Friday, 7 July 2017

What I Picked Up Down Hobart

I realise my title for this blog post could sound a little odd..  I didn’t pick up anything sinister!  Just a select few goodies which I’ll be able to put to good use!

When I went to Hobart, a store I wanted to visit (emphasis on wanted) was the one and only LUSH!  Sadly there isn’t a Lush in the north of Tasmania where I live so the only chance I ever get to have Lush products is when either a friends gifts me something, or I travel to a city which has a Lush store!

Give us a hoy in the comments if you’re keen for some Lush reviews later on?!

Eau Roma Water, Toner Water.  My friend Amity was looking at toners for herself and she suggested this one to me!  I love rose water for my skin and also couldn’t leave it on the shelf as it smelt divine!

Yuzu And Cocoa, Shower Cream.  I have always wanted to try the shower creams from lush and this one smelt amazing so I had to pick it up!  Cocoa is just a winner for me and I don’t think I’ve ever had anything cocoa related in the shower/bath so I couldn’t resist!

Guardians Of The Forest, Bath Bomb.  Not going to lie, I thought it said Guardians Of The Galaxy so it just went straight in my basket.  It’s the Marvel lover in me hahaha but I’m glad I did because forests and greenery are equally as amazing as Marvel!

Dragon’s Egg, Bath Bomb.  Anyone who had ever used this bath bomb recommended this so I had to pop it in my basket!  It also smelt a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

Also, this post isn’t sponsored or anything like that!  I’d be surprised too if it were hahah

I also didn’t want to leave Mona without doing minimal damage in their gift shop.  I always like to get a little something from wherever I’ve visited and Mona is such an iconic place in Tasmania so I had to get a thing or two…

I’d like to think I exercised very good self restraint because the books they had in their gift shop OMG I saw a few that I really wanted to buy but them dollars would have added up and also I didn’t bring a huge suitcase with me haha  I grabbed a black tee and also a notebook and pencil because Emma has no control over stationery!  The tee will be a comfy one for home days of wearing out with jeans and if I had a chunky cardigan to wear over the top it would be perfect!

And yes, I had to pick up the pencil and notebook!  I just couldn’t resist adding more to my ever growing collection hahah  I was going to use this notebook as my blogging notebook but it just didn’t feel right and have found another.  But hey now I have a Mona notebook and pencil haha

And the last thing I want to mention isn’t something I bought myself, it was a gift from my favourite euphonium Amity!  I had mentioned that years ago I had the perfume and when I arrived down Hobart I had this wrapper up package waiting for me!  Inside was this beautiful Elizabeth Arden set which included the Green Tea Scent Spray, and two Green Tea Refreshing Body Lotions!  The perfume has a fresh smell and one that I love and am so happy I’m able to wear this scent again and I’m looking forward to seeing how to other two products go as I’ve never had them before :) thank youuuuuu Amity :) xx

Other than this the only other things I bought were food hahah

Hobart is a great trip away from my home city because there are sooooo many more shops to browse in and then you get back home and it's like oh....  But then Launceston has some unique as shops which can't be found anywhere else so it's all worth it in the end!

But that is all for this post!  Let me know what you think of what I got and if you've used any of the Lush products!  And if you want to see my thoughts on them when they've been used, leave a comment below :)  I've previously written review posts on them in the past so might be nice to see some more Lush goodies on my blog :)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Ooh, I love the Eau Roma Water. It smells so good and is so refreshing! x x

    1. Ah so true! Definitely smells incredible :) Em xx


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