Wednesday, 19 July 2017

5 Blogs I Am Loving

One of the best things about the blogging world that there are so many blogs out there so you’re never going to run out of content to have a read of.  Contrary to what others may think, there is more than enough room for anyone who wants to start a blog and it’s so amazing to see more and more people starting their own personal blogs and having their own space on the internet.  A digital platform where we can be ourselves, speak out opinions and be creative - blogging is just amazing!

Through connecting with other bloggers, social media and just stumbling across other blogs, I have discovered countless blogs which I absolutely adore and today I’m going to share 5 blogs which I’ve love and want you all to know about! 

The Blossom Twins - I published a post called You Cab Be Your Own Unique Niche and it was a post where I was a bit hesitant to publish as I didn’t know the response it would get.  I received the most supportive comments from these two gals and it was one of those moments where I just wanted to travel to where they were and give them a hug and say thank you.  These lovely gals blog about everything from lifestyle, to travel to books to health and fitness, you really are spoilt for choice!!

The Hels Project - I stumbled upon this blog through twitter and fell in love when I read her post on Revlons Ultra HD Matte Lipcolours!  Helen bogs about parenting (she has the cutest little bub), fitness and travel and you’ll see the occasional baking and beauty post there as well!  I love her writing style and her photography is so beautiful :)

The Small Adventure - Through a Facebook group, and then Instagram I started reading this blog.  It’s common for people to have series on their blogs and I’m the same but I have never seen a series on hot chocolates before and all I can say is hell yeah!!  You heard right, this gal has her own Warm Up This Winter Challenge where her readers get to see all these different hot chocolate recipes and although I’m more of a tea person, I am here for all the hot chocolate recipes!

The Sunday Mode -  Blogging is definitely something which isn’t as big in Australia as what it is on the other side of the world.  When I found The Sunday Mode and saw Julia was from Melbourne I got so excited!  On The Sunday mode you will find beautiful posts on everything beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel and it’s one of those blogs where I’m like everything about this is just so nice!!!

Lucy-Cole - I just want to say flatlays.  If you ever want to see an incredible flat lay, you need to see how this gal does them!  I’m jealous hahaha  Lucy blogs about fashion and beauty and I just adore her writing style.  She can blog about anything and I will read it regardless!  I love her reviews and thoughts of products because she gives such a good insight to them and I’m left genuinely wanting to try them out :) and I want to mention flatlays because man they are good!!

So what are you waiting for?  Their links are all waiting for you to click so click on their names and you can have a read and add some more blogs to your reading list!  Go give them all some love :)

If you have a blog or know of a blog you think I might want to read because I always love finding new ones to read, please let me know in the comments!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Aww you are the sweetest Em, thank you so so much, this just made our day! :) We adore Helen at The Hels Project too and will definitely be checking out these other gorgeous blogs too! :) You are awesome, we love your blog! <3

    Lucy xx

    1. Just wanted to spread some love :) big love!!! Em xx

  2. Aw Emma! Thank you SO much - means the world! Glad you're enjoying my content :) Off to check out these other blogs now!xx

    Lucy |

    1. Oh you are more than welcome Lucy!! Hope you like some of the other blogs I've listed :) Em xx

  3. Oh my gosh! I love reading posts about blogs that people recommend, but this is the first time I've seen my own blog name in the list! It totally caught me off guard, but thank you so much πŸ™Š I love reading your blog. I'll go check out the others on this list now πŸ’ž

    1. Eeeee! Well I do adore your hot chocolate series so I couldn't miss you out!! :) Em xx


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