Friday, 23 June 2017

Turning A Not So Great Day Around

Life can be a bothersome thing.  The world can be a bothersome thing.  Doesn’t matter how big or small your problems are, they’re still a problem.

There are only 24 hours in a day and sometimes our days just don’t go how we want them too.

I spilt tea on myself and partially on my laptop

I spilt my soup on myself.  Soup wasn’t even that great to start with so this was a double whammy.

I lost credit.

VSCO Cam has changed.  Again.

Tried a different type of tea and I’m not a fan.

These are all some pretty nice first world problems.  Granted spilling my cup of tea over myself and my laptop could have been a costly first world problem so I’m glad no tea actually went into my laptop!


As much as we’d like to just wallow in self pity and stare out the window looking all gloomy with a moody theme song playing, that isn’t going to help anyone.  It won’t help you, it won’t help those around you and it’s just not worth it!

So how to turn a not so great day around?  I’ve got you covered!

Laugh it out.  Laughter is the best medicine.  Find a funny video on YouTube and let some giggles out!

Take some breaths.  You could be holding your breath or doing the complete opposite and going a million miles an hour!  So just take a minute to gauge how you’re breathing and spend time on your breathing.

Listen to some uplifting music.  No more sad songs here people!  That’a a good tune by Little Mix but for me Viva La Vida by Coldplay.  I don’t know what it is about that song but if there is ever a mood lifter, it’s that one.  Works like a charm every time!

Smile.  At others, to yourself in the mirror, just exercise those face muscles.

Maybe just wallow in a little bit of self pity just to let it out.  As I’m writing this, I got some not so great news (aka still unemployed) so just having a little sook for a little moment is fine.  But then move on.  Shit happens and we can’t have everything go on how we want it to and we just have to acknowledge it and move on!

Think about what is amazing.  This is one for my first world problems.  I spilt stuff on me but I have other clothes at home I can wear and also there is a washing machine.  Tried a tea I didn’t quite like, well that means I’ll know not to buy or drink it again in the future!  There are also going to be so many other things that are amazing in your life right now.  Think of those and appreciate them!

Dance party.  Dance like no one is watching and let all your feelings and emotions and everything with some dance moves.  Doesn’t matter how crazy your moves are, crack the out to the beat of your favourite tunes!

Change your environment.  If you’re able to, switch up your environment and move to another place.  Can be as simple as moving to another room and just getting out of the

Acknowledge that days can be shitty but that it’s just a part of life.  No one has a perfect life.  Life is full of ups and downs and we’re going to get them whether we like it or not.

Our lives are going to be filled with ups and downs and it can be big things or seemingly insignificant things can make or break out days!  Just ride through it all and seek out the positive moments, awesome people and things which help you see all that is incredible in life!

How do you turn around a not so great day?  Share it in the comments so others can benefit :) let’s chat!
Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

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