Saturday, 26 August 2017

In Sickness And Health

If there is one thing that without a fail gets in the way of everything, it's being sick.

I hate getting sick.  Absolutely hate it.  And I hate it even more when it interrupts my life and makes me miss out on things.  So my little blog, studying design, music.  Hello grumpy Emma.

You probably would have seen that it's been very quiet here on emmadaisy.  It's hilarious (not hilarious) as I'd written how I had a few days away and was ready to jump back into this blog and now it's been a few weeks since I've published a post on here.

And for that I without a doubt 100% with all the fibre in me blame the flu.  Yep the flu.  The flippin flu.

In Australia, we've been hit with the worst flu outbreak on record.  And ya girl was one of the lucky people who got it.  My entire family got it as well, wasn't a fun time.  What I hate about the flu is when you lose all your energy.  I spent I don't know how many days in bed and only getting up a few times to do human things and that would completely drain me.  And then I'd be feeling fine so I'd go and sit in the sitting room and then I'd be stuck there because walking took it right out of me!

And as a nose breather, not being able to breathe through my nose when the blocked nose finally hit.  Oh my goodness.  Did you see the photo I posted on Instragram!?  Ah never taking breathing freely through my nose granted ever again!!  I was falling asleep one night and was breathing through my mouth but must have been half off to sleep because next minute I was freaking out because I couldn't breathe and clearly forgot that I couldn't use my nose and had a spot of coughing because to get me to remember that I had to use my mouth to get air in. 

When I had the flu, I said to my dad that I'd rather be throw up sick than flu sick.  Well word of advise for you all - DO NOT SAY THIS.  Because guess who got to spend a good portion of the day with a bathroom appliance.  Ah it's been fun.

So I've been sick.  I missed out on nearly 2 weeks of tafe and far out this annoyed me so much.  Not being able to work was so annoying as I was worried I'd fall behind and I'd lose my drive to keep pace.  When I was able to go back I don't think I needed to worry because I was able to finish 2 assessments in 2 days and I'm more than back on track now!  I finished 4 assessments in 1 day last week!!!  Yay for me!

The schedule I had for emmadaisy has completely gone out the window.  Like flew straight out the window and I have a months worth on blog post drafts and ideas just sitting there so I'm going to sit down and have a re-sort and typing, photo taking, editing, scheduling day so we can get back on track!  I have been thinking about switching up my schedule for emmadaisy but I'm not sure quite yet.  I'll see how things go! 

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

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