Friday, 9 June 2017

New & Old - Music On Repeat: Volume 8

What a way to end the week with some music that I've had on repeat!

If I'm honest, this post would just be full of Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran because while I'm out of the house and with no wifi I will listen to their albums just over and over and over again.  Walking across town and just when I'm typing away I'm listening to one of their albums and I can't get enough of them.  However there are 3 other songs which I have also been loving!  Two are oldies but goodies from my Tune Palette Playlist on Spotify and another is a classic band piece of music which I've just started playing again and ahhh I love it!

Only Angel, Harry Styles.  This is one of my favourites from his album.  You think it's a nice calm one with the introduction of the song but hah it ain't calm at all!  This is the type of song I'd set as my alarm and one that wouldn't make me get sick of it!  I just love how this song goes and walking through town with this playing is just great!  Good confident song this one is!  Also pretty sure there is a cowbell in this one and I can play one so send me a tweet Harry because I can come on tour with you!! ;)

Barcelona, Ed Sheeran.  Fun fact this was one of the first songs I listened to when his newest album was released!  I was listening on Spotify and had everything on shuffle and yeah, this one was a standout!  Essentially every song on his album is a standout lets be honest!  Even though we are going into the colder time of the year where live, this song just brightens your day!  Such a summery feeling song and please get me on a plane to Barcelona ASAP!  Because I want to do some dancing in the street!

Never Be Like You, Flume.  Fluuuuuummmmeeeee!!!!!!!  This time last year while I was at university, Flume was one of the people who I would listen to CONSTANTLY!  And this album, Skin, was something I probably annoyed my family with because this is all they would hear a lot of the time.  I was late to the Flume party but better late than never!!  I love the style and for me it's great music to listen to if I want to study, I can have it playing quietly in the background or if I want some tunes to boogie too, I will crank this up and we have a quality dance party!

Salvation, Gabrielle Aplin.  If I could play the piano better than what I already can, I would play this song because the piano is just beautiful.  Her voice is stunning, the piano is stunning, everything about this song is stunning.  It's a very calm song and if I'm ever feeling anxious or anything, I will reach for this song.  I need to listen to Gabrielle Aplin more often so note to self, get listening to this talented human!

Bushdance, Ralph Hultgren.  Ah now this I don't know why is isn't in any hottest hits because it's a classic.  In the the band world hahahah but probably not in the pop charts!!  I played this years ago and wasn't that good at it, I'll be honest.  However, years later with a more experience Emma as a musician and I could play the entire thing!  Don't want to toot my own horn/clarinet but I nailed the clarinet solo!  And I couldn't play it all those years ago so yay me!  I specifically remember disliking this piece with a passion and I think that's because I couldn't play it but it's a lovely piece of music and if you want to listen to something which doesn't have any lyrics, give this one a go haha and then send me all your well wishes because this will probably be a piece I'm competing with later this year!!

And I also just want to mention Little Mix Power!!!  Ooooooh this was probably my favourite from the entire Glory Days Album and at first was a bit iffy that Stormzy would be on their but listening to it a few times,  am converted and it has just as much fun as the original!  Music videos is also 🙌 and when I saw their mums in the video I was like YES GALS!!!

And now the awkward part of the post where I don't know what to say or how to end a post....  Does anyone else go through this?

I hope you liked this post!  I love sharing what I have been listening too :)  what have you been listening to lately?  Let me know in the comments so I can listen to some new stuff!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Ahh I love this post! Great selection, I'll definitely give these a listen - I love Little Mix and Ed Sheeran's new album is so good!
    Ha, yes I hate ending posts, I always sound so awkward!
    Hels xx

    1. Aww thank you!! I do love Little Mix and Ed!! Would love to see the girls live one day!!! It's the worst hey!? hahah Em xx


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