also INCREDIBLY SOFT!  Size is great and I’m just able to go all over my face with this brush!  Can’t praise this anymore and I really want to have a look at getting more brushes from Real Techniques!

GarageBand.  This is a favourite of mine from the end of the month.  I had been working on my portfolio on and off and when I went to do more work on it I saw all the work I had done hadn’t saved.  I was a little annoyed to say the least and instantly was not in the mood to do portfolio work.  So I went to play a game I had on my laptop but spied the GarageBand application and thought, heh let’s have a go at this.  I’ve had my laptop for around five years and remembered trying to use it back then but had no idea!  I still had no idea what I was doing initially but kind of got the hang of it?  And made a little song with the sounds and instruments the had in the application!  When I showed it to my fam, they all loved it and I’ve been dabbling ever since!  Flume and all those type of artists….  Look out ;)

Have you discovered anything new in June, I’ve got some products and things which will probably make their way into my July Top Five so you’ll have to wait til next month for them heheh

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I love Real Techniques brushes and their sponges !

    Amy //

    1. I haven't tried any of their sponges but I really want too! Such a great brand!! Em xx

  2. Love your june favourites, I love the revlon nail polishes as well!

    1. Aww thank you! The nail polish is such a funky one! Em xx


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