Friday, 21 July 2017

Katy Perry Witness

One of my favourite female artists without a doubt is Katy Perry.  She has brought out tune after tune after tune and my ears are not complaining!  I love her voice, her music, everything and was so excited for this new album, Witness, to be released!

Prism was such an incredible album, having so many tracks on there which are some of my favourite songs, I don't want to say I had high expectations but I was so keen to see what was going to be on her newest album!  And let me say, it did not disappoint!

Like her previous albums, there is something for everyone but because it's Katy Perry you know you're going to have a good time with this album!  You have upbeat boppy ones, more chilled out and laid back numbers and good old songs to just let loose and belt out the lyrics :)

While I am a fan of the entire album I do have a few favourites!  Witness, Miss You More, Chained To The Rhythm, Hey Hey Hey, Pendulum and Swish Swish are absolute tunes!  What I also really love about this album is while it's a pop album, there is deeper meaning within the songs, especially Chained To The Rhythm.  I wrote a blog post around this post which you can check out here, Are We Living In A Bubble?

It's one of those albums where I will have on and can't help but move to the beat, it's that good!!

I've read both good and not so good reviews of this album but that's just to be expected.  Everyone has different opinions, different music preferences and different expectations between previous albums and other artists, but this is just my opinion and I am a fan of the album!  It's interesting how people get up in arms when an artists new music isn't a replica of their previous ones.  I think it's great to see something different, so see a new side to an artist which I haven't really heard or picked up on before.

Everyone changes, and this is a 2017 Katy Perry.  Prism was released back in 2013!  My goodness 2013, that feels like ages ago and it kind of is.  Times have changed, people have changed.  The whole music industry itself is changing and evolving as we speak so I think it was to be expected that Witness was a change from Prism.

But hey, you can't please everyone!  I however, have been pleased with Witness!  Very pleased!!  I love this new era of Katy Perry and to see her live would be incredible so that's going to be added to my bucket list!!

Have you listened to Witness?  What do you think of it?  Yay or nay?

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

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  1. I've got the album, have to say I've loosely listened most of the songs, though I have to say I'm hooked on the hits it's produced so far!

    Amy //


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