Monday, 29 January 2018

A (Stinking) Hot Australian Summer

I was initially going to do the summer tag for a blog post.  But when I was typing out the questions, the first question was "are you a summer person?" and I think a firm no right from the start woulnd't be the most positive start so no summer tag for todays post!

Still we are still going to be rambling on about summer because as the title says, A (Stinking) Hot Australian Summer, it's stinking hot, it's sticky, I feel like I'm melting physically and mentally and I am SO ready for the cooler seasons!  Autumn baby through and through!

The weekend just gone was a blur if I'm honest.  And before anyone thinks "oh had a big one yeah?"  N O P E.  The heat ah I disliked it so much.  My body was melting.  My brain was melting, pretty sure the house was melting, just melting all over the place.

I had a lengthy hair chop at the end of last year and my hair is just at my shoulders now but that won't stop me from complaining how long my hair is and hot hot I am because I've got hair touching my neck!

We've had temperature in the 30 and inside it's been worse and people with aircon or a house which has proper ventilation, DO NOT COMPLAIN.  I understand that other places in Australia were getting insanely stupid temperatures of 40, but boy I am not coping.

Again, autumn baby.  Get me in the colder seasons now.

Last night was horrendous.  Went to bed tired and had adjusted to the heat and the minute I lay down and was still it was like the heat just went up a few.  And so we had Emma still wide awake after 2am being sour about the heat and not being able to sleep.  I woke up this morning in the worst mood currently of 2018 and have glared and mumbled words to the sun if it gets through the clouds.

It is cloudy today and still sticky and we've had the smallest amount of rain and there has been the nicest cool breeze and I am here for it!  I don't want to move from where I'm currently sitting because I easily have the best spot in the house for comfort right now!

If there has been any positives from this annoying heat, it's been that I have been drinking so much more water and making a conscious effort to do so.  Water is my best chum right now!

And also frozen bananas.  Ah they are so good.  Yes normal banana is yum but leave a peeled banana in the fridge then chop it up and it's so refreshing

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

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  1. I feel you on this weather thing!!! We do not have air con or even ceiling fans at our house, and with it getting to 40 degrees here, we were NOT coping so we bought a little cooler that you put water in today. Of course, it's now set to be a lot cooler over the next few days, so it wasn't really the best timing 😅

    I usually get SO much done on the weekends, but due to the heat I tried to move as little as possible. It's hard to even cook and eat dinner in this kind of weather! It sounds so #firsrtworldproblems, but it honestly sucks being so knocked out from the weather 😔

    Indya || The Small Adventurer


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