Friday, 2 June 2017

The End Of Autumn - May Instagram Diary & Monthly Roundup

And there we have it, the birthday month has been and gone.  May was fun and also really quick.  There were some awesome moment that I'll cherish forever but also moments that were completely on the opposite end of the scale.

Life is great at throwing curve balls and just tipping everything on it's head but it's truly lovely and heartwarming to see how the world gathers together to support each other in times of tragedy.

I'm sad to see autumn come to an end.  It's by far my favourite season of the year!  Not too cold and still there is warmth from summer, just a perfect time of the year for me!  I adore the colours and if I had a dollar for every time I said that sentence, I'd have myself quite a few dollars!  Autumn is just a warm season, warm by colour and everyone dressing cosier so all the knits and chunky clothes are starting to make an appearance again and it's just warm.  Also the colours really help with this as well hahahaha 

So May.  What did you bring?

Job hunt is still happening and I've just got to keep my chin up and remember that something will come up!  Finishing my portfolio for university will be a huge help for looking for jobs in the design field so that will be a huge task to finish!  I've been really picky with it lately and it's going to get to a point where I'll have to go "ok what you've got is actually really great, stop making tiny changes that won't actually make a difference!!"  so Emma, get yourself working on your portfolio!

I turned the big but not so big 24!  I still don't feel 24 or look 24 but hey I'm 24.  I had a quiet birthday with my family and really that's all that I need.  Growing up birthdays aren;t that much of a huge deal in my family.  We know they happen and do something special but it's not huge.  People I know don't understand this but it's just how my family goes and I love it.

In May I really got into the Sims 4.  I adored Sims 3 and still do but was very late to the Sims 4 party.  I love the game but there are bits of it where I'm like WHYYYYYYY HAVE YOU DONE THIS!??!?!?!?  Probably my favourite part of the game is the build aspect.  Yeah I love playing the families I've made but the designer in me loves creating and I even uploaded some of the houses I'd make onto the Gallery and they've been downloaded so people must be liking them!!!

Most recently, I had a spontaneous trip down to Hobart!  I spent 4 days down in the capital of Tasmania with my musical friend Amity and it was definitely and experience hahah  I got to go to the Conservatorium (pretty much everyday!), Mona, got to see the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and hang out with some pretty cool people!!  Even got to hang out with some cute (but mischievous) pups which was a lot of fun!  Except when I couldn't move in bed when I wanted to roll over because one of the pups would whine and I'm lying there going halp!

While my heart will always love Launceston, Hobart is such a beautiful place.  The buildings, people - everything, such a pretty place.  I probably annoyed Amity, my eupho playing friend by pointing out bits of design to her hahaha both the good and bad!  Sorry about that staircase, you know what I'm talking about ;)

And again to the part of this post where I never know what to write....  Classic Emma.

My instagram definitely looks like it matches.  In a way.  I do love autumn and the colours and would easily just plaster my page with leaves and sunsets and all those gorgeous colours!  Ah such a stunning time of the year!!

~ Nothing like a Bunnings trip ~ Cosy on a wet day ~ Beautiful Autumn ~ Mother Nature is just too kind ~
~ 3 years ago!! ~ Double Birthday and Mother's Day ~ Pen placement on point ~ Friday happiness ~
~ Conducting madness ~ Highs and lows and swirls ~ M O N A ~ Drawing at Mona ~

Last month I wrote how much I adored how my blog looks and it's still the same!  I'm pretty sure in May I changed my little photo of my at the top right ish of my blog!  Still the same grinning Emma but now with a little pink border which ties on with the little flowers in my header!  I'm not usually one for pink but times might are changing hahaha

You might have also seen that there weren't any posts on Wednesday and Friday last week.  I love my blog and love producing content for this space on the internet but am quite picky with the quality of what I post.  I didn't have any posts set in concrete for those days and didn't want to rush anything out.  Also with the horrible events that occurred in Manchester, I didn't feel that anything I posted was appropriate so left the week to pan out as it did.

I'm sending my love around the world, and hoping we can show more kindness.

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. It's been a horrible few weeks in some respects hasn't it; with all these terrorist attacks. It really gets you down. My family are the total opposite of your family - I don't know why, but birthdays are such a big deal for my family. Personally, I don't even care that much about my birthday though! This year will be different though - I'm going to Harry Potter World for my actual birthday and then getting married two days later :D x x

    1. I sometimes wonder what is happening to the world, scares me really. We just don't go all out on presents, probably the best way of explaining it! I did get a few presents but it's not a huge deal :) and OMG that is so exciting! I am also quite jealous - HARRY POTTER WORLD!! OOMG!! Far out that is going to be a few exciting days for you :) :) :) Em xx


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